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  1. Did you buy it at least at Thommans for 55 or ?
  2. I hope you keep on posting these great finds although right now my wallet is melted. Hugs!
  3. It's not free, they want you to work for it by promoting it. I'll pass. But thanks.
  4. This forum is awesome X) (and wise) 🥰
  5. Thanks for opening up. Is always helpful to have insight of oldER people. And from not so young too (just watched a video of Paddy baddy or aomething like that, taught some marines some jujitsu, then opened up about he cried every day for an hour when he woke up for a very long time, until he started talking about how he felt, even if not related to what made him cry, he didn't know btw, and said one day he finally stopped crying).
  6. How do you view life now? What advice would you give us? I just watched a Short on YT about how Travolta's wise young 10 yo son told him if he felt he had 30 more years to live, he said yes, son says there you have it, enjoy it muthafkca 🤗
  7. Your model is discontinued, it looks amazing, sad face: https://www.proacousticsusa.com/mackie-big-knob-studio-command-system.html Found it on Reverb https://reverb.com/item/61061682-mackie-big-knob-studio-command-system-church-owned-cg00lka Now it's like this https://www.amazon.com/Mackie-BIG-KNOB-STUDIO-Studio/dp/B01N9QNWRY Or a passive box (no headphones output)
  8. The bad thing about Julian is I think he's deaf. He measures stuff with gear or equipment, not with his ears. I find Scarlett's so so, UAD the worst ever (arrow interface), Adi 2 DAC worse than worst ( line outputs into a headphone amp sounds way better), babyface prob has the best I have ever tested, Audient id44 very decent at least. The issue for me is stuff in the highs and mid highs sound thin, no body or weight. A friend of mine 20 years ago had an maudio interface (lowest tier) and it sounded way better than what has come put in the last 15 years or so. I even had an Mbox original, that thing sounded good at least. That's my POV, imho.
  9. That Big knob looks amazing, they have several models, I thought you had the passive controller box. Do you like it a lot? (Headphone output) What headphones do you have? I have the Sennheiser HD820, love them.
  10. Fair enough. Where do you plug your headphones then?
  11. I was going to say I am waiting and saving for the Clarett+ 8, but I realized it's too expensive so I am aiming for the Audient iD44 Mk II (although yeah, the Clarett has 8 inputs so idk). I am looking for a decent headphone output and Scarletts and M1 (Motu) aren't good at all for my needs. (Read Claretts have a better headphone output than Scarletts).
  12. Go to KVR forums, or Vi control.
  13. Zimmer piano, free heavyocity libs, free symphonic orchestra, Steven slate drums (free set is awesome) I have them all though. Not right now at the computer to tell more.
  14. In a pst before I suggested Decent Sampler, pianobook, Spitfire labs coz they are free. I use Kontakt too because I have a shtload of free libraries and some paid.
  15. I think I am gonna open Reaper sheet music mode, I forgot it ever existed, lol
  16. I find it dumb too, when GP8 was announced this year, I thought that they would've improved it a loooot, but nope X(
  17. I agree, just that perhaps once you finish your composition, you can follow my suggestion. Also you could have a template and open it up when u use GP. When you input midi notes on GP, the DAW reproduces it in real time, so perhaps doing this is even more inspiring to work. YMMV.
  18. I strongly suggest getting Decent Sampler and go to Pianobook and browse libraries that work for your song (all free) Loopmidi for Windows, nothing for Mac, to communicate GP8 with your DAW so your composition sounds way better. Oh, and all the labs from Spitfire are free, they have 2 drum kits at least. I think they even have a guitar.
  19. Sounds like it's been made in GP indeed 😎
  20. 19 free Waves plugins and counting, thanks!
  21. Oh yeah, I totally get you, but I picture myself using more the keyboard or fretboard to visualize the scale I set when composing at least. Or use it just as a visual reference and if you have a midi keyboard/controller to input the notes. You're right about midi vs RSE dynamics, sad face 🤗
  22. New release! Details: https://fluffyaudio.us6.list-manage.com/track/click?u=9af21290b32028978a5a8e80e&id=30f142bf84&e=f986dca122
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