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  1. I really like the upgraded Bandlab integration, but I'm having a hard time make it work properly. Very ofter only some of the tracks have content and the rest are empty and when I try try to upload again it's ok. This happens both ways. Especially when you try to upload buses to get over the limitation of number of tracks. I only get one bus and master no matter how many times I try.
  2. Hi I was very exited to see the upgrated integration to Bandlab, butit does not seem to work for me. No reason given. Do I need to downgrade in order to use Bandlab now?
  3. Thanks. What did it was setting a midi in source. With no source, input comes from other tracks, so I set input to my Native keyboard and problem solved.
  4. Yes, when I pull in an old midi track they default to TSS-1 and sound like they should, but I would like to replace them with my instruments from my Native Komplete. When I do that the mini notes play on other tracks. Like if you have the melody originally on channel 5, then whatever is on that channel regardless of VTS loaded, plays the notes from that track. It's not all mini files, but some do. Of course if it's a sampled instrument I just make sure that nothing plays on channel 5 , but to my knowledge that's not possible with synths.
  5. I'm sure this is a simple issue, but I haven't been able to figure it out. Whenever I find old MIDI files online, they play across tracks, no matter what soft synth is loaded. Even if I change the channel on each note in the event manager, it still it still plays on whatever sampled instrument is on the oroginal channel or if synthetic it play regardless of channel. I can figure out how to stop that happening. Any suggestions ?
  6. SteenE

    Amazing monday

    Great. I will make a note of that. I changed the lyrics here and there. I think it workd. Thanks for listening.
  7. SteenE

    Amazing monday

    Yeah, monday go a lot better. Thanks for listening. Wow, great. I hate my voice, but I guess that's pretty normal. Thanks for the feedback.
  8. Wow you got a real authentic sound going there. I hear Mick, too 😉
  9. Very cool track. I agree that the 2nd part is the best. I would like to try my hand with ambient at some point, but I always have a hard time finding the sounds I want.
  10. SteenE

    Amazing monday

    Sure, but if it works, it works. I'll do a new recording.Thanks.
  11. SteenE

    Amazing monday

    I do appreciate you taking the time to advise and I don't mind a bit. I can see there's a lot of and's. How about "I see your smile, it's so amazing" that fits. "just a smile ..." is better, allthough a not to much, but I'll make it work. The kick was lost in the export. Usual Cakewalk Step Sequencer thing. Thanks a lot. I will make a note af this.
  12. SteenE

    Amazing monday

    Hi It's been a while since I've been around, as I make mostly instrumentals, but I got inspired to write this song. It's just a first recording without melodyne, but I can't figure out of it's a hit or a miss? Edit: Lyrics and guitar
  13. I can't seem to find a proper area to discuss the Bandlab system itself. I feel that it's a site with potential , but also areas that needs to be improved. Would it be an idea to have a for support and feedback for using the Bandlanb site and integrations with Cakewalk ?
  14. It was different projects. The lastest one was a real old one.
  15. Since upgrading my Cakewalk have started closing down with no fault or warning or anything. Just gone. Anyone else seen that ?
  16. SteenE


    Thanks for the feedback. Melody is very important to me too. Good to know I'm not the only one. I fiddled a bit more, but I wasn't able to update the track at the top.
  17. SteenE


    Awesome sound and production of this one. I like the variety of the piece. Very enjoyable. Thanks for sharing.
  18. SteenE

    Mary Contrary

    Overall mix is good. Catchy title. It does so way to wet for my taste ?
  19. SteenE


    Updated the thread with the finished structure.
  20. I know a lot of people prefer the instrumental stuff, but I like the songs as well.Thanks for listening. I did notice that, but I think it's added in the master, as I can't hear it on the premaster. Maybe I'll try Bandlabs mastering instead. Thanks for your feedback. So one for up the vocal and one for down. That explains the 5-6 times I sent it to Emastered, before setteling on this, as I was not sure myself. I'll test the reverb. I think I could spend all day going back and forth on EQ and reverb on the vocals. I can never seem to get it just right. Thanks for the feed back
  21. I agree with the previous, but it still sounds great. One thing I might add is that I don't like the way the strings fade at around 1:00. I would lower the velocities instead, but that's nitpicking thing.
  22. I didn't hear the first version, but it sounds like it got tweaked right. Sounds pretty good in my ears.
  23. A little too uneventful for my taste, but I like the sound and the beat of this track. Good vibe.
  24. SteenE

    Song in E Major

    Nice song, nice mix. Personally I would choose another snare, but that's probably just me.
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