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  1. Thanks. You are right. You have to have "Display ghosted data" enabled in View menu, though. I haven`t had that one. If it`s not enabled it won`t copy the automation. Moving the clip works the same. And thanks for the quick group tip too.
  2. I am trying to copy clips on the same track. Like duplicating a section of the song. Paste special does not work...unless the track animation lanes are visible. Just like simple Paste. So if I have a section with 10 tracks and many clips on those tracks, and each track has 4 animation lanes I have to make them visible first, then select all the clips (which selects the animation points either) and then drag and drop with Ctrl or Copy/Paste the clips. It sucks because i have to click "Enable lanes" for each track. Is it at least a shortcut to make all the animation lanes in the project visible at once ? and then hide them ? Thank you.
  3. The automation points don`t copy with the clips unless the lanes are visible when i select the clip. If the lanes are not visible, selecting the clip, copying it and paste it will not copy the automation points. Same when trying to copy with Ctrl+Mouse drag. Windows 7 64 bits by the way. Is it how is suppose to work? Whenever i have to copy a section of a track to duplicate it i have to make all the automation lanes visible in order to copy the points . I have that option enabled - Selecting clip selects the automation. And is it a way of making those points smaller ? When i use the sine draw to make an LFO style automation it looks like a damn DNA sequence. Looks really bad.
  4. Is there a way of setting the Project Template`s image that shows in Start Screen ? Like the Basic template has that monitor icon or 4-Track template has a mixer image. Can I set a custom image to my custom project template? ...or at least a factory one ?
  5. Mental Pug

    Groove Player

    Can I use the Groove Player ? It seems like a sampler to me...maybe i`m wrong. I found it in the plugin manager but i can`t use it. Is it possible ?
  6. thanks. Anything about those hidden plugins .. TL64, VX64 ?
  7. Is it possible to make a transposition envelope on an audio file. For example a buildup that goes up to +12 st. I tried editing it in the slicer and pitching up the slices but it doesn`t sound quite right. What i mean is pitch envelope that goes up gradually without bumps. Thank you. And another thing. I found some very good plugins inside FX Chain Presets (like TL64 and VX64). Aren`t those available by themselves, not in an fx chain ? I am asking because some other plugins that are included in the chains are "missing in action" an i have to delete them every time i use the chains. Thank you.
  8. It`s actually Right click and Drag... But I was asking for the Mouse wheel zoom (scroll). In Track view Options->Mouse wheel zoom options, we got a few customizable options that are for both axis : vertical and horizontal. That`s why i thought that we can zoom in and out vertically using the mouse wheel in combination with Ctrl, Shift, Alt. Like Alt+Mouse wheel scroll zooms in and out horizontally.
  9. Thank you both. I knew about the keyboard shortcut.. i was wondering if there is a way of doing that with the mouse wheel. And one other thing, if you please. Both the keyboard shortcut and the vertical zoom tool are zooming the tracks relative to the track that is currently selected. Can that be changed in preferences somewhere ? Thanks.
  10. Hello there. Is there combination of key+mouse scroll for vertical zoom ? I know for horizontal zoom is Alt+Mouse scroll (PC) but i can`t get the vertical one. I am asking because I saw the option for Mouse scroll sensitivity and there is a vertical option and i thought.. it probably exist but I just can`t find it. Thank you.
  11. Mental Pug

    Visible grid ?

    ok..now i know. Thanks.
  12. Ok. Conclusion: Please make a PDF, Mr. Bandlab ...
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