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  1. It's been a few days since I last posted anything so hopefully I can post another one. This is a soundscape I made.
  2. Thanks for comments Jack much appreciated man!
  3. I can't say I've ever heard a "fun" hurricane song. This was interesting to say the least. I was ready to turn my monitors way down because of the sure terror that would ensue. I was pleasantly surprised.
  4. I would have never guessed that voice came from you. Did you make all the parts for this? I am impressed with the chord complexity in some places. Sort of takes it above a folk song to my ears.
  5. Loved the way you mixed vox left and right with the harmony. Mix has a lot of space. Nice warm earthy feel to the mix in general. This is a good example of something that need not be overdone to be good. You kept it simple and it worked very well for this. I would call it smooth country.
  6. Cool music and video. It must have cost a fortune to rent that space ship.
  7. Starise

    On The Run

    Admittedly one of the best mixing engineers on this forum. Just a nice crisp and very real sounding track. Excellent musicianship. Your voice and style hearkens back to those old classic rock bands. I feel like I've slipped back in time and missed one of the greats.
  8. Well done very relaxing ambient track. Great use of guitar to achieve an almost harp like effect.
  9. I don't know the library and so can't really comment on if this track makes full use of it. I would say though, that it has all of the elements of any action movie track I've ever heard. Best of luck to you in winning the contest!
  10. I didn't think this one could get any better. Between your mixing chops, Simeon's playing on keys and Grem it's a winner. The vocals seem much better now as well. Between the two mixes , it seems to me the 2nd track was boosted more and has some added high end EQ in it. Not necessarily better just different. I would call the 1st mix warmer and the second more overt. Which one you like or not I guess depends on a person's taste. Both are good mixes.
  11. I dig the way this emits a nice pleasant vibe using what seems to be some unusual sounds and techniques over that melody. I almost thought it was toy noises from Iris. Cool!
  12. I think the subject is sad (addiction). It's a nice upbeat music theme. No nits on the mix.
  13. Starise

    November Jam

    Nice clean pro sounding guitar track and excellent chops playing this style of music. The organ sits just right on the mix. It isn't too much. A nice blend, neither is the guitar over done.
  14. Hey Philip. Is there any chance I could hear this somewhere without joining Spotify? It won't let me hear your track unless I join.
  15. Starise

    Aren't You Cold

    I was getting into this bass groove and drums on this Jack. And I guess you don't give a what anyone thinks lol! It was a nice relaxing groove.
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