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  1. Here's one you may not have heard of: Amanda Lehmann Memory Lane. This is from her recent (and first) solo album (Innocence and Illusion).

    The sadness and tragedy that touches someone to write something this good is a painful thing to witness, but I guess that's what makes songs like this so personal and special.

    Who is Amanda Lehmann I hear you ask?

    Steve Hackett's sister-in-law, she also appears in his band and on several of his albums; featuring on guitar, occasional lead vocal and BGVs.


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  2. Try this - you might find Windows thinks it's a hard disk or USB storage device. Access the system tray, click on the usb connected devices and select the Novation mini key and eject it.

    My son had this problem with his.

    We haven't yet worked out how to stop Windows from thinking it's a hard disk so he just does the eject thing every time and it works fine.

    Hope it helps


  3. Very nice - you have a great touch with a ballad and those falsettos are not easy to nail - especially when crossing in and out of your normal vocal range. Great BGVs too.

    This song has beauty in its simplicity - complexity would ruin it. 

    Terrific stuff.


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  4. I'm using a laptop (4 years old) with an i7 7700 CPU and was a little surprised to fail the compatibility checker for that reason alone.

    Win 10 is in support till 2025 so I see zero reason to upgrade to Win 11 so it can break my ageing audio interface and probably half my apps.

    I'm not sure being an early adopter of new Windows versions is a good place to be - it's called the bleeding edge for a reason...

    Good luck to those going over the top first



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  5. I wish I'd had access to resources I have now when I was younger. I still feel creative - even at the ripe old age of 59!

    I guess it feels harder to be original the older you get, I put down a riff and then think I've definitely heard that before - turns out I have.

    Lyrics wise, I think I am a much better lyricist now than in my youth - more to draw on I guess - life experience gives you that at least.

    Great question though.


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  6. That is one sweet vocal, I didn't find the bass line too busy - the lead guitar I enjoyed, but maybe there's scope for something more or a little different? I'm not quite sure what, perhaps played on a nylon strung might be the right vibe... 🤔

    My minor crits and ramblings aside, another great job.



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  7. Your lyrics paint some interesting images John, a lot of craft in there. One minor crit: drums perhaps a little busy in places, but appreciate this is very much a matter of taste.

    Thanks for the listen


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  8. 9 hours ago, KurtS said:

     My wife would probably like the silent version when I play a lead part 100 times trying to get a good recording!

    Ha, many a true word spoken in jest Kurt, Mrs AndyB01 is a big fan of the 'silent' feature - her favourite line, as I am practising Horizons for the umpteenth time trying to perfect those fast runs and harmonics or get a single-take recording:


    'don't you know how to play anything else?' 



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  9. Nice work Kurt, very enjoyable listen. I agree with David about Yamaha instruments. I bought a SLG200-N a while back - in the shop I was comparing it with guitars at four or even five times the Yamaha's price point and it still more than held its own. 

    Appreciate the SLG guitars are a bit niche, but they are very playable, have a good blend of amplified and modelled sound and record well.

    I really should get mine out of the case a bit more often. 🙂


  10. Very fluent Mark - very impressive work - never apologise for the squeaks, they're as much a part of the performance as the notes. 😉

    Loved it. 


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  11. Very classy Mark, truly terrific work and a great listen. I hate elevators but I might ride one if it was playing this. 😉


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  12. Treesha, this is fab-u-lous - wow - the vocals just blew me away. Yes I also get the Kate Bush/ Peter Gabriel vibe and just a hint of Pet Shop Boys.

    Really haunting but mesmerising stuff and some really interesting chord progressions in there too.

    I loved it - well done.


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  13. Lovely song and very well performed (great harmonies). I wonder if that guitar solo should have just a little more drive - rather than being a completely clean sound - not a crit, more of musing. Loved it overall, top work as always.


  14. Some more and the final word on this from Focusrite:

    Alejandro Flores (Focusrite )

    9 Aug 2021, 18:57 BST

    Hello Andrew.

    Thank you for the update. We are glad to hear that the beta driver is working for you.

    The beta driver works for all Focusrite USB interfaces. It was made to improve performance with USB devices before it is moved to the main release. We thank you for testing it for us.

    Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.

    Best Regards,

    Alejandro Flores // Focusrite Technical Support Engineer

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