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  1. Steve you certainly nailed those lush harmonies - stellar work there.

    Keep it up and - if you're doing requests - how about Till There Was You which is one of my favourites? I know it's a cover they did of an old show tune but I still love their take on it.


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  2. So many layers to this track and stellar performances from the vox, sax, bass and guitars - all absolutely stand out. Great mix too - sounded good on my old Sony MDR-7506 cans.


  3. 13 hours ago, emeraldsoul said:

    Howdy Andy! Thanks heaps! Thanks for the tinfoil remark as well, I'm looking forward to a mix cleanup and vid for that one as well. Hope I get to hear some of your new stuff soon?


    Cheers Tom, been a pretty busy of late so no time for music - I have so much half-baked stuff and stems of ideas - probably only ten percent of it is worth progressing but I'm an eternal optimist. 😉

    I'd also to to remaster a lot of my old stuff - I listened to some of it recently and - ouch.




  4. Yep nobody gets their hands on my laptop either - the only thing mine seriously dislikes is disconnecting the audio interface while the laptop is on. It's an old Gen 1 Focusrite 2i4 and if I disconnect it 'hot' the laptop immediately blue screens.

    But that's just a quirk of my setup and not a general problem with laptops AFAIK. As for disconnecting from I/O and my monitor - not a problem.

    Whatever you decide, hope it goes well.


  5. Hi I went through this recently as my laptop needed a complete rebuild from the ground up. I used it as the opportunity to do some major housekeeping, delete all my old 32 bit plugins, dump a lot of accumulated crap and sort out my VST folders.

    I was a SPlat owner but I chose not to reinstall it - I just installed CbB instead and I find it better to be honest, there was very little in SPlat I miss apart from Dim Pro (however I had the executables for this so was able to reinstall it successfully).

    For backups I did the following:

    Acronis full disk backup so I could access everything off the old build.

    Full data backup to Cloud as a belt and braces. 

    I didn't try to preserve my settings because I hadn't customised much and as above - my DAW and VST config was a mess. Plus something was continually blue screening my system (never worked out what) so I didn't want to restore anything that reintroduced that problem.

    Probably not the perspective you were after but I hope it helps.




  6. Ooh very Einaudi in style and much as I loved "Tin Foil Hat" (and I really did love it), you're on top form with this. It's so very difficult to play consistently at this tempo and make it sound so effortless. Simply divine.


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  7. Takes a while to download it all but that is quite the collection for just forty quid. I had a few vintage string sounds (Toontrack String Machine and Mellotoon) but yep this is definitely worth it imho.

    Thanks for the heads up


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  8. I have a Nvidia card - 1050Ti I think - not noticed it causing me particularly significant problems but YMMV. My Lifecam is relatively new and seems to be producing good enough resolution for my needs (may be not be production standards but it'll do for me).

    Yes, Mike's videos are incredible, I can't begin to imagine how much work goes into them.


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  9. John I downloaded OBS, very impressive for a freebie! I managed to get it set up with an old Lifecam I had kicking around and got it to work on a quick test shoot. Awful quality, but I was trying to prove everything worked not win an Oscar. 😂 I can fix all the quality issues later. 

    Hoping to have lots of fun with this so thanks again for a great tip. Lots to learn.



  10. Apologies if this is in the wrong forum (hopefully a Mod will move it if required). I'm interested to know what folks use to make tutorials. So, filming and recording a narrative whilst capturing the sound via an audio interface either from a MIDI instrument or guitar. 

    Just looking for tips on effective software/ workflow.



  11. Great tune Nigel and the usual very high production standards. I don't know how you guys remain so consistent - you must write the odd clunker, no?

    Great job


  12. Genius lyrics, perfectly described and very well performed. Don't ever stop writing. 🙂

    Never been to Glasto  but I went to collect my daughter and her mates from V Festival once. Took me ages to find her as I wandered around what looked the aftermath of a refugee camp after a nuclear strike - people wandering around half-dazed with abandoned tents, debris and litter strewn all over the place. 😂😂

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  13. 16 minutes ago, Shane_B. said:

    Some people take this stuff way too seriously.

    Agreed, some folks get way too bent out of shape around this stuff and your predictions are spot on I think.

    I've literally today just replaced my 1Tb spinner with a 1Tb SSD; so now I'm all SSD. Many of my sound libraries were on the spinner and I've noticed two immediate impacts:

    1. Noise - the fan fires less often, runs for less time and the disk noise has obviously disappeared (I never realised how significant this was).

    2. Speed of sample loading -  e.g. Ivory II down from around ten seconds to just a couple and faster boot time overall (although main drive was already a SSD).

    I'm less fussed about the speed impact but the noise reduction is a massive and very noticeable benefit.

    However this is a debate that will outlive us all. 😂


  14. According to the guy who rebuilt mine, SSD failure is much exaggerated and something of an urban myth. True in the early days of SSDs apparently but not these days, provided you stick with reputable brands.

    I don't know, just glad to have mine back and working again.


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  15. Rex that's a beautiful piece of work. Truly stunning vocal - the clarity really cuts through and such a simple stripped back arrangement. I absolutely loved it and was reminded a little of some of those Eagles ballads. Top work all round fella. Andy

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  16. Well it's back from the repair shop - full hardware diagnostics and a verdict of no (hardware) fault found??

    Guy in the shop reckons the recovery image of Windows was somehow corrupted and not doing a clean install. So he binned off the entire thing, cleansed the disk and has reinstalled a fresh vanilla version of Windows. So I am slowly starting to rebuild all those VSTs and apps but so far (fingers crossed) it does seem better.

    Time will tell I guess...

    Thanks to everyone for suggestions, support and advice. Much appreciated as always.


  17. I use Carbonite for backup, it isn't cheap but it does seem to have a low footprint (runs as a background process) and is rock solid for recovery. It has saved me a few times as you can also access your data remotely on different devices. Fairly sure you can use your own private encryption key if you want better security.

    OneDrive is cheaper but I've never really got on with it. Other than that I use local storage on the device.


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