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    MH Thump - Free

    Great find, thanks so much. Installed already. I confirm: iLok not needed.
  2. Never give up. You ain't nobody. THEY are nobody 🤗 (Have they made music for a film?) Good luck mate.
  3. You gonna look mo' handsome! 🤗
  4. I go get a nap, then I wake up and see, it's too late for me, for meeeee, for meeeeeeeeeee! (Q the rock guitar beginning of Bohemian Rhapsody) 😂🤣😅
  5. Then I saw the price! 😭
  6. Thank you for purchasing The Real Piano. To download your products, please follow these steps: Download Pulse from www.pulsedownloader.com I hate making another account on another site just to download something. Too many steps. Ok, it's free, why do you whine!! 😁
  7. Create/found a new plugin brand (3CAudio?) , get famous again (I feel you can make them again, and they would have again great quality since you are the coder), sell like pancakes, burn him to the ground. Cheers.
  8. Just tested this "free" synth, amazing sound lots of great sounds and lots of variety. Only 200 MB? Uff, nice.
  9. Looks amazing, open a thread when you get it in your hands? Or do you already have it? Really, gratz CCLarry, loved the color and flame. What brand is it? I can't really tell.
  10. Does it really cost 1 dollar? 😅
  11. I am just gonna say this guy is very wrong in his perspective and leave it at that. Thanks for the news to the OP 🤗
  12. Where's the hug button? Glad you are doing just fine. If you were here and not posting deals that would be nice darling. 🤗
  13. Can you wait to post more amazing deals when I have some money? 🥰 Amazing find man, I wish I could buy 1, but would get 2 at least if I had the money.
  14. Record a vamp with a Dm chord only, play A Aoelian = sounds Dorian, even if you start your scale on A, what gives the mode sound is the relationship between the chord and the notes you play. Play D Dorian D E F G A B C over the Dm Chord, sounds Dorian Play A Aeolian A B C D E F G over the Dm Chord, sounds Dorian Play E Phrygian E F G A B C D over the Dm Chord, sounds Dorian Play D Aeolian D E F G A Bb C over the Dm Chord, sounds Aeolian Play D Phrygian D Eb F G A Bb C over the Dm Chord, sounds Phrygian It's like if you play C major scale (Ionian) over a C chord, it sounds Ionic obviously, but play the C Lydian scale over the same chord, it sounds Lydian, because of the augmented 4th. Or play C Myxolydian over the same C chord, it sounds Mixolydian: You can start the C Ionian, Lydian, Mixolydian on any note, the differences between the aforementioned scales is what gives the sound over the chord. BUT if you play a scale ON ITS own, yeah, you start your mode properly: D Dorian D E F G A B C. Anyway, we don't play scales over the chords, usually, just some notes, and usually you use the specifc note(s) that give the chord its sound, plus passing notes.
  15. That's what I am saying. You nailed it "over a D minor chord". If you play C D E F G A B (notes), over a D minor chord, it's Dorian. The key here is the chord and what notes you play. Dorian has the minor 3rd. Phrygian too, but all minor 6th, Aeolian 3rd, 6th and 7th, all minor sounds, but diiferent character because of this. Play the A "aeolian" scale over a D minor chord, it's still the Dorian sound.
  16. Starting a scale with a different note is not a MODE! Thank you.
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