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  1. Why would be a paid upgrade? They are still selling the AD1 kits using the AD2 engine. With AD3 for sure there will be more AD and groove packs but the engine is like Kontakt Player. That's because I like XLN, there are no absurd upgrade policies. @TerraSin If you like SD 3, just buy SD 3. AD 2 is a completely different product, easier and suitable for almost every hardware. You don't need a powerful computer but it is still a top notch virtual instrument. How can it be improved? The only things missing for me is a more flexible routing system (you can't route, for example... Kick In and Kick Out mics to different tracks as thery are blended) and a scalable interface. I don't undestand the snobbery with music software. It seems that everything that you own will be crap in 4 years.
  2. What upgrade? AFAIK the XLN player is free, there are no upgrades.
  3. Considering yearly upgrades and such... I think the wiser decision is the subscription service (Pro X Suite 365). At the end, software is a service and not only a product.
  4. Great work bakers! Seriously CTRL + mouse wheel was inverted? Since when? I didn't notice it or I just got used to it.
  5. That's the thing, to have a rollback feature "just in case" we need it. I tend to not update until I read your comments regarding stability and such but, now, I can update in a non destructive way.
  6. Sorry for the double post, I can't edit the previous one with my phone. Thank you for the roll-back option, I am sure that many people that is working on a tight deadline doesn't want to wait for a hotfix.
  7. If you are using ASIO that is weird... I thought that you were using Wasapi shared mode and you have Cakewalk running at 44'1 while the rest of the programs at 48. Did you try with wasapi shared?
  8. But it still is a present feature in the program that should be updated, the same applies to Matrix view. In my opinion, is better to deprecate the features that are abandoned to avoid problems and complains. @Noel BorthwickBorthwick Thanks to you and the rest of the bakers for the update! Is there any plans for developing a Mac version? Is the only aspect that makes me not to jump into Cakewalk completely.
  9. https://e-instruments.com/ Are they any good? They seem to be.
  10. Yeah that is true but I think that is mainly due to the pandemic situation and maybe they were preparing some event for the 2-year anniversary thing that was delayed for a reason. I really like the Cakewalk layout and workflow, and I don't care about things like the audio engine sounding better on Samplitude or in other DAWs. All DAWs some good enough to me and most of them have the features that I need implemented in a different way so is just a matter of workflow and stability. Is just my opinon, take it with a grain of salt. Edit: I am sorry Jon but I have to disagree with you. REAPER can actually compete with Cakewalk and with the previous SONAR, there is nothing inferior in it. You should dive in it to realise it by yourself. Is also cross-platform, which is a must for many professional studios.
  11. I agree with you. The audio engine is very fragile, specially when using VST plugins.
  12. You can do the following. Use your smartphone as router for a sec and authorize Cakewalk, and do the same 6 months after. Edit: but yes it would be nice to have offline authorization.
  13. Yeah the audio engine is still a little unstable when using VST plugins. I hope the developers to keep improving it.
  14. Yeah that is right! I didn't understand what did you wanted to say with "users" but yeah, that is... There are no "user created" libraries for Kontakt Player. I am using TX16Wx as sampler and Kontakt Player as sample player because I don't need the scripting capabilities of Kontakt full. I could rant on NI but the thing is that I understand why most of third party developers rely on the NI ecosystem, because AFAIK, is the only solution if they want to copy-protect their libraries. Develop its own sample player is not a viable solution for small companies, is wiser to pay a license fee and make them compatible with Kontakt Player.
  15. What do you mean with "user" created libraries? There are tons of third party libraries compatible with Kontakt player.
  16. Not very fan of Sonivox products... I have Addictive Drums and Addictive Keys is an option but the interface of XLN Audio products is a little bit convoluted to me and I don't know how they can pack 5 microphone perspectives in such a small file size, Are the samples compressed using a lossy format or what? Is an hybrid tech of modelled/sampled?
  17. Hi folks! I am looking for a grand piano library because I am definitely not convinced with the sound of my Kawai ES100 😂 The one that impressed me the most was Pearl Concert Grand, any other options worth to check before pulling the trigger?
  18. WOW! and answer to my post 😍 Yeah, I think that I am going for Amadeus. The whole point is that, to me, it sounds better that EW SO and is only 13 gb on disk.
  19. Hi everyone! I am looking for a lightweight orchestral library that let me compose in a laptop and even play patches live. This two libraries, VSCO 2 Pro and Amadeus Symphonic Orchestra, catch my eye Someone has tried them? I don't know which one to buy since both of them are very similar.
  20. I think that I am going to stick with TX16Wx Pro for building my own patches and Kontakt Player for pre-made libraries, since most of them are now compatible with it, even free ones.
  21. I recommend you the free version of TX16Wx, is a SF2/SFZ player and much more.
  22. Does anyone tried TX16Wx pro? How is compared to Kontakt? I have to say that I don't like the NI monopoly in the sampled instruments world and I am looking for an alternative. Kontakt is the only product of NI that I use and I only do it because of the third party products developed for it.
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