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  1. Starise

    Forum members /home country ?

    Lancaster County Pennsylvania. Here's a video I made of the area with a tune I composed and recorded.
  2. Starise

    New car

    I think one counts for two here.
  3. Well I attempted to enter. Checked all the boxes, Facebook, Bandlab. I already have a Syncro Arts product not the one given as a prize here, so I was on that mailing list. I received an email from Bandlab, saying all I needed to do is what I already did. Unfortunately these are tied to different emails so I don't think I was identified correctly and will likely forfeit my entry
  4. Starise

    IK Pick and Mix Group Buy

    I love these group buys. Sure I know IK wants a long term customer, so does Waves and all the rest. What businesses are you familiar with that sell to a customer only once and stay in business lol. Well ok , maybe if you sell jets to oil rich Arabs the markup is so high you can afford to wait awhile before you sell again. In most companies this isn't the case. I don't know how Melda manages to do it. Whatever you buy is going to need an eventual update or upgrade. Maybe "they" will come up with a cool feature or another product we can't do without. Similar to the fast food business, they sell a lot for little but they make most of their money on soda. Waves wants a "reup" every so often. Just so you know, this isn't a rant, just the observations of a possibly deluded mind A little trickle coming in from a large customer base might just be enough. Value is what value means to you and no one else. I remember when TRacks mastering plugins first came out, mid 80's? early 90's? They were cutting edge. They were indirectly emulated by many. You can't do that stuff overtly or you'll be sued. Sadly back then cracks were easy and abounded. I'm glad IK has a better way now to manage this using a portal. I bought all of the Amplitube stuff up to v4 including Slash and all the rest. The only reason I haven't upgraded it is I'm not mainly a guitarist even though I released a guitar album on Amazon. I tend to stay in acoustic territory most of the time. I love the Stealth limiter. It's been around awhile and continues to shine in that category. I upgraded ARC to 2.5 during a sale last year. I highly recommend it. The single plugins, compressors and such aren't over the edge but work well, probably better than most that come in DAWs. IK's mastering plugins are some of the best IMHO. The way I see it, might as well buy it on sale and upgrade later as to buy it while not on sale and upgrade later I like the Lurssen but don't need it. I have a bunch of mastering programs and signal chains to get me there. Still, this and the Leslie are very tempting, and this is what IK are good at with me. Throwing in one or two things that make me reconsider. If I reconsider I'll probably eventually have it.
  5. Starise

    Get rid of your studio

    It made more sense to me if I imagined that maybe she has used this technique in another application.
  6. Starise

    Get rid of your studio

    I can hardly bear to watch this.
  7. Starise

    Home studio in the living room

    Cool! Thanks for sharing and congrats on the soon to be wifey. The only thing I sometimes wish my studio had is a urinal.
  8. Starise

    Love these guys - reference track?

    Gotta love those Russians! Like this guy who makes his own jet engines in the garage, you know, for fun. He made a model that could easily be a drone. Also made his own jet bike.
  9. Starise

    Melodic Guitar Exploration in D Minor

    I liked this music. I can tell you still have the chops. If you feed me a T-bone steak dinner I'll sleep to AC/DC. I'm a little drowsy now but that is no fault of yours. If you're playing this at 2am though it might be helping the neighborhood unwind. It's great unwind music., and believe me, I need to unwind. Hope ya keep sharin' wit us.
  10. I picked up a very annoying hum in my studio interface. After spending hours crawling under my desk re routing cords, checking grounds in my power panel, the hum was still there. I invested in a good power strip with EMI/RF interference protection. I had my interface pegged as the suspect and was ready to replace it until I remembered my cable company recently replaced the line running to my house. Initially I discounted this as a potential problem because my cable worked fine and all of the connections in the house were grounded to each other. Just so happened that the cable tech called to see how it all went ( they subbed an outside contractor to install it underground). I mentioned the hum issue thinking the whole time it couldn't be the problem. The tech came by to check the work and found the earth ground coming into the house was not ran.He added the ground. Problem went away. I wasn't under the impression that cable lines were capable to transmit that much if not grounded. So if you get a ground loop type of hum FYI don't eliminate this as a possibility.
  11. Starise

    My wife passed away

    Hang in there Ken. It's tough for sure. There really aren't words for a grief like this. It just hurts. You will get through it. No, life won't be the same. I'm sure she would want nothing more than for you to go on and live life to the fullest. I'm sure there's a lot of life left to live. Best to you. In my thoughts and prayers. Don't hesitate to PM me if you need someone to listen. I'm no expert in this but I can sympathize and listen.
  12. Starise

    Hum In Monitors

    This one is really odd and I can't seem to solve it so far. I started to get whats sounds like a ground loop hum that comes and goes but mostly stays coming from my studio monitors. I have a background in basic electronics, so I knew all of the things to check...or thought I did. Any additional ideas or insight much appreciated. Things I have checked: - Focusrite Scarlett I8i8 2nd generation interface, changed sample rates, tried various software I/O configurations. Tried re routing wires, removed all input cables. Plugged power supply into multiple outlets. Turned down all inputs. - Tried different monitor cables. Moved monitors in relation to where they were. Moved electrical items in close proximity to different locations. -Removed florescent/LED light bulbs from space. Powered down all routers and audio recorders. -Checked the basement below studio for any appliances running. Checked elsewhere in the house to make sure nothing was running. The hum seems to come and go. FWIW my monitors are plugged into the same power strip as my computer. I have a well grounded electric service, modern 200 amp. I put it in. The only thing I can determine is maybe recently something is somehow feeding interference into my main power. This shouldn't be happening. I ordered a WattBox that has EMI/RFI interference protection. I hope it helps. I haven't changed my setup though and it's been like this for a long time with no worries. Suggestions appreciated.
  13. Starise

    Where's Cakewalk by Bandlab headed?

    I kinda wonder sometimes, maybe in the way some like to follow baseball team stats. We all have opinions in everything. I see nothing wrong in either case. Truth be told there are probably a few more who might like to know more than they do about CbB. I guess mine is a passing interest. I don't have a lot invested in the program as a mainstay. I really want to see these guys continue to do well as they have been. Many people have worked hard over the years to make this program what it is. Many more continue to share their knowledge with us, people like scook and Noel try to help and clarify when they have the opportunity. In the beginning I believe we were sort of kept in the loop more because things were changing and Meng wanted to keep everyone up to date. While it would be nice to know what's going on behind closed doors I don't expect this is something that will be a regular occurrence. It would probably matter more if my income hinged on decisions made at those levels. I'm always interested to hear what they care to share with us.
  14. Starise

    Earthquake in California...

    Here's a guy I follow who really keeps up on this kind of thing. https://www.mrmbb333.com/
  15. Starise

    My wife passed away

    So sorry to hear this news. An event like this has to be devastating. Words can't properly convey how sorry I am to hear of your great loss. You are in thoughts and prayers.