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  1. Yes on upgrading to 5 I’m glad I did. I’m also interested to see where melodyne goes next so want to buy their product
  2. I have had some fun and interesting results using sample phrases by converting them to midi in melodyne and making some changes and then using the midi on some other vst instrument other than the one it began as. Some turn into things i like that i would not have thought of
  3. treesha

    Missing Audio Files...

    Try saving on the new computer with a new name or try save as with a new name.
  4. I use melodyne a lot. I would not say I use it in small clips to eliminate noise in between clips. I do sometimes use it on an entire bass track or lead guitar track without any problems. Most often I will use smaller clips on vocal tracks since not every section needs it. I'm not sure what you mean by the split screen? I always make it full screen when using it. So you can try using long clips and see how it goes. It normally goes ok for me.
  5. https://www.sonarworks.com/soundid-reference/resources/ebooks/ebook-mix-your-low-end-like-a-pro I just got an email with this link to a free ebook, no idea if it is worth checking out but I will have a look sometime, so fyi.
  6. Sometimes I play my bass, sometimes use a bass vst. In both instances I like the free vst bass professor it has l and ll versions. I use izotope low end balance and look for masking frequencies with izotope too. I do try to find the right sound for the song or get close to what works which can change as the song fills out.
  7. There are several documentaries about Bob Marley that I have watched. I have a vcr tape of a much older one I wonder if it will play after 22yrs in the desert! The ones I have seen include concert performances of course and interviews with musicians, family and friends. Other things/ themes are shown like Jamaican life, Rastafarianism, ganga. (On a personal I had the pleasure of visiting Jamaica for a month in the late 80s with a Rastafarian Jamaican female musician friend living and performing in Baltimore where I was in a different Jamaican-led reggae band on bass. She was going for her brothers wedding and needed her US recordings supplemented by some of her Jamaican musician friends/ session musicians on the island so we would pick them up and went to several major studios often (all but studio one) and I met some of the people in the videos and was at very non-touristy parts of the island doing things locals do vs sightseeing etc. so watching the documentaries brings back so many memories of that amazing trip for me)
  8. The documentary Joy Division…The film assembles TV clips, newsreel, pictures of modern Manchester and Manchester in the late 1970s, and interviews. The interviewees include the three surviving members of the group, Tony Wilson, Peter Saville, Pete Shelley(of Buzzcocks), Genesis Breyer P-Orridge (of Throbbing Gristle), Alan Hempsall (of Crispy Ambulance), Paul Morley, Terry Mason, Richard Boon, Anton Corbijn, and Belgian journalist Annik Honoré, with whom Ian Curtis was having an affair. hope you are feeling better!
  9. I find it helpful to make a loop region where i want to be working, then add melodyne to my clip which is in the looped region i made. It makes it easier to find my spot in melodyne when it opens
  10. And then, if I need to change something in the clip in Melodyne is there a way to go back and edit. if you render the edited clip but might want to work on it again, you can duplicate the track, then archive the duplicate so you have it in case you like it better. I have not archived a track with the melodyne active/not rendered to know if it is safe to do that. Or you could ‘ save as ‘ the project with a number or whatever and have it available if further editing is not better. I generally render before saves or archives so not sure how melodyne handles those.
  11. If you are using the wav files in cakewalk to play along with and they wont be getting any further processing like mastering etc, they can be loud but not to the point of clipping/ distortion. If they aren’t consistently matching up they are either exported at different levels or something in cakewalk playback is set differently or? I don’t know anything about exporting from fl into cakewalk. Maybe set them to good consistent levels after they are in cakewalk before you need to use them at rehearsals and save that way. Not sure if you are talking about inconsistencies within a songs tracks or between songs.
  12. if you are going to ask her to redo it, maybe letting her hear the recording herself if she has not listened to it, so she gets why it is not useable, and a gift of some chocolate might help too ha
  13. treesha

    NEED Plugins?

    I got vocal finalizer a while ago don't remember the circumstances, and I like it. I have used it on things other than vocals.
  14. Clever, and if from personal experience, you have my condolences! Really well done catchy song. The mix is good. I think I am hearing some competition between the vocals and the bass, like the vocals being in the lower range get a little lost when at low parts, I think the frequencies are close in some areas. A few esses I would fix if it was my song, I tend to focus too much I think on my own vocal issues. I agree with Bjorn that the chorus could come up a bit more too. Enjoyed it !
  15. I understand completely Nio! Most of my posted songs with my vocals have some mention of how I struggle with singing these days. I try to use many layers of backing vocals to help, and of course tune them with melodyne and just accept thats the best I can do at the moment. So I get it, and from what I can tell your voice is not bad at all ! I think many of us just dont like the sound of our own voices.
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