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  1. Thanks Craig! I didn't do so well in English class though I could read and spell at collegiate level in 5th grade, which never made much sense to me. It was the terms designed to explain a thing in English. The scientific break down and terminology I didn't grok. Didn't help there were 30 students in the class and if you didn't understand anything they didn't wait for you to get it, which means anything else you leaned from then on had no foundation because it was all built on everything else. ..........so I guess what I'm trying to say is this gives me a great excuse for flunking.
  2. The synths in this look to be pretty good. Not to mention all of the other additions. I admit I would feel a little odd using it without ROLI hardware. For 50.00 I might forget the ROLI keyboard.
  3. Same here. I have had it now, maybe a month. The first few days I played with it. My intentions were to dive deep into the program. Then life happened. Hopefully I'll swing back around to it soon....if you don't use it, you won't loose it. Eventually I'll get there.
  4. It would take some getting used to for me since I have been working two monitors for so long. Console view always goes on my right, everything else on the left. Or I can collapse the console temporarily to mix a movie. No bad or good or best way. Old dog. New tricks. Just sayin'. I'm sure I could make just about anything work if I had to.
  5. Thanks Craig. Nice areas. You hid those wires well. I used to work with MC which is the external covering cable you showed. I still have the cutters for it. I much prefer buying the higher voltage type with the wire already in it. It's a real pain to fish wires though MC conduit. I might actually end up using that or something similar. From an electrical emissions standpoint I wonder how much it will help because the sub panel is 25 Ft. away in a closet located in another room. I could still have issues from the panel. In doing a search for how studios are wired I mostly encountered the audio cable connections info and the notorious issues with ground loops. All important for sure. I don't tend to buy the most expensive cables for my audio gear. I would say it's mostly mid grade. You hear very little about the high voltage. I say high voltage relatively speaking because I've been around 13,800 volts. This is only 115 volts/120 volts. Still enough to bite you if you touch it. There's already a 220 volt line running in the attic above my future studio for the heat pump. It isn't shielded but it is grounded well. It wouldn't be very close to my audio gear. The other lines will come into the space from the attic area and down through the walls. I'm sure the unit outside is well grounded ( I installed it). Looks like lunch for a thunder storm though with all of those circuit boards in it .
  6. Great!! I think everyone goes through something and eventually comes around. We all have vices. Nothing wrong with a drink. I hear what you're saying though. Not sure about you but my music has been suffering some lately. I was working from home, but they made me come back. I was beginning to enjoy it at home. I had plenty to keep me busy, so I didn't think much about the time or seclusion. My wife was around. That doesn't always work well though. I saved a bunch of money on gas and car expenses over something 8 weeks or more. I go shopping around here, just throw on the mask. TV is great for me in the evening sometimes. I try to stay away from the news most of the time. Can you sit out back and watch the birds? That always helps me.
  7. In case you couldn't read this directly. He wants to add a colored piano roll.
  8. Bitflipper, I hope you know my intention wasn't intended to be anything but helpful. I figured you were probably already very aware of the pros and cons. I think I threw that out there for anyone who might read this because I hate to see people get sick from anything no matter what it is. I didn't know anything about CBD and thanks for the info. My personal opinion on the subject is we have much bigger fish to fry here in the US than such a trivial thing as cannabis. For goodness sake, why not go after the real problems? Is it abused? Anything can be abused. I didn't come from that "culture". Wouldn't know where or how to even buy it if I wanted it as a straight product to be smoked. I guess that's because I never had the inclination. In my location at the time no one ever offered me any of it. I suppose I have been sheltered to some extent. Does that make me any better than anyone else? No. I still managed to get into plenty of other trouble without it.
  9. Did you select the installation path or let the installer do it? If you can locate the folder and see the plugin in the folder this would not be the problem. There are some folders that look similar but aren't , for instance there is often a VST folder located under X86 Program files and a second location in Program files. X86 is typically where older of 32 bit versions of plugins were installed. Installer would have likely put this somewhere under Program Files. Have you tried looking under "insert" heading instead of looking in synth pane on the right?? https://youtu.be/0T8BdlnNEmQ
  10. Hi Tom, Yes this is a 50 amp sub panel using 6 -2 with ground wire coming from my 200 amp service. The breaker for that panel is actually in the 200 amp panel since the sub panel doesn't have the option for a main breaker. The sub panel has a 25 amp breaker for the heat pump and four 20 amp breakers all ran using 12 wire. Two of those breakers are in another location. One is only for a large ceiling fan that probably doesn't use over 5 amps. The other breaker is for outlets in another room where nothing more than a vacuum cleaner, reading light or fan will ever be plugged in. The other two 20A breakers are designated for the studio. One for lighting and the other for gear. Since I'm getting some low hum in my system now I was attempting to eliminate hum in the other studio. The hum I get now is likely from emissions coming off the wire or bad wires since I'm only on one circuit in there. There's a lot of spaghetti though and I think it shares the lighting. A dedicated 20A should help. I looked around and the closest thing I could find non MC was something called "tray wire". They use it for electronic cash register runs and similar. It's also called instrumentation wire. That wire seems to have an aluminum shield. Maybe the wire my electrician friend mentioned as actually some kind of special MC that lets you ground the jacket or has a wire fused to the outer jacket ? Still looking.
  11. Wiring standards and descriptions are different between countries. My question concerns the US wiring standards. I'm finally getting around to pulling some wires for a future studio from an electrical sub panel I put in for another project. An electrician friend of mine mentioned there is a special high voltage wire (115 volts) I could get that comes with a shield to reduce interference into the line. It basically sounds like NM-B wire with an integral shield made into the wire that goes to neutral in the panel. Not an external conduit. Does anyone know what this wire the electrician is referring to is called? I originally planned to run two 12-2 with ground NM-B wires 20 amps each. I was thinking one for lighting and one for the computer and equipment. I won't be running a bunch of outboard hardware gear. Just a computer, interface, monitors, some keyboards and maybe a guitar effect or two. 20 amps is probably overkill. I already have the heat pump installed on a separate breaker.
  12. This is probably something I will investigate in the future. I agree with those who say the screen can be too close and too large. In my current studio I use two large monitors. My eyes aren't the best up close so I have been either wearing computer glasses which are supposed to offer some protection from screen emissions which still exists to some extent even on lcd monitors "or" 1.75 readers. Those glasses really pull everything up clearly for me. If and when one of my monitors dies I will probably take a look at those large curved screen monitors first. The thing is, I am perfectly content with what I have right now. I can split everything up between the monitors and I like that. No reason for me to change really until or unless I have some kind of a failure. My video card is a mid tier gamer card which is mostly ok, but I'm sure when I eventually look into a new monitor replacement I will also be looking at what's available in the most recent video cards. As I say though. It isn't really needed now. I've seen those setups that use a combination of maybe two monitors lower and a high rez screen sitting above them as a third option. I don't like it because my neck wasn't made to bend up as comfortably for long periods of time as it was made to bend down or look on the level. I guess those who make music for film might use a setup like that more often. In that case I would prefer looking at level height at something smaller. I have a 55" TV mounted over my fireplace at home and from 15' away it's still plenty large enough. I can't imagine kissing one from 2' away.
  13. Thanks for sharing a glimpse of what's happening with you and a little brief history besides. Best to you on the new endeavor. Are you better off now than you were 10 years ago? The same? Worse? I can relate. I don't know exactly how I ended up where I ended up or why. I tried to be somewhere else. I never pictured this as being "it". I guess this is it. I was looking for an opportunity and a way to make it. Not make it big, just make it and get by comfortably. I managed to do it in a very uncommon way. It isn't a career in music but I am able to play and I guess that's enough for me. As a good friend of mine once said, I'm not hot, I'm not cold, I'm not hungry, I'm healthy. I'm ok.
  14. That's probably because she lacks the common support system. 🙄 The strap thingy that holds them up. In her case that would be a three person tent. She looks as if she could feed half of Rhode Island IMO. Just thinking out loud. Maybe I shouldn't do that.😮
  15. I'll never think of a Mac Mini in the same way ever again.😁
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