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  1. New to Cakewalk, really enjoying it so far! One issue I"ve ran into though is: I have a Synology DS920+ that I'm trying to save my recordings onto. Whenever I try to save a recording the following happens: I select the folder (//MyNAS/Music Recordings/My Recordings/Song Name) I name it (First Take.cwp). Then once I hit the "Save" button I get a dialog immediately that says "[Song File Path] This File already exists. Replace it?" This is a new file, so it is strange it already exists, but when I click "Yes" then it says: "Access to [File Path] was denied". It does this from both my Desktop and Laptop. I can save to the same area using Audacity without issue. Any thoughts of what may be going on? Current work around is just saving locally then moving to the NAS. Then if I want to make a small tweak I move from NAS back to local, make change, then move back to NAS. My files aren't large so I'd prefer to just work direct from NAS more.
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