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  1. Aha! Found it in my browser as "uncategorised" so now I just drag it ...thanks!
  2. Here is what I see, (screenshot below) So what do I do from this point on to get the plug in to work? I use Addictive drums and whizzed through the process, but this is a nightmare!
  3. Hi Yes thanks, that worked like a charm, and there sits the plug in, I can see it in plug in manager. But Cakewalk still doesnt want to use it; when I go to insert menu / insert soft synth it isnt in the drop down list. I tried going to properties and checking "enable as plug in" but still no joy. These are schoolboy problems I know but thats the level I am at sadly!
  4. No, I downloaded it but it requires a licence key, which of course I dont have as I have a demo. I am close to giving up and buying something else, the customer support seems rather too anxious to resolve the issue with one or two very brief lines of advice rather than a comprehensive reply. Not impressed at all so far.
  5. I downloaded a demo version of this which I am keen to try and hopefully buy. I pointed it to Program Files / Cakewalk/ VST Plugins when I installed it. But running the scan doesnt seem to find it, its not on the list of plugins. As it quickly scans folders I reckon I can see the path briefly as it runs through them all, but nothing can be found. I am sure I'm doing something totally wrong and daft..ideas anyone?
  6. Thanks for this. However I just opened up Cakewalk to try these helpful hints and lo and behold the program has decided one problem is not enough and has now refused to play anything at all. The console screen has lost one of the master sliders which has skillfully decided to reappear further along in the tracks, and I get the helpful message; "the following tracks are assigned to a silent hardware output" ( master) I have literally no idea what I did to cause this. All I want to do is write and record songs I am not technical at all but each time I click a mouse it all goes wrong. I assume I have somehow lost the Focusrite output setting and moved the master slider to another position...no idea how I did this. Maybe I blinked. Ideas anyone?
  7. Hi all I am trying to export audio as an MP3 but all of a sudden Cakewalk has decided to just export one track (guitar) instead of the other twenty. I havent done anything different as far as I can tell! Ideas anyone? Its driving me nuts...
  8. Thanks everyone, it is starting to make sense now, I'll try it both ways.
  9. Ive just bought AD2 for Cakewalk, and so..I drag a drum beat onto the track, fine so far. It last for 4 bars only so I need to extend it to the whole song; I assumed it was a simple task just copy and paste it, but I cannot for the life of me get the new pasted in beat to line up and play in time with the one that starts the song. Tried everything, please help a newbie!!
  10. Okay guys thanks for all the advice, some a bit too techy for me, but I get the gist... good forum this one!
  11. Thanks all. This forum is very helpful, although I am a technophobe. All I really want to do is record my songs, it drives me nuts when I have to sit trying to figure stuff out, but it comes with the territory, and is better than studio time in Abbey Road I suppose!(I wish)
  12. I also use a Scarlett Interface. Its all very confusing for an old Luddite like me. I'll try and absorb / understand the comments and move on once I have a grasp on things. (2023?)😏
  13. Hi, It an Intel Core i3-3110M (means little to me I'm afraid) what is the recommended spec? Do I need a new machine?
  14. Hi I use Cakewalk on my laptop, running windows 10, CPU is Intel Core 2.4ghz 4 mb RAM. Randomly when recording stuff it just goes bonkers, huge buzzing noise in the headphones and I have to reload and start again. Is this to do with a lack of processing power?
  15. But... now I have tried this it seems to work ok, but I can now just hear a vague series of random noises in the background, almost inaudible but definitely not supposed to be there! What could this be, mayne a CPU struggling to keep up? Its not the fastest of PC's
  16. Aha! I wish I'd seen that in the documentation, thanks a lot I will look at audiosnap. Haven't mastered MIDI yet... Cheers!
  17. Hi all, I'm new to Cakewalk so a steep learning curve. I have a few audio tracks that need tidying up in terms of timing, so I wish to quantise them. I did this; 1. Highlight the track by dragging the select tool along. 2. Choose Quantise say 1/16 and then... er... its still out of time so nothing happened. What I am doing wrong or not doing? Richie
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