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  1. Starise

    Before The Throne

    It's been a few days since I last posted anything so hopefully I can post another one. This is a soundscape I made.
  2. Starise

    There Is An Answer

    Thanks for comments Jack much appreciated man!
  3. I can't say I've ever heard a "fun" hurricane song. This was interesting to say the least. I was ready to turn my monitors way down because of the sure terror that would ensue. I was pleasantly surprised.
  4. I would have never guessed that voice came from you. Did you make all the parts for this? I am impressed with the chord complexity in some places. Sort of takes it above a folk song to my ears.
  5. Loved the way you mixed vox left and right with the harmony. Mix has a lot of space. Nice warm earthy feel to the mix in general. This is a good example of something that need not be overdone to be good. You kept it simple and it worked very well for this. I would call it smooth country.
  6. Cool music and video. It must have cost a fortune to rent that space ship.
  7. Starise

    On The Run

    Admittedly one of the best mixing engineers on this forum. Just a nice crisp and very real sounding track. Excellent musicianship. Your voice and style hearkens back to those old classic rock bands. I feel like I've slipped back in time and missed one of the greats.
  8. Well done very relaxing ambient track. Great use of guitar to achieve an almost harp like effect.
  9. I don't know the library and so can't really comment on if this track makes full use of it. I would say though, that it has all of the elements of any action movie track I've ever heard. Best of luck to you in winning the contest!
  10. I didn't think this one could get any better. Between your mixing chops, Simeon's playing on keys and Grem it's a winner. The vocals seem much better now as well. Between the two mixes , it seems to me the 2nd track was boosted more and has some added high end EQ in it. Not necessarily better just different. I would call the 1st mix warmer and the second more overt. Which one you like or not I guess depends on a person's taste. Both are good mixes.
  11. Starise


    I dig the way this emits a nice pleasant vibe using what seems to be some unusual sounds and techniques over that melody. I almost thought it was toy noises from Iris. Cool!
  12. I think the subject is sad (addiction). It's a nice upbeat music theme. No nits on the mix.
  13. Starise

    November Jam

    Nice clean pro sounding guitar track and excellent chops playing this style of music. The organ sits just right on the mix. It isn't too much. A nice blend, neither is the guitar over done.
  14. Hey Philip. Is there any chance I could hear this somewhere without joining Spotify? It won't let me hear your track unless I join.
  15. Starise

    Aren't You Cold

    I was getting into this bass groove and drums on this Jack. And I guess you don't give a what anyone thinks lol! It was a nice relaxing groove.
  16. Starise

    What is in a title?

    You do a fine job at this soundscape type of music. As always , a bunch of great artistic choices in the sounds used. I like How it moves into the bass beat and holds that to the other instruments in the second half.
  17. As someone who attempts to play violin I can understand the difficulty in playing to this level. Excellent both playing and writing here.
  18. I almost never use Ableton but I happened to fire it up the other night and in linear mode I had an almost instant idea using only the sounds in it which is a first on that DAW. Then I seen their deals which end midnight tonight. I have V10 standard. V11 has been out since last year but I can get standard for $119.00 instead of 159.00 and the pro version for something like $288.00. I think the normal price is in the 400-500 range. That's actually a pretty good deal if I would use the extra instruments and sounds for the high version. It's 70gb which is a consideration. Many of the things they say v11 does Cakewalk already does, like take lanes. Those have been around for quite awhile on Cakewalk. I want to keep Ableton around, so I'm thinking I might jump on the standard version minimum. Things I don't like about Ableton- I don't like the way it scans extra vst and plugin files. In fact, I forgot how I did it the last time I did it. These are the kinds of things I end up involved in. I'll be doing something ( like playing with Ableton) and it will lead to something else, like me considering buying the most recent version. I also get caught up in one thing and investigate everything about whatever it is. Recently that 'thing' has been organs and I have been looking at organteq but it is salty even with the sale. Then I get an email from Precisionsound . I have a few of their products and this sale is 50% off a boatload of scandinavian organ samples. They cost peanuts compared to organteq, especially at 50% off with a code. It depends on what you are looking for. I ran a few of those demos and I'm thinking in a pinch several of them could easily replace a squeeze box in a mix. They also have a church organ.............and this is how my mind works. One thing leads to something else. As a consumer I notice these sales, especially the ones with a strict cut off date that I know won't be coming around again any time soon. Ableton ends at 12 midnight tonight. Precisionsound ends Dec 4th. Ableton doesn't have many sales. Precisionsound tends to have maybe a few per year, so if anyone wants any of that stuff better get on it before Dec 4th.
  19. Starise

    There Is An Answer

    Hey guys, I am posting this now but will be back in a day or so to listen to other's tracks as well and comment. I started a song line about 10 years ago which i never completed so it just hung around on a hard drive for years. The original had vocoder in it. I have that old video I'll post here with my old and now sold CME controller. The next post is an update from those ideas. I am an unapologetic believer and compose sometimes for my church. My themes often deal with these subjects. I don't preach or get religious on message boards but I use Christian themes in my music because it's what I do Here's the vimeo of the original track- Here is the updated track based on the original-
  20. Agree 100%. How about them continually pushing the age up to get the full amount? They print invisible money for everything else, why not SS?
  21. I greatly appreciate what you do. Hopefully the SS thing isn't a new way for the govt. to save money. They just claim they lost us in the data base. Funny how that all works. When they were deducting money from our pay they seemed to find us every payday. Good luck! I would be relentless too. You worked for it, you deserve it.
  22. Well yeah but............you bought Omisphere. After the first half million presets I would yawn too If you have ENGINE, a nice Kontakt collection and Sampletank MAX a person could theoretically spend their remaining days going through patches. Orchestral sample libraries? I won't even go there. But you mentioned plug ins..........yes for me that has an even greater 'meh' factor. After 1600-2000 that can become time consuming as well, especially if you can do what you need to do with a dozen of them. Older Cakewalk users have all of the things that came with platinum including those plugins, the plug ins that although are a part of another DAW some will scan into and can be used by Cakewalk. If you bought into waves or IK plugs.....then the small sales for stuff. It adds up fast. If we become forgetful it can be like Christmas all over again. I hate to admit the times I've gone through my lists and seen something I forgot I owned.
  23. At the user end I doubt much will change. Everything will still work on your computer for a long time to come. If you are concerned image your disks. Most do this anyhow. A buyout only means someone is still willing to take your money in the future for IK products and they like fear because it usually means more $$ for them. I dislike the companies who profit on it by telling us they are coming out with a new one and maybe they don't directly say this, but the idea is we had all better hurry up or everything will be obsolete. What you have in your computer is what you can work with so enjoy it! I wasn't happy to hear about Native Instruments either, but you know what? I never noticed anything on my end that changed how I did things. Yeah they always have small issues with the next generation until it's updated but I sort of expect that. If IK could come out with an 88 key controller like NI and make it a part of Total Studio MAX that would be a good thing in my book. For obvious reasons many don't go that way and NI had problems with their hardware early on. The customer needs to see stability before they sink a grand into a controller. I see a lot of potential in the future with IK in hardware. Stop making hardware for the weekend laptopper and make a real controller. The entire world is consolidating and monopolizing. It's happening to many industries here including food and grocery distribution. Not many small players in most industry. It's all about financial world domination by only a handful of men. .....and you think I'm kidding. The consumer usually doesn't notice much. The software and plug in industry is small potatoes compared to some.
  24. I am glad to see plug in and instrument makers putting their wares up on BF. Some makers have sales all the time and others almost never have sales. I am at that place now where I am in no hurry to get anything. I do look though and if I see something I think I will use I'll especially look at the BF sales because for SOME makers it's the best deal you're going to get all year for their products or they are updating their stuff and offering a nice deal on a soon to be phased out generation of the product which gives us all the opportunity to buy into a product right before the next revision at a better price than we would have paid say six months ago. After awhile I think we know the makers who will have sales all year, so unless what they offer is way over the top I probably don't look very close at them. They will surely have another sale next month and the month after that etc. For items under 100.00 offering 20 or 30% off yeah its a good deal if I use it. If I won't use it and suddenly find myself in need of it I will just spend the extra 20% later in the year to buy it, that is after I've checked all around for coupon codes for it. For the higher priced things, say if a thing is 500.00 - Ok they trim a buck off of it to make it seem like much less 499.00....even so, a 30% discount is amounting to some serious pocket change for anything 500.00 and over. Yes retail price is often exaggerated , so a product retailing at 5 bills might only sell at 375.00 making a 30% discount at 499.00 more narrow if we look at the actual selling prices of the item. Some items though almost NEVER or seldom go lower and wouldn't you know, they are often some of the most sought after items. Take Artura instruments and plugins for example- They are commanding fairly higher prices as compared to some of the competition. I mean, I have nice low priced tines in my AIR library that when put into a mix you would not know if it's Arturia or a cheap Air instrument......so I'm not sure why some of their stuff is so sought after right now ? In the end value is in the eye of the beholder ( and buyer). Many of these manufacturers have gained more visibility over the years. Doesn't necessarily mean they have a better product. Sometimes they DO have a better product. Sought after by the pros. They know it and charge accordingly. Fabfilter is one such example. Melda's business model seems to be geared more to the working studio since they offer a rather steep price point for their total packages. Yeah we will buy one or two plugins but not 2500.00 dollars worth to record our girlfriend singing in the extra bedroom studio. The exchange of course is lifetime free updates, something Waves doesn't offer.
  25. Starise

    Modartt Sale

    I am surprised Modartt is having a sale HERE since they don't often have sales. Organteq is down to 239.-- from 299.00 I have several sampled organs but I've been eyeing it. Most of the sampled organs I have are either too up front for some material or not realistic enough. Out of three- The Lakeside Pipe Organ, The organ in Amadeus Symphonic Orchestra and the free Townhall pipe organ I liked the Armadeus one best. I didn't try the one in Kontakt factory library or any of the organs in Sampletank 4 Max yet. Aside from the very small footprint Organteq hits the sweet spot realistic less overt organ parts. Not pedals to the metal organ but a nice organ where you can hear the pipes.
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