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  1. I have realized I can make ok music with what I have which is a far cry from the samples collections those who are into movie production use. If you are happy with it and if you are doing this mainly for you what else matters? In some forum settings I've been in, there is an expectation that the poster wants critique and so people go over it with a fine toothed comb. In other forums it's all about "feel good" and you could post almost anything and someone will like it and seldom will anyone comment about anything they hear and flag as an issue. In many cases the general feel or vibe of the place dictates popularity. IOW if you happen to be making pop music and 90% of the listener base makes rock/pop you are more likely to be affirmed. I can say that because I noticed when I started to compose music that wasn't pop people would say, "This isn't really my cuppa" and then go on to attempt to say something about it. No harm in that. They are just being honest, so I keep my expectations low when I post anything at one of those sites which isn't very often BTW. On the other side of it at some composer forums those guys are often well versed in music theory but don't have a clue about DAWS, so they put together stuff with low end rompler samples and well..........it's going to sound like it unfortunately. Some of them are coming around to DAWS. I have a tough time wrapping my head around what some of them are trying to do. I mean no disrespect there. I just don't "get it". Not the kind of thing I would sit around listening to. I'm sure some of them would probably say the same things about the music I make. The reason I feel the way I do is because I think music should at least go somewhere, even if it isn't the common pop/rock VCVCBCC or similar. If a person is writing classical music I need to feel something besides dizzy.
  2. I dunno, I think I like fuzzy logic. I mean, I prefer some fuzz, nuther subject......This means that there are some extremely creative people here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just a few more to add to those last ones !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh and while I'm at it one of these...🤩. Ok you didn't especially ask for this buy hey...🎻
  3. For whatever reason I'm sorry you were at a hospital......waiting rooms are about as exciting as watching grass grow. Who picks the magazines for these places? Land o Goshen..........if I see one more Good Housekeeping I'll pull my hair out.........well ok. I won't do that, but I'm going to pull something. I guarantee you that. Crikey.......Bill.....those women are tough to figure out..you know darned good and well they burp and hiccup too.
  4. Wellll.............this is becoming a deep subject. A silly deep subject. I like an awful lot of a little bit of all of it.
  5. Oh and this is all just silly. Prolly why I keep coming back. How silly can you be before someone notices that you're silly? It's a thin line I tell ya.
  6. Similarities between death and taxes...they come to all of us, well, I mean, unless you happen to be laundering money or....never mind. Differences between death and taxes...Taxes keep happening over and over until we die. After that..can't touch dis.
  7. I had to look twice. I thought it was my aunt Millie. Did I say that? This is all just silly........
  8. I lost track of how long it's been...but it was long enough.
  9. You light up my life................and burn my whiskers right off.
  10. Now that's just...............................................I like it though. I think....maybe...ok no.
  11. Especially in Vegas?
  12. Goodness Gracious. I appreciate that.
  13. Yeah but that costs you money and will get you in trouble.
  14. For the old timers ( I'm one too) this probably isn't the answer you wanted.......I put most of my lights, my thermostat and a fan on my Alexa. We have three Alexas scattered around the house. If someone goes off to work and forgets to turn the light off Alexa will use the timer to turn it off. Same for the HVAC system..or anything else. " Alexa make it warmer". She raises my temp 2F. Same with lowering my temp. One other thing I would like to do with Alexa is hook a record player through a WEMO or similar. Have it set up on a record I like and have her turn it on in the morning to wake up to. My coffee pot is also programmed to turn on. This isn't laziness, it's mainly me needing to get up early and be out quickly. The more stuff she does the more time I save. Heck my dish washer has an app in it but I haven't downloaded it yet. Wouldn't it be nice to have Alexa run my bathwater in the evenings....I might need to look into that.
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