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  1. No I wasn't aware of this. Reaper looks more and more like the swiss army knife of DAWs. TBH I don't often use anything DXi . Might be a good time to revisit some of that.
  2. @ZincT Thanks for the info on windows performance. I know these guys know what they're doing. I hesitated one more time for about a half a second. I've jumped into the world of John and Shane....might be quite an interesting ride!
  3. I hope you get squared away ok. After someone has been in this awhile a person tends to build up a bunch of stuff....especially coming around here. With a new build we have to decide what we want to keep and what we might not need. For me I try to keep everything. I mean, I bought it to use. Nothing is so bad I don't want it. Honestly everything is working ok. . Might be over a TB. My system image setup in Acronis looks at everything. Not just my C drive. I would only need C drive and it's an image of my older setup.That's just insurance though. It won't help me upgrade my OS. It's probably not that bad really. One could maybe argue how "clean" an upgrade install is compared to a fresh install. After awhile an OS gets loaded up with all kinds of erroneous left over code here and there from various installs and normal operations. Most don't notice it because the OS mostly ignores it.. A clean install would probably be best overall, but man, I think I'll delay that a bit for now.😨 I need to mentally prepare for this.
  4. I hear you both on this. Probably should not have done it. The computers weren't worth enough for me to consider paying even an OEM price to upgrade. I think the way they got around it was offering licenses that were a part of a larger package, such as an institution that has some kind of a blanket license. Just a theory of mine. There seem to be different ways MS addresses foreign licensing as well which are more lenient than in the US.In my case everything lined up with Microsoft. Could have just as easily gone the other way. I have seen these licenses for as little as 3.95. Need to read the fine print too because sometimes the offer is highly misleading. I wouldn't be buying from the same people who are offering Cubase for 25.00 I'm not into cracks at all, even if I think Cubase is over priced for what it is.
  5. This is a good example of what could be done. Reaper is a prime contender to look at for plugin code modifications ideas they have two very interesting things, Reascript and JSFX. All of these run on Mac, Linux and Windows...that's the kind of talent we need for this. It's already been done just need a DAW porting standard.
  6. I've been watching this. Was a little skeptical in the beginning. Didn't seem entirely ironed out yet. In fact it wasn't. Might be a good time to check it out again. Seems like John has worked through a lot of the issues. I would feel better if he was also showing the demo on a PC. He is always on a Mac here ( and in all of his demos). I don't use a Mac. Can anyone confirm everything is just as smooth using a PC? John makes sound banks for existing programs. He is beginning to lead us to files not associated with the program library. Is this the beginning of a trend? Probably. I see eventual sound banks for UNIFY as an extra. Not a bad thing. The man has to eat. I wouldn't expect to see a lot more free "included" sound banks in the future though. I could be wrong. I hope I am. Would only make sense that he would move this direction. Program updates free, future sounds for it, probably not.
  7. I bought a few licenses last year from ebay for less than 5.00. Even though it didn't seem legit I gambled and they both worked. After that experience I decided I would rather spend a little extra from a more reputable dealer and be sure about it. I think those ebay licenses were from some kind of a group license scheme. As I mentioned, I was into buying the OEM s because they are basically a "builder's" OS and I had not seen the need to spend 199.00 for a pro version. There are limitations to that though and now I recommend that builders should probably look for a copy of Pro if they can swing it or find a deal like this. Especially if you wanted to work remotely or play with linux on the same hard drive. My price for three pro licenses was less than a single retail copy of Win 10 Home. Not bad at all. I upgraded one DAW computer from win 8 to win 10. Also went from 32 bit to 64 bit in that upgrade. Even though everything worked ok I kept finding this extra code baggage that stayed around. I didn't get the feeling it was as smooth as it could have been coming from a clean install. I really didn't want to have to find and re register all of my software and plugins again. I am in the same predicament now. Should I just keep using win 10 Home until my next build or attempt an update? I'll probably be jumping off the cliff and give the update a shot......I mean, you have no idea how much time it would take to attempt a clean install which isn't really the problem. Main issue is loading all of those programs and software again. Could take a week seriously. I have 4 large SSD drives and my C drive is up to the gills in data. I just had an idea. Maybe I'll use Acronis and make an image of my setup. The image alone is probably over a terabyte but seems like a much better solution. I'll keep you posted. I might need a few drinks to work up the nerve to do this.....just kidding...I think.
  8. Interesting. I might have bumped into you as I went to the Mixcraft forum for a short time but eventually pulled away and now only visit occasionally. It was a novelty for awhile. The update to version 9 has them on the right track. I think the days of the "fisher price" mixer are long gone. Can't beat it for quick projects using windows based video. The performance pane is an interesting concept. Can't really fault that DAW. Haven't used it enough to determine long term stability. If I were making music for picture on a deadline It might make me nervous, though someone has made videos on how to set it up as a template for larger productions, but yeah, working in CbB is much easier for me as well admittedly because I know it far better. Lots of people really came out of the woodwork for various reasons to attack Cakewalk during those last days....we kept hearing bugs bugs bugs. To this day there are those who are convinced it's still buggy software and won't use it. Some of them had legitimate complaints. Some were merely trolling or coming as spys from other DAW makers to "stir the pot". Some didn't know what they were doing and didn't have things set up correctly. During that entire time I never had any major issues with the software on an average computer build using an average interface. I'm not living in denial. I know there were some bugs. Not deal breakers to me. To others they were unforgivable and they let everyone know about their experiences. All software has bugs. I suppose it's only important if they happen to be interfering with your work. Never happened to me. As you say, there have been many improvements which continue to happen with regularity in addition to additional features and improved existing features. It's a lot of work. The CbB team deserve a lot of credit. It's only getting better. When the new aero workflow was introduced some people didn't like it. I happen to think it's one of the best features of the program.
  9. Great idea. If you could fork it legally without getting into trouble this is a great way to go. I haven't put this to any other forums. There's a few forums around with active developers in participation. I have been exposed to similar when it comes to marketing and engineering departments projections .vs what's really possible. Just never made a lot of sense to me that something else could not be adopted. I'm surprised that others have so readily accepted it when it's their competition.
  10. The programming over there must have been similar. I liked Baywatch for the girls. That and the underwear section of the Sears catalog were all we had to look at. Kids now don't need an imagination. I liked Star Trek the best. I lived the 70's here and can remember many of my friends driving the kinds of cars that are now high dollar collectors vehicles. Mustangs, Chevy Camaros. The Dodge Cuda...etc. What you probably call petrol and we call gas was around 40-50 cents a gallon if I remember correctly so you could drive a car with a 454 cubic inch engine and 4 barrel carburetor all day long on a less than 10 dollars. Some of those cars only got maybe 10mpg. I wasn't very old. These cars weren't all brand new. They were used school kids cars. My best friend then his dad and brother were car enthusiasts and they built him a 55 Chevy panel wagon. Basically a 55 Chevy with a wagon back. No windows. One of the very first hatch backs. They called them delivery wagons. All high performance parts in it. Metallic blue, black reupholstered interior. It literally felt like you were in a rocket when it accelerated. Threw you back into the seat and you couldn't sit up. I think the front wheels came off the street. Quite a feat for something with all that weight. I had a 66 Mustang. Wish I had kept it. It would only go to 110mph.
  11. Sheens you had me going on this one. I should have known since this IS the CH. The only thing I really noticed back then on that show then was the girls in shorts. Just being honest. This is a highly Hollywoodized version of the south. Nothing even remotely like real southerners. Not sure if you ever seen that show. Very bad acting. In the same neighborhood as Mr. T and the A-Team
  12. Whatever it is it's alive it flies and it's scary as s**t. I wouldn't want it on me. I'll swat first and think about terminology later.
  13. I find the quote amusing SK but can't see who wrote it. Getting people and corporate entities together requires leadership and organization. I don't think a huge company is necessary for the task. Companies are simply skilled people getting together with financial resources who have objectives..We can't have someone who will whine when they get rejected a few times initially. Not- Please will it be ok if we do this Mr Cubase?? No-? That's what I thought would happen :(:(:( Oh well.......... The best approach IMHO would be to say- We ARE initiating a new universal plugin standard. Not we might. Not we were thinking about it. We ARE. Incentives could be along the lines of...no more attachment to Cubase. Each developer has input into the way it's going to happen. A more democratic approach. No licenses to buy. Even though I don't use Reaper, that environment looks favorable for something like that to happen in. Changes and modifications are encouraged. They have some interesting plugin technology already. It couldn't be a Reaper product though. It must be an open universal standard or it would be no different than VST. People would need to overcome egos. If a nice standard was adopted by brand A which is a competitor of brand B, brand B will buck it and instead want to have some input. The more commercially neutral the standard is the better. For the end user- all of your plugins will be backwards compatible. Upgrades to vst3 equivalent wrappers will always be free. The plugins will be bought. All plugins will work in all DAWs using one free non commercial system.
  14. Glad to see these guys back up and running. Works fine here. I probably worry too much but I changed my password to be safe.
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