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  1. If this was covered sorry I missed it. Uses Continua downloader. You should have a serial number in your email if you own Tina Quo Cello Legato, The update is said to be significant. I haven't finished downloading it yet.
  2. Same here. FYI- If you work for an educational institution you might get the licenses for even less. I just recently found out I could have had WIN 10 licenses for 14.99 each. I think they are considered to be some sort of a group license and maybe why they cost less? I haven't bought one yet because I haven't needed it. I did pick up Office though for about the same price.
  3. I use the K system usually along with several other methods. Probably overkill since the K system generally works fine. I see the K-system as mainly an overall monitoring solution to make sure the levels are correct. Since LUFS are probably more common with online streaming online I also use that system. The main difference using the K systems is you'll need to generate pink noise to get the level set right. Pink noise generators are free. I think Studio One has one already included. It's been awhile now, but I interviewed Bob Katz about his K system. He developed it back before LUFS was a thing. THat doesn't mean it's any more pr less relevant, just another way to monitor a mix. You probably want accurate additional monitor correction as well if your space isn't treated, and maybe even if it is.
  4. Audible GAS in the grocery store is a bad thing. Oh my bad. Different subject.
  5. I think I remember you posting a long time ago. You had quite an impressive studio from my recollections.
  6. Yep. That's the guy. Sorry I mixed you two guys up. FWIW I am not very good at long term name recognition. You probably figured that one out. I like the guys here. It's a great group! We ruffle each other sometimes ( not literally) Glad you made it back again!
  7. It'll come to me eventually. Name sounds familiar, face looks familiar, just not familiar enough for me to remember. I mean, I wasn't here as much as say, Bapu....come to think of it, who was?
  8. It's coming back to me in bits and pieces now Dave. Did you once record a lot of people singing country? Use Biab....or am I thinking of someone else? FWIW, there's probably some great songs in those rather trying life experiences! Not a way anyone would like to get them though. Sorry to hear about those things and hopefully better days ahead. God is good. All the time. Rain- Who could forget that name ? I wondered how you've been. Are you still in Vegas? I'll bet you could tell a few stories too. Me? I started playing the violin I guess about 5 years ago. It isn't really playing by pro standards. This has taken a lot of my spare time lately. Played at an Irish session outdoors on Sunday. I seem to be drifting further and further away from my DAW. I plan to get back to it in earnest later next year, unless I get herded into a detainment facility ( a conspiracy theory that's floating around). Lots of work started I need to finish at home including a new studio in the works. I'm probably selling some of my gear too. Trying to decide if I want to keep the desk I had custom built- about 1K over 10 years ago. It's just BIG and I'm not sure I want anything quite that large again. I have a few unplayed guitars and keyboards I'm probably parting with in addition to some violins. I'm looking to put a pick up in my bouzouki so I can use it with my looper.
  9. Geesh Craig .........................you and notes should write a book. lol.
  10. Bitch must have money!
  11. I think someone is aggressively trying to reduce the human population. You better have a bathroom and three rolls of TP on the ready about 2 hours after eating that! Put 911 on speed dial!!!
  12. I remember back when I first started disco dancing...dis go here.....dis go there. * ducks and runs* I like the bass runs in disco music. What was that second video Scandinavian disco?
  13. I feel like I should know who you are but I guess I don't remember. The name sounds familiar.
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