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  1. Thank you all for your comments. Per my OCD, I experimented further with this issue and I made a small discovery. This Note Draw setting issue exists in Sonar Artist AND CbB. REITERATING: In drawing notes on the PRV, the Note Draw Duration setting does not stay intact as I think it should. This setting changes with every different note draw. This impedes my workflow, as I like to draw every note upward from a default 1/16th length, and have it remain as such. Either way, I wonder whether this is by design or a legit bug. EXPERIMENT: NEW PROJECT: In new projects in Sonar and CbB, the Note Draw setting changes with every different note draw -- even after the project file is saved. I haven't noticed any relation to changes of the interface/workspace, etc. EXISTING PROJECTS: I have a selection of existing Sonar projects dating from 2013-2018. When drawing notes within these files, the Note Draw setting stays intact. Therefore, if I save one of those project files as a new template/project, that Note Draw setting stays intact thereafter, which I believe it should. (This, in part, is one element I like to have "stamped into" my project template.) So it seems as though the Note Draw setting changes in new projects, but for some reason, for me, stays intact in older ones saved in Sonar. SUMMARY: This is no longer a question of this functionality in "Sonar vs. Cakewalk", as it exists in both in a very unclear criteria. Does this mean anything to anyone and do you know of any other variables involved? I hate to beat a dead horse, but this is a very significant anomaly I'd really like to clear up for myself. Thank you again in advance.
  2. Can anyone out there provide more insight about this bug? In Sonar, the Note Duration setting keeps changing, although I set it to a specific length. It never stays as selected, so I have to either click a different note on the PRV of the desired length or set the Note Duration setting again, over and over. This is absolutely nutty! This doesn't happen with Cakewalk by BandLab, but for other reasons, I'm more comfortable with Sonar. (Per Chappel's post, I've tried changing/saving Screensets and Lenses, but this doesn't resolve the problem.) Does anyone know about this bug? Is there a way to direct this to Cakewalk tech support?
  3. I can relate to what you're saying. While I was creating a template, I resize a few windows and removed several modules I wasn't using. However, I didn't touch Lenses and the Lenses setting is defaulted to None. I'm not exactly sure what's causing this. In regards to using Cakewalk by BandLab, I am still stuck on Sonar Artist. Basically, it's all I need for an amature musician who doesn't need the bigger whistles and bells. To me, CbB seems like a larger footprint -- like Sonar, it dumps folders all over my hard drive. It requires an Internet connection to stay activated, and it requires a separate app to install add-ons. It seems a bit heavy for me. That's beside the point. I'm simply stating my reason to possibly stick with Sonar.
  4. Thank you for the prompt response! I don't see that note bar in Sonar's PRV. (Picture attached.) Am I missing something?
  5. SONAR ARTIST While drawing notes on the PRV in Smart cursor mode, my Note Draw duration setting keeps changing/going to Last Touched. I want it to stay the same, but I have to constantly go to that button and manually change it. (Normally, I like to default it to 1/16 and drag the new note at will.) This issue doesn't seem to happen in Cakewalk by BandLab. When you set a setting such as this, isn't the conventional behavior of that setting to stay there? This is an annoying issue, and I don't remember it being this way in the past. Is there any possible way to keep the Draw Duration setting from changing? Thank you in advance.
  6. The thread is located here: Thanks for the assist! I located it without any issue. (However, I did read that CbB can only be uninstalled via BandLab Assistant, so I guess I will need that at some point.)
  7. Is there a way to download and install Cakewalk without having to go through BandLab Assistant? The reason I ask is what if one day the server becomes defunct or for some reason I cannot download Cakewalk? I would like to have a standalone download file that I know will always be accessible. Any insight is appreciated. Thanks!
  8. I've been interested in testing some of my DXi VST's in another DAW, but I seem to be having some issues. I managed to get Studio One 4 Professional to scan and use SessionDrummer 3, SI-Studio Instruments and TTS-1 flawlessly. I placed them all (32 and 64-bit versions) into one VstPlugins folder, along with a set of DXiShell wrappers to allow them to be recognized. They all seem to work perfectly in the other DAW... That is, until I uninstalled Cakewalk. The next time I started up Studio One, the plugins were there, but they don't operate. Apparently, although I have all the plugin files required (DLL's etc.), there's some sort of reliance on Cakewalk (although uninstalled). For the record, this post isn't an intention to instantly abandoned Cakewalk, which has been an amazing product. I'm just looking for some insight from anyone who might know this stuff better than I do. How can I get these plugins working in another DAW (again) without relying on the Cakewalk folders? Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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