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  1. I've been drinking more tea lately. Am I supposed to raise my pinky when I drink tea? What's the proper way?
  2. So I was looking over AKAI VIP software thinking I might use it for live playing.. I decided to see if I could find it in action in a real live playing situation. I checked YouTube. There's a guy playing in his studio. Nope. Look there's another guy demoing this in his studio. There's yet another person taking VIP through it's paces in the studio. I wonder how many people have actually used this in a live situation? If they want to sell to someone who is looking for live solutions, then maybe it's a good idea to have a few people who are actually doing it? Isn't the whole idea of VIP fast portable access to VST instruments without a DAW using a laptop? Maybe more people use it to simply keep track of their synths in the studio?
  3. Thanks for this wonderful update. Nice to see an addition to the PC for those who didn't have it. I especially liked the outlines on wave forms. I don't commonly upload directly to any service but decided on a whim to upload to Bandlab to see how it works. My intention was simply to upload a completed mix. I likely selected an incorrect upload choice since my tracks all uploaded as individual tracks. This was not my main issue though. All tracks in my mix were frozen before I uploaded to BL. When the project uploaded to BandLab I had two tracks that went back to midi and were playing a default piano sound instead of the original VST. This was a small 8 track mix. Why did the tracks upload as unfrozen midi tracks when they were frozen in Cakewalk? The odd thing , it wasn't all tracks. Only a few.
  4. I seen the Sunset Studio reverb when it first came out for 199.00? For a guy with dozens of decent reverbs already I didn't fancy myself getting it. At this price though it was a ...wait for it.......................no brainer. I used it on my last project. TBH I could care less what it mimics or who used it or what albums were made at that studio. To me that's all tinsel. It actually SOUNDS very nice with some wonderful go to presets. That's what matters. Well worth the dough 👍🏻
  5. Starise

    PSP Xenon

    It's one of the better limiters out there. I have had my eye on it for awhile. Just used it in a small project. Compared to some of my other nice limiters it sits at the top of my list right now. This don't sound "limited" using it yet they are noticeably louder.
  6. So Muse acquired a thing they intend to keep giving away FREE. Not sure what was involved in the "acquiring" ? It's a business plan I don't quite understand.
  7. Fxpansion was bought out by inmusic brands. They are offering upgrade pricing from older Fxpansion products to BFD 3 for 49.00. See email. The new license manager does not uninstall the old Fxpansion license manager. Looks like I lost my ziljian SP-1 kit in migrating over to the new license manager. There are a lot of older products no longer supported with this move. Major bummer. At the very least they should have maintained older products as a download option for customers who bought them. That means if I switch computers and want a fresh download it will no longer be available for BFD ECO/BFD 2. The Fxpansion site is still operational for the time being. The only thing that carried over is BFD3. They are offering a free expansion pak to those wgho update BFD 3. So far I haven't seen how to get it. Good luck in keeping your older Fxpansion products. Dear BFD customer, We’re excited to announce that the brand new BFD website is now live! To celebrate, BFD is offering a free Expansion Pack for all BFD3 users who move their account to the new site. We have a simple migration process which you can use to transfer your eligible BFD products from your fxpansion.com user account over to an inMusic Profile on the new website. This process will ensure continued support and access to downloads for your BFD products. In addition to a free Expansion Pack for existing users, the BFD team also have a brand new version of BFD3 (v3.4), which can be downloaded from your new inMusic Profile once you’ve completed the migration steps. You will get a follow up email explaining how to redeem your free expansion pack. The BFD migration process takes less than a minute. Click here to begin!
  8. I broke out the synths for this one. Not my usual thing. I enjoyed making it. Comments welcome. Thanks.
  9. I enjoyed this one a lot. The only real nit I could hear that was admittedly small was the bass is a little muddy. There seem to be some low mid frequency clashes. I didn't think the timing was really a huge issue. Real players play real and real isn't locked to a metronome. I listened on my ATH-M50x which are known to have some mid range bump in those areas so some of it could be my phones.
  10. Starise


    I probably would not have known you squashed it. Sounds clear and legible to me. I imagine everyone else does the same. Just great film music all round' How long ago was this made? Did you use any outboard hardware? Just curious.
  11. Wow, the next time I need a few guitarists I should try to find aliens. I have no idea how you made the cartoon video but I like it. I can see why he liked it. Nice!
  12. Starise


    Always impressive work from you and the rest of the team! Not sure how much mixing went into this or if it was mostly a one take wonder? If it isn't spontaneous it sure sounds like it is. I was asked to play bass this past week and I looked at it like a job no one wants. The bass gives me reason to look more deeply at the instrument. Thanks for sharing!
  13. Starise

    Foolish Days

    Great audio and video. I want to get to this level one day in video work. The scenes match very well with the music narrative. I hope the tune gets great exposure on YouTube. Deserves it.
  14. All great mixes! It's a shame the money isn't there for this sort of thing. At least mot much of it. Thanks for sharing!
  15. Starise

    Nomad's Land

    Thanks to all for listening and comments. My apologies in getting back so late to respond.
  16. Starise

    Nomad's Land

    I started out making a symphony a few days back. Came back to it. When I listened again I didn't like anything about it. I threw the whole things away. Then I made a heavier beat centric thing and it sort of came to it's end. I still have it if you want to hear it. Last night I simply put together two instruments. A guitar and a flute and for me it worked.
  17. I can hear that you have the individual elements all figured out in the mix. Maybe make it more cohesive?
  18. Someone else recently asked how to increase web presence for musicians. I think this is a great example of what should be done. Combine a slick video that conveys emotion with a track that has no flaws in it all perfectly mixed and there you have it. I think it's a great idea to take these older tracks and make them internet ready on YouTube. Thanks for sharing. This is well done.
  19. Starise

    The Darkness

    Good mix here. The theme is definitely dark feel to me. The moving drone in the background gives it a meditative feel.
  20. Starise

    dec6 V2

    Even though this isn't typically my genre I LOVE listening to your tracks! This is no exception. Love urgency in the mix and playing. I think it inspires energy. Where I come from only the highly trained musicians delve into jazz like this and it's always a treat for the ears. It sounds spontaneous which is another reason why I think I like it so much.
  21. Nice to experiment with different things! The vinyl crackle is one of those things that some people appreciate while others not so much. I'm somewhere in the middle. For me some at the beginning makes it sound like a real record was started. All the way through it sounds like a dirty record. Like you say, maybe lowering it some would be the best of both worlds. JMHO. Thanks for sharing.
  22. Starise

    And Rest

    Now I know why you said headphones. That is indeed a wonderful sound coming from the Arturia 73. Very peaceful minimalistic mix. I enjoyed!
  23. A very unique track. I say this because it has elements in it I am not accustomed to hearing played together. The bells and light percussion give it that New Age sort of meditation kind of feel on one level. On another level it's a negro spiritual ( which I happen to LOVE BTW). All played under spoken word. A very fitting tribute to a very wonderful man.
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