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  1. Yes, but "cut" assumes its still there to "cut" but there is nothing to see on the track, just a blank space which still plays! See blank space in screenshot below.
  2. PS; The clip has now even decided to play over my simple 4 beat hi hat intro to the song, something that was never asked for, and this is even more annoying / odd.. what on earth did I do? I could go back through history and start again but I'd lose loads of stuff that I did before cakewalk decided it was time to annoy me again.
  3. It was all going so well...until; I decided to delete a section of AD2 drums for a silent part of the song. It was originally a long guide track but this part isnt needed. This always works, but not today. I split the clip, deleted the highlighted part, it doesn't show on the track, so far so good. Press playback, and Doh! it still plays as if I hadn't deleted it. If I've asked this before please forgive me, its a different issue every day with me and I hope one day to stop posting stuff...but not today! So what have I done wrong, any pointers?
  4. Yes that is the problem scook thanks. Just switched it off and all is well. I had used it earlier and forgot to turn it off. Is there a slapping head emoji? πŸ‘
  5. Hi, sorry to ask everyone another basic question so soon, but today for some unknown reason, my move tool is moving all tracks simultaneously. Its never done this before, I only want to move one track along to keep the drums in sync with the click track. But today they all decided to move. It drives me nuts! I didn't do anything. Did I ? ( I must have I suppose but not deliberately) So many questions but I looked it up online and didn't see anyone else asking this in the past , maybe its just me!
  6. That's a useful shortcut, and I think it does it without losing the drum pattern placing, which often happens with groove clipping in AD2 Thanks!
  7. Here is a screenshot showing the original clip from AD2, which I pasted after copying, this is what I think caused the echo,, I reckon I will delete it all and redo to see what happens. I like clip looping with the smart tool as you just drag it along to extend the loop but I often find it outs the drums out of their pattern and starts the new looped bit offbeat. Hence I tried copy and paste.
  8. CTRL D? What does it do? Looked but there are endless shortcuts.
  9. Thanks for all of this help, I will work through it all bit by bit now I have some guidance. ( Tomorrow!)
  10. Hi John, thanks, Sorry but how do I get to synth properties? as to the other option, I opened piano roll and dragged a note, but it seems to want drag and draw, when using the "move" cursor or smart tool. So there are of course two notes visible as it has drawn one. Its never done that before, probably yours truly has switched something on or off without meaning to.
  11. No I tried that, still got an echo. Its odd. I can always replace the track but I just wondered what I did wrong inadvertently.
  12. Hi, I am using an AD2 drum clip for a song, I need about 5 minutes. Clip groove looping has proved a bit unreliable, so I tried copy / paste "special" for say 10 reps. to extend the drum track. All fine except now I have an echo on the drums that were pasted in. Any ideas? ( My own view is the little man who lives in my DAW has today decided to annoy me with a new problem, but for a more rational explanation I am sure someone knows what has happened? ) Richie
  13. Yes that's what I am coming round to realise! Its almost instinctive to use the pedal, I even do this when arranging string parts, until I listen to the mushy sound I generated! Translating my music into a digital language after years of an acoustic piano is difficult. But.............. thanks to the kind folks on this forum I am emerging from the primeval swamp ! ☺️ But seriously , thanks for helping out. πŸ‘
  14. Ah ok got that. It seems I fixed it and learnt a lot in 10 minutes, thanks. Would have taken an age otherwise. πŸ‘
  15. Okay got it I think. I put the value for 127 to zero, and this deleted the command. Clumsy but it worked. Still don't know how I managed to do this error in the first place, maybe from my keyboard pedal? Anyhow I got there with your help thanks. Now I know what the event viewer does!
  16. Thanks. I can see it in the events list ( never used this view till now!) and it is highlighted in orange, don't know what the significance of that is.
  17. I'm trying to sort this while I wait for help from someone who knows what they are doing, I kept looking for a reason, and now I can see what looks like a big endless block of sustain, again see image. So assuming this is the problem, my next question is; 1. How on earth did I manage to do that? 2. How do i delete it?
  18. Hi all, I am busy with a song with Spitfire Audio Orchestral strings playing, and I have split the track, and deleted the end section, as it didn't work, but the strings are still playing.(endlessly) I've done a screen shot, anyone know what todays ***** up is by yours truly? How do I shut it up? Thanks.
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