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  1. Thanks all. This forum is very helpful, although I am a technophobe. All I really want to do is record my songs, it drives me nuts when I have to sit trying to figure stuff out, but it comes with the territory, and is better than studio time in Abbey Road I suppose!(I wish)
  2. I also use a Scarlett Interface. Its all very confusing for an old Luddite like me. I'll try and absorb / understand the comments and move on once I have a grasp on things. (2023?)😏
  3. Hi, It an Intel Core i3-3110M (means little to me I'm afraid) what is the recommended spec? Do I need a new machine?
  4. Hi I use Cakewalk on my laptop, running windows 10, CPU is Intel Core 2.4ghz 4 mb RAM. Randomly when recording stuff it just goes bonkers, huge buzzing noise in the headphones and I have to reload and start again. Is this to do with a lack of processing power?
  5. But... now I have tried this it seems to work ok, but I can now just hear a vague series of random noises in the background, almost inaudible but definitely not supposed to be there! What could this be, mayne a CPU struggling to keep up? Its not the fastest of PC's
  6. Aha! I wish I'd seen that in the documentation, thanks a lot I will look at audiosnap. Haven't mastered MIDI yet... Cheers!
  7. Hi all, I'm new to Cakewalk so a steep learning curve. I have a few audio tracks that need tidying up in terms of timing, so I wish to quantise them. I did this; 1. Highlight the track by dragging the select tool along. 2. Choose Quantise say 1/16 and then... er... its still out of time so nothing happened. What I am doing wrong or not doing? Richie
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