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  1. That sounds like my life exactly. Picking up the extra instrument was probably a mistake at this stage in my life. Even so, it was very educational and will help with compositions. I have a mostly desk job where I work and I'm on a computer all day. This wasn't always the case in my job. I got a fairly recent promotion. It's technical mostly and not clerical which makes it interesting for me, but to work this job all day and them go home to a computer again is often just too much even though it's something totally different. I'm getting closer to retirement now. I will probably have the larger better equipped studio then. It's a great thing to do if a person is not as mobile as they once were. Right now I am in pretty decent health and able to do pretty much anything I want to do. I was thinking I might have two gigs after retirement. The music recording and another gig that's more physically active. If I could start material and have all kinds of time to work on it I'm sure my music would be a few notches higher than it is. Hopefully that will be me in the future
  2. Starise

    The Journey

    I haven't had much time in the DAW lately. I brewed this up last night in about an hour. All done in Cakewalk. Maybe I'll upload it to Bandlab too.
  3. Have you ever wondered how many bugs could be in a program that's only 30mb? I'm guessing at that but I know they are very small programs. This was something I liked as well. Is it 340 dollars interesting? For me at least, No. Why does brand ***** have free updates? I agree. I did this a few times and managed to pick up some decent plugins and a new WUP. They are one step ahead here. Introduce an initially high upgrade/update price, then make it seem like you are getting this really great deal around the holidays or when they offer it. They might snag a few who pay full retail price for WUP. It is what it is and I guess I'll either live with it or jump ship.
  4. I will try to keep you all updated on further updates.
  5. Thanks for the heads up on this. I'll take advantage of this since I have Scaler 2 which I have only opened once or twice. Still it's a good deal for me to have this in the toolbox just in case.
  6. Good point. If I have the improvements I might just sit on this for awhile. I don't enjoy handing money out for no good reason. The only thing I can think of there is maybe one or two plugins crossed over with something else I bought. Heck I'll just delete the multiples. If I have duplicates it can't be more than a few.
  7. Last night was update night. Never mind I haven't had time to do much of anything in the studio lately. I thought I would do a few updates and maybe have some time left over to play. Two hours later I decided to turn in since it was late. It isn't just the programs that needed updates. All of the apps that download the updates needed an update. It felt good to have that done. I managed to get a few program upgrades in the deal. All of my DAWS needed updates. I still have a few that I haven't updated.Windows needed an update. I hope I'm good for a little while now.
  8. Thanks CC. I'll look for the next one. I might need to "negotiate" with those guys. 340.00 for Horizon and a handful of other plugins seems very steep to me. I mean I can keep usin em' for now but MAN........that's 100 bucks over the so called 240.00 "cap". Are they TRYING to loose me?
  9. They are tough to beat. You are tempting me to pull my Aero Press out again. It does make a good cuppa.
  10. I updated my plugs to 12.7 no extra charge. My WUP is due in June though and it's over the cap. Can we still shop around for a better WUP deal?
  11. Starise

    May Soundbytes

    Thanks Larry! You da best.
  12. Starise

    UJAM Groovemate One

    Thanks Mibby. I wish I could say the lead acoustic was me. It was a loop from Cakewalk I think. Just too busy lately to even pull a guitar off the rack. I did play the rest of the lead parts. I like to do these light kinds of things. I think a uke would fit nicely with some of those Groovemate loops too. I almost did it here but decided to try it on something else.
  13. Starise

    UJAM Groovemate One

    I picked this up few weeks ago and used it in an inspirational video. I do it for fun otherwise I would starve. Works well for light percussion which is something I find I am using a lot lately. Small acoustic sets don't need a huge drum kit. I simply pulled various loops from Groovemate into Cakewalk.
  14. At Newegg HERE This is a clockable chip to 5ghz. 125 watts. The K version is slightly less capable than the non K version. Still for 329 clams it a nice capable chip for a build IMO.
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