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  1. I seen the email. For me, with CORE it isn't too heavy. If I had pro though it might feel like passing a kidney stone. Not that I ever have. I don't know why I bought it in the first place. It's an excellent library even the CORE version, but I seldom make orchestral music. I have a few other libraries that would have done in a pinch....so I guess I had orchestral GAS there for awhile.
  2. My room is all full of sound absorptive junk. None of it was scientifically done though I know how. I've used ARC ever since it was introduced now in version 3 and Sonarworks for headphones. The last time I bought ARC I bought the most recent mic they sell with it. I am quite happy with it. Mixes translate pretty well for me using ok monitors. ARC is not only EQ it is also time relational to the standing waves and adjusted to your location. I don't usually move around my mixing space so it works fine. Not trying to sell anyone just telling you it works for me.
  3. I have a fair number of Waves Plugins which all work fine right now. I liked the WUP when you could get a real discount on it. So far this is my "deal" and what I pay if i want to stay current on my plan which if you notice only takes me to Nov 2022. Seems a lot for plugins I already bought to be updated.
  4. If Melodyne settings are not set to percussion you should be able to drag and drop the track if in mono. Are you using a recent version of Cakewalk and Melodyne?
  5. I was using it stand alone. I think that's what the issue was. Works ok as a plugin. Thanks!
  6. My apologies. It is also referred to as the piano roll. Record midi with MODO bass and double click the midi track with your mouse anywhere on the track. 1st pic. You will then see the second screen. This is the piano roll. You may manipulate the data add or erase data here. Lengthen notes etc. The small magnifying glass icons on the piano roll view allow you to enlarge the data to see it more clearly if necessary. If there is a superimposed midi note and you hover the mouse over that area you will see a very small outline of the second note. Click on it and hit delete. I made another sample track. Sure enough I had extra midi notes.
  7. She tried to kick me once but I ran faster than she did. So when are you submitting this for the top ten big band tunes? Nice! They would probably get a kick out of it!
  8. Life has been demanding sometimes, but I wanted get back here to say I really enjoyed this fine example of a layed back guitar tune played by a masterful player. Yes it's been a downer lately but I see light at the end of the tunnel. Now to just get through the tunnel. Thanks for sharing.
  9. I noticed on my last project I was getting double midi notes for some reason using MODO Bass. You can't always tell there are doubles since the notes are over one another. If you're getting additional sounds try pulling up Cakewalk's midi page and enlarge the midi information where you're getting the extra notes. Try taking away the notes in that place. If you still see a note after you subtracted one then you know that's the problem. If you don't you can hit CTRL+Z and bring it back, or draw it in. I haven't narrowed down why this happens yet. Could be a midi setting in Cakewalk or MODO bass is sending out extra information. Hope this helps.
  10. So I got AT 5 as part of a larger purchase on an IK deal and it has sat on my SDD for awhile before I had the time to look at it. It reminded me some of THD. I plugged my guitar in and got no sound. I went to my amps and tried to select a few. Still nothing. Went back to AT4, everything works great. So far I'm not impressed. I'm either slow off the line or this isn't as intuitive as AT4. AT 5 is so different it looks like I need to relearn how to use it. If I didn't need to play quiet sometimes I'd just go buy another real amp and be done with it. I should have the full program. Doesn't look like a lite version, so I'm not sure what gives. I'm not computer illiterate, but apparently I'm missing a few things here. Anyone else having similar issues?
  11. Can anyone tell me if the Shadow Hills Class A mastering compressor is really much better than the TRacks or Waves compressors? Is there some extra chuzpa somewhere, or is it just a bunch of pretty knobs? I like the Elysia EQs too. Their free filter rocks.
  12. The man clearly has a great ability to make good quality instruments. I agree the pricing is VERY generous. I'll probably snap a few more of these up. You never know , Kontakt might be after him. Some of the libs sold under NI are similar but cost a lot more.
  13. Starise

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year!
  14. Starise

    Happy New Year

    This is my just completed happy new year track. Happy New Year to All! The drum programming was a little trying. I hand played in parts using vst instruments. Made 100% in Cakewalk.
  15. Starise

    The Lord's Prayer

    Jesse, Thank you. Thank you bjornpdx, I'm beginning to get lazy in not using real instruments. I sort of transfer my basic guitar playing techniques to soft synths In many cases I can't get the kind of sound quality that can be had with a quality VST instrument. Since I'm not the best guitarist, there's usually a finger noise or little blurb somewhere in anything I make. Even though I have good mics I don't have the best recording space for acoustic guitar. Thanks Gswitz! Great idea! Thanks. Thanks Jack.
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