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  1. Hello Fellow Cakewalkers, Does anyone know how to expand the height of the modules within each strip of the Console View? For example: You can see by the picture I've attached I've got waste space above the Gain and Pan knobs at the top. I'd like to be able to expand the height of my FX bin as I've got more plugs in the bin then are shown (I know we can scroll, but it would be better if I didn't have too, and could just expand the height of the FX bin so all current plug-ins in the strip are visible without having to scroll.
  2. Hi @Lombardi - Within your project click the <Track View> button, click on <Options>, then click on <Stop at Project End>. This should hopefully give you the functionality you seek. Best Regards.
  3. Off topic, but how did you get your faders that color????
  4. It sounds as if it's time to consider a PC upgrade. I upgraded my PC hardware and built a new server last year (2020), it's been the best decision I've made... Cakewalk is a MONSTER - zero issues thus far. I'm currently mixing a project with over 87 tracks and massive amounts of heavy duty high quality plugins (zero dropouts, cpu usage barely reaches 14%). You'll find that having professional hardware (I/O devices, PC components, DSP device etc.) makes a massive difference in how any software performs. Cakewalk requires resources, and not having enough memory or an extremely fast CPU can limit your ability to use the software carefree (to it's fullest). I say all this lightly, as I know from experience it's expensive to do. I saved up for years to get the hardware I longed for, so I know budgeting definitely plays a role.
  5. Open up the latest Waves Central version 12.0.11 | 2020; in the far left lower corner you'll see the gear icon labeled "Settings" click this, then you'll see in blue letters -at the top far right the word "repair" click on this and Waves Central will repair all of your installed waves plug-ins. Hope this fixes your issue. Best Regards,
  6. Hi Darcy, Are you using a SoundGrid I/O or Waves Server for plug-in offloads? If so, you will get this error if opening a project before you turn your hardware units on. You'll have to make sure all your external hardware units are turned on and operational first before loading a project which contains StudioRack or any plug-ins being offloaded for processing.
  7. I'm using them quite often; I've had no issue with them, they work great.
  8. Hi Mark, It's an idea for another convenience. I too use Busses, but I'm not a fan of having the busses visible while I'm mixing, I like to keep the bus pull-out closed, especially when I have 87 tracks to mix; I'd rather use that space for my tracks in console view instead. What I'm speaking of are just folder mix module buttons that stay stagnant at the top of the console view. If you zoom in on the picture I attached you'll see the illustration I diagrammed in to demonstrate.
  9. It could be the way I explained it. There would be no scrolling at all; the folder mix modules would just be located on the strip at the top of the Console view. Not sure if you saw my picture, but you'll have to click on it and then zoom in to see the illustration I diagrammed at the top of Console view showing the idea I was referring too.
  10. Actually I do send all my drums to a drum BUS etc., as well as separate Busses for instruments, vocals etc., My reason for the request is that when I'm in Console View with a project that has 87+ Tracks to have to scroll all the way over to the BUS window or even pull it out from hiding on the far right is a moment to tedious at times. It would be nice to have the mix module controls of track folders stagnant in a central location illustrated for a quick and easy use, and I don't have to scroll away from the tracks I'm currently working on.
  11. Does anyone know what this error message means and how I can get rid of it: "Channel name contains illegal characters and won't be changed" It started after my upgrade to 11.2020. I haven't changed any Track names on this project since the last update (not sure what it means by "channel"), and all was fine before the upgrade. Sincerely, FIP GeBall
  12. Harry C. I love this idea! It’s perfect for gain staging use, especially for those who are use to reading VU meters versus the digital method. I use Pro-Channel a lot, especially the EQ, just to clean up the low end before I add any plug-ins to the FX Bin, and actually use the little EQ window as a quick way to open the large pro-channel EQ plugin without having to slide open the pro-channel track column. I think the Bakers should implement your idea, but also keep the pro-channel EQ window as well; they should make it so there’s a drop menu and each person can choose what they want to show in the window. Sincerely, FIP GeBall
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