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  1. The gift that keeps on giving! GREAT update.
  2. Whoa! I've seen clips here and there of him playing and it's all been great, but pretty similar in style. He's all over the place here and he shows wayyyy more than I knew what he could do. Very impressive! Great band too.
  3. Sorry to single you out here..... and I definitely get your point..... but I've made my living from the Adobe Suite for the last 25 years and a good part of that is with the subs. My work pays for one sub and my freelance pays for my personal sub. I've gotten wayyyy more equity out of it than I've put in. Adobe isn't aiming at the casual user. They're going after the people that use their subscription to make their money. Audio is different though with way more "hobbyists" than professionals. So with that in mind, I completely agree with you. I don't want to pay for a music subscription knowing that I might not even use it for a month or two. Makes no sense to me and I'm definitely not getting anything in return.... other than a bit of fun. Someone using a music sub that uses it to pay their bills? Then yea, it makes perfect sense for them. Options are good and there are plenty of alternatives for everything.
  4. This is a really impressive Neve channel strip and well worth the 19 bucks.
  5. Yea, not liking that at all. Plus, when I tried to register it on a Mac, it asked me to find an appropriate app to open it. An app to open a line of text? Nope. Deleted the plugin and all I could find of CodeMeter and some other background thing. Shame too, I really wanted to try this as I'd love to get the full Rhodes plug in one day. Well, at least it cured my GAS for it.
  6. I was hoping they finally make it so you’re not left with a massive disk image in the IK Product Manager. They did so well listening to customers about the downloads…. but not just yet. Baby steps, I guess. Still gotta delete the leftover image and if you’re on a Mac, you still need to go into Disk Utility and eject it. Oh well.
  7. Everything these guys put out is outstanding. If you're into pianos of any kind, and can swing it, I highly doubt you'll be disappointed.
  8. REALLY happy to see this! Thank you Peter!!
  9. Same one. It's a separate app to so you can keep both on your machine if you'd like. Just download the new installer and you're good to go.
  10. I used 'em both ways, but mostly for support. As far as the CPU hit, I didn't think it's bad at all but I have a pretty powerful machine. Some Straylight presets will bring my machine to its knees too. I've yet to run into the same issue with this. Check out all the demos before you make a move. It's one of those libraries that you really do get what you hear (I've had some libraries that I can't make it sound anything like the demos I've heard). Can you use other synths to do the same kinda thing? Probably. But there's an inspiration factor working with this one that inspires me. I open this and I just play. And then get lost.
  11. Lunaris 2 sounds absolutely spectacular and well worth it, even at full price.
  12. I played a BE-100 a few years ago in a shop and it was THEE tone I've been looking for forever. This sounds amazing and is MUCH more affordable!
  13. Wow, it sounds REALLY good to my ears! Much better than I expected actually. Not surprising though, I really enjoy a few of the ones in SampleTank (The C7 and Shipwreck Piano in particular). Simeon's video really showed what it's capable of, so thanks for that! But IK has conditioned me to just wait and maybe pick it up a year down the line when they basically give away everything they have for something silly, like 29 bucks.
  14. This f-ing company. Mine count is down too. Do they sit around in meetings thinking of ways to screw their customer base and find new ways to foster resentment towards the company? They have some GREAT products, but man, instead of actively listening to their customers... who regardless of our complaining probably still want the company to do well, and even exceed.... but they seem to be in a race with themselves to get to the bottom as far as customer satisfaction goes.
  15. I had to buy my re-download once when I bought a new computer. I mean, it's just 10 bucks so it wasn't really a big deal, but if I ever need to do it again, I'll just simply quit using Syntronik/SampleTank/whatever else. I have plenty of other plug-ins. If they removed the restriction, they would certainly garner a lot of good will from their users since everyone who's had to do it has complained about it. And even those who never had to.
  16. Not directly for me. I had to import them again (one by one) but they work after that. No need to re-save after the import. I only had 5 or 6 so it didn’t take any time.
  17. Oh man, the new interface makes this infinitely better than version 3, at least for me. I bought SA3 about a year ago, played with it for a few days, and then it just sat there. I just couldn't get into the way it worked. I liked the sound but not the process. So far, SA4 feels much more inviting for discovery where the last version I felt like I was constantly being held back. I'm obviously in the honeymoon phase having just bought it today, but I'm so far I'm liking it a LOT more. But then again, I'm just a hack, banging away at the keys and coming up with cool sounds and not someone who's deep in synths, so..... who knows how it'll hold up in a few months. Worth the 50 bucks though.
  18. If anyone is even remotely interested in a B3, this is the one to get. Hands down, one of IK’s finest.
  19. Big fan of these pianos! All of 'em!
  20. Yea, the Famous E is really good. I think the Hammer + Waves Electric is outstanding IMO (also for Kontakt).
  21. Thanks Fleer! Didn't know that. Updated the post.
  22. No clue if something like this is available for PC’s but these are quality-of-life apps that make dealing with plug-in MUCH easier. PlugInfo - https://www.thinkersnacks.com/as-pluginfo.html $2.99 Mac App Store I think this was originally created to track which plug-ins are Apple Silicon compatible. It’s perfect for that, but it’s also super convenient to see which versions you have installed - VST, AAX, Audio Unit, VST3. Don’t need VST versions? Right click to open that folder and delete them from there. It’s much quicker than digging around to find the plug-in versions you don’t need when Installers don’t give you the option to choose. I don’t use AAX but with every update from someone like Softube, therein there, just taking up space. Highly recommended. MacUpdater - https://www.corecode.io/macupdater/index.html Free and Paid Versions ($35) This will track all your apps that need updating, but the real benefit is the $35 paid version that tracks plug-ins as well. This one has become essential. You can pick how often you want it to run and it’s always going in the background (but doesn’t use any resources until it does the scan). I wasn’t sure if I would use this so I tried the free version (just apps) and bought the upgrade for plug-ins about 10 minutes later. Highly recommended.
  23. I've definitely cut back, but it's not necessarily about finances. It's more or less about seeing the embarrassing amount of tools I own that I haven't fully explored yet. I'll see a nice new instrument come out, get on all the forums to see what people are saying, check out all the YouTube videos and just savor that sweet, sweet dopamine rush.... and then realize I probably have something that's "close enough" in my library and I tell myself just can't justify it. But man, the thrill of the hunt (and places like this that are just enabling out addiction) makes it difficult. LOL.
  24. Yea, I think it's going to be very interesting to see how they move forward with the success of Tonex in the guitar world. If they continue with their current approach, I really don't think guitar players will stick with them. Those guys will turn on a dime and all the progress IK has made will be gone in a flash. I REALLY hope they have a plan. Guitar gear is an entirely different world than the plugin market and if they screw that up for guitarists by nickel a diming them, there's no way they'll use IK for anything .
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