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  1. I agree with you. As I mentioned before - everyone one was great - excellent group of unselfish people trying to help here. As for Noel, I didn't realize that he was a Bandlab support person. I tried all the suggestions everyone provided (including the bandlab replies to my service requests) , but still had no luck in solving the issue - that's no reflection on the quality of recommendations offered, there was no magic bullet this time - that's all. The issue with bandlab support is that I can never reply to them once they respond to my support request - they ask me to reinstall c++ libraries and I do that, but when I try to reply to their email, I get blocked - all my replies are rejected as spam so they never see them - after a while they close the tickets because they have not received a response - they don't realize that their email provider has erroneously categorized my email address as a spammer. As I mentioned before, I have submitted support requests to try and get my email out of spam jail, but it must be hard to do since they do not respond to those requests. This is the only time my emails have ever been rejected by an ISP - I never have had an issue before - just with bandlab. I didn't want to keep bugging people for help on this, because some people will spend huge amounts of time to help someone even if means they have to sacrifice personal projects they may be working on - I don't want to be responsible for that, so I threw in the towel early before I consumed an inordinate amount of someone else's time - after all, why should someone else suffer just because I had a bit of bad luck on this one silly issue. I'll survive! Again, Thanks everyone!
  2. Thanks everyone - I really appreciate the help! Unfortunately, nothing seems to work. I have totally given up on bandlab support - they have a totally incompetent ISP/email provider that rejects all of my replies to there responses to my support request tickets so I can never follow through with them. I have created support requests to ask how to avoid the "Delivery status notification (Failure)" but they never reply to those. I even tried logging new support requests with my replies to the previous ones that get the Spam rejection email but after one reply from bandlab support, they finally abandoned me - probably too much hassle for them. I understand that it was a free fix for Sonar's demise and I really shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth, but when the gift horse is dead... Oh well, I think I'm just going to bite the bullet and go with pro-tools like almost everybody else in the world does. At least there is less chance that they will die and leave everyone orphaned. You guys are a great bunch of guys and I really do appreciate the advice and suggestions - I wish you all the best of luck! Terry
  3. Well, no luck... still have the empty, white Bandlab Assistant window. It was worth a try, guess I'll let the Bandlab support team shine like they never have before to provide the solution. Thanks again, Terry
  4. Obviously some people have been able to download Cakewalk by Bandlab judging by the activity in this forum, but I'm not one of them! As an abandoned Sonar Platinum owner, I thought it was great that there was a way forward, but I have not had any luck getting a download to happen. When I download the Bandlab Assistant, All I get is a blank white window that just sits there staring at me and smirking. I contacted Bandlab support, and they asked me to "repair C++ 2015/2017 which I dutifully did - they also asked that I run Bandlab Assistant as an Administrator - same result as before. I have repeatedly tried to reply to the support email to see what is next, but they automatically reject any replies as spam so I am unable to reply with my results. I'm going to just try to keep opening up new support tickets as a proxy for replying to their emails, in the hopes that a blind squirrel really can find an acorn once in a while, but in the meantime, maybe someone here has had a similar problem and can give me a hand figuring it out. I am on a Windows 10 machine with all latest updates. Please help me out if you have a fix for this issue - I would appreciate it! Terry
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