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  1. I agree. The notation features were largely seen as a back end addition or something that shows notation to an already composed work. Lots of users use the PRV instead. If you only compose in notation I can see where this would be an issue since compared to the better notation programs it is very basic. One option is to use MuseScore which is free and compose using the soundfonts, then export back into Cakewalk as midi for more serious DAW work. It is possible to put something together in Cakewalk's notation feature though there are certainly limitations.
  2. Had the Firetube Studio until it eventually died on me. This looks like a very nice value and I'm sure well designed for Studio One. I would buy another Presonus interface without batting an eye if I needed one.
  3. I liked this but it seems to be missing something I can't quite put a finger on. In a word "energy". That's about the closest I can come to explaining it. It almost sounds like a bored group to me. I'm sorry just being totally transparent here. Sing this like you really mean it! Add some fire to the recipe Open a can of whoopass on it.
  4. Starise


    A nice musical recipe here that only a Wookie could conjure!
  5. Hi John, Lovely ballad! Your choice of piano chords underneath the vocals was very nice indeed. Great lyrics that come across very sincere. For me, the vocal and instrumentals aren't quite congealing together. Mix seems a bit bass light. I think if you bring the instruments up just a little and maybe tie everything together with some "mix glue' you'll have a perfect mic. Material itself is excellent
  6. The lyrics aren't going to win you any awards here. Anyone with empathy won't like this at all. I like some dark humor but anything that seems to use another's misfortune as a subject of advertisement I just don't get. The music on the other hand is great! Nice 80's feel to it.
  7. Starise

    So Cold ..

    I love these sharper mixes. I think this is right in the pocket for this kind of material. Comes across excellent here. Much talent in the guitars and the singing!
  8. Oh yeah, this one definitely takes me on a musical journey. Well done once again!
  9. Starise

    3 am

    Lets hope those creepy things stay outside the door. The rocker is a nice almost neutral but creepy addition to lead you with the title. Makes apprehensive the rocker is going to rock all by itself given the nature of the track. The female voice adds to the feeling. Right up modern horror alley here. Some of it actually reminds me of the way my brain feels at 3 or 4 am in the morning...like lots of thoughts moving back and forth yet nothing solid.
  10. nchardy, Great tune with a catchy lyrics and melody line. The vocalist does a nice job as do the accompanying vocals. Maybe you chanegd the mix since the last comments. I could hear her well in the mix, I picked up on what sounded like a flange effect aside from the guitar flange...or I guess that's what it was? It wasn't bad or overt.
  11. Great track highlighting your excellent guitar abilities.. The beginning had me wondering if the song was going to ramp up. I didn't need to wait long. I wish I could claim Dan's idea about the beginning. I wholeheartedly agree that something else needed to happen in the beginning to add interest. I didn't think about arpeggios, but love Dan's idea.
  12. I agree it is difficult to see effects in Studio One. I don't use it as much. Decided to use it recently and can't find a way to see my effects. The little side bump out for the tracks vanished.
  13. Interesting topic. I recently made a large project template. My first. Around 140 tracks and 12 instances of Kontakt running some lighter sketch libraries. I'll be interested to test this template on larger projects to see how it goes using more of the tracks. Not even a hint of trouble as of yet running an intel 5820K 6 cores hyperthreaded to 12. Overclocked with 16gb of memory. The nice thing about Kontakt is there are lots of nested effects in the mixer that some might not think about. I imagine using some of those might lessen the blow some. I don't want to get carried away on a big mix like this. While I don't expect any issues I guess it's possible. I will never be using all of those instruments on one project. I could throw in more memory, but so far nothing I have thrown at this computer has caused any issue with this setup. I think these numbers between Ryzen and Intel are probably most important to heavier users in terms of track count and VSTi. I am headed in that direction eventually. I am also editing video on the same PC with no issue using Vegas. Mainly small videos. I did invest in a better video card and run two monitors. The thing is, large projects have been made for film and elsewhere on older computers for quite awhile now....so is this possibly overkill? I guess it all depends on what you're doing. You don't need a yacht to go bass fishing
  14. Yeah, I guess that doesn't always happen right away
  15. Is there some kind of intense coloration that sets this one out from the rest? If I put this on a channel alongside another unnamed but very good EQ with both set the same, what would stick out about the Trident?
  16. If you ( I say YOU in a descriptive non personal way here) had kids at 19, a woman could be a grandmother in her 40's....or less. I don't know exactly what I'm getting at. This has nothing to do with either becan or sheep. Maybe you can't tell who the Grandmudders are?
  17. C'mon man there are 10th graders around here :)....................oh wait. Never mind. Fits right in
  18. I second BFD3. It's a wonderful program. You could use something like Waves Scheps 73 which has an M/S setting and a dedicated drums overhead setting to "stereoize" the track. I never liked polishing a turd though unless it's some really good wax and you can't tell
  19. Oh great. Now I can't get the tune out of my head. Kenny can you play some jazz for us? Pleeeeeeeeez
  20. As a matter of course, especially with laptops I would turn off windows updates. I know this doesn't help the issue now. For future reference though it's a good idea.
  21. I was going to explain, but this guy has a decent video on the subject.
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