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  1. Yeah, I guess that doesn't always happen right away
  2. Is there some kind of intense coloration that sets this one out from the rest? If I put this on a channel alongside another unnamed but very good EQ with both set the same, what would stick out about the Trident?
  3. If you ( I say YOU in a descriptive non personal way here) had kids at 19, a woman could be a grandmother in her 40's....or less. I don't know exactly what I'm getting at. This has nothing to do with either becan or sheep. Maybe you can't tell who the Grandmudders are?
  4. C'mon man there are 10th graders around here :)....................oh wait. Never mind. Fits right in
  5. I second BFD3. It's a wonderful program. You could use something like Waves Scheps 73 which has an M/S setting and a dedicated drums overhead setting to "stereoize" the track. I never liked polishing a turd though unless it's some really good wax and you can't tell
  6. Oh great. Now I can't get the tune out of my head. Kenny can you play some jazz for us? Pleeeeeeeeez
  7. As a matter of course, especially with laptops I would turn off windows updates. I know this doesn't help the issue now. For future reference though it's a good idea.
  8. I was going to explain, but this guy has a decent video on the subject.
  9. And some upgrades or packages are less expensive than WUPPING what you have, or at least it has been this way in the past. WUP is more reasonable around certain times of the year.
  10. I'm ok with jazz as long as I don't need to understand it. Some of it seems to have that feeling you get right before a woof. Woozy like take me off the merry go round. Takes an adjustment to really appreciate. Like this-
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