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  1. The fact that I haven't touched a Mac in probably 20 years is proof I never needed one to do what I do...........well ok, I did touch one a few times at Best Buy. Might have pushed a few buttons, but nothing happened. I swear it!
  2. Geeese..............why only October? I can be sarcastic all year.
  3. This reminds me of a dude I follow who has a facebook page for his "band". Only I can't find any of his music or links to it on the page. Sometimes I think these guys are hoping to build a band, start a FB page. Things don't take off the way they plan. The page still sits there a year later, last post being a year ago. Or maybe he died?😮 Hope not.
  4. This is where I'm sitting too.......but GAS. Nuff said. I mean if you're going to throw me 10 other plugins......I know it's a marketing tactic. I guess I like being marketed to like this lol. As an aside, another very pleasant mastering surprise for me was Waves Abbey Road TG Mastering chain. I picked that up on a deal. Unlike Lurssen you can adjust those modules. Also several killer presets included. No it isn't like Ozone or TRacks where you can load up tunes stand alone and master them. So what? Master them in the daw.
  5. Wow Kenny! I knew you were a good player. Had no idea you were such a good mixer/compo maker.Kudos to you man! You got da funk!
  6. I dunno Craig. That might be interesting.😉
  7. I guess it never really bothered me if one guy gets a better deal on something I might have paid more for earlier. Things are always changing. Companies are trying to flex with the market and times. The only thing that has bothered me so far is when I'm in the middle of a mix trying to pull plugs for a track. I open the IK list and see a lot of choices. This seems to be because they load these duds on the list that you don't actually own. They want you to click on it, go to the custom shop and buy it. Nada. It just frustrates me and I go pull a Waves or similar plugin so I can get my mix done. I don't have all day to move out of my mix to do that. I am probably less likely to return to my IK list the next time because I'm not sure what I actually own and what was a dud they put on there for me to chase after. I want a tool box with tool I can readily pull and use. I notice the same thing with Amplitube. I would rather have an occasional email instead of them swamping my plugs list with useless stuff. As far as my general perception of the company and their products are concerned, I think they have a great product line that covers a lot of bases, right up there with many of the others. In a nutshell, they are a great company that excels at marketing, and I mean REALLY excels at marketing. Their schtick for the plugins thing is the group buy which seems to be very effective. I have participated in several of those and I feel I got a good value for money spent. Having said that, it really is marketing at it's best. I know that. Plug X is priced higher than it's really worth because you never know how much value someone will put on a plugin. To you it might be worth 149.00, to me it might only looks like 49.99 or less. In the end you wind up with a bunch of plugins. There's also the idea that buying a product at a lower tier on a group buy sets you up for them to get an upgrade out of you later on. Notice TrackS MAX version was not offered. They did throw some nice deals into the mix this time though IMHO, ARC is great if you don't have it. Yet you will want ARC 3.0 when it comes out. This is what keeps the train moving. These guys need to eat too . I don't begrudge them that. As far as what Cclarry and kitecrazy mentioned, It's those little things that can loose a customer, such as not allowing unlimited time to download sounds. Charging fees for things other do for free. Might seem small. It isn't when you consider you've lost a customer or at least left a bad taste in their mouth. Err on generosity and you'll win every time. Go the other way and things won't go well.
  8. One thing I have noticed is IK makes their top tier program the most visible on the web site making it more difficult to find the lesser programs. For instance they tout the full version of Sampletank when searching "Sampletank SE". Eventually it can be found buried deeper on the site. I think it's potentially misleading to the customer. Yes the info is there, it just isn't always readily apparent. I looked at my customer products list and admit to being confused about TrackS in general. I know it's a shell that runs either stand alone or in the DAW. I have a bunch of the modules for it...after than I'm not entirely getting the whole picture. My scan list shows a bunch of stuff I either can't access or I don't have. It's just really annoying to click on a reverb to be told I either don't have it or I need to re register it. I don't have the MAX version. TBH I just want to be able to easily access the programs and use the plugins. Here's what shows on my products list. - TrackS 5 Custom shop -Tracks S Custom shop ( I have two of these showing on my list. ) -TracksS 3 Deluxe -TrackS Standard Is the Tracks custom shop merely the portal to buy TrackS gear? If so, this would explain why I have multiple copies of what looks to be the same thing. Another thing that isn't so clear to me is I'm pretty sure I remembered upgrading my ARC to 2.5 not long ago, yet on my products page it shows ARC 2.0 with a "2.5.0" release notes icon under it. Did they round up the numbers here? Or do I only show 2.0 instead of 2.5? If this is the case, why are they showing me 2.5.0 release notes?
  9. Starise

    Kingston 240gb SSD

    Kingston 240gb SSD 29.99 As is customary, does not appear cables are included.
  10. Starise

    NI Restructure

    I think it's an educated guess since it's happening with so many other software companies. Not factual. They certainly have a reason though. Could be making a subscription look good through corporate mumbo jumo....(translate that BS), to butter us up for that. WE HAVE SOMETHING AMAZING, AWESOME TO ANNOUNCE!!!!! I'm not worrying either way. If they do that I'll stubbornly hang on to what I have that works right now and use other program that allow me to do similar things. I use a lot of stand alone synths and smaller mixes. I don't need the cinematic instrument stacks.
  11. Starise

    NI Restructure

    Hmmmm....maybe I will pick up Sampletank. Sort of like comparing apples to oranges. Still..... I need an excuse to buy Sampletank
  12. Thank you all for your comments. Come on out for the next one Aug 31st 2020 and I'll provide the beer and hamburgers!! Not quite as warm as Louisiana here. The trees are beginning to drop their leaves. Heading into fall. I designed and built the porch with a little help . The round poles are reclaimed antiques from an old house that was demo'd. I refinished those, seven in total. Floor is Azek. I built a gazebo on the corner. That's what I'm sitting in. The only thing we still need is an outlet or two so Kenny can plug his electric in. Oh, and I am planning to come back and listen to these other tunes. Can't break away for that long right now, but I'll be back!
  13. Here's my small contribution to the day.
  14. The 4L4000 rocks. GI is a little clunky. The main thing with these guys is ilok. I've been using the cloud and don't like what it does to my computer. I like the plugs that much that I'll probably eventually buy ilok.
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