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  1. It might be browser specific. All the counters get stuck for me when I use Edge; they're fine in Chrome.
  2. I'm guessing the faeces hit the fan over spilt milk
  3. There may be components of SVX 1 in MODO Bass, but I can't say for sure. There's an Amp/FX section within MODO Bass where you can choose between a Tube or Solid State amp; you have some EQ controls (i.e. bass/mid/treble), but that's it. You don't get SVX 1 as a product that you can use in Amplitube. You can use the two in conjunction though: you turn up the DI and turn down the AMP gain from within MODO Bass, and you can chain any amp sim you like after MODO Bass. Edit: you get some pedal effects within MODO Bass too. Not sure what they're based off.
  4. Seeing as there have been mentions of the Brian May pack: According to Queen, yes... (Sorry for the bad joke...)
  5. Music with guitars is inherently worse than music without guitars. Guitars are shit instruments, theres not a sound you can make with a guitar that you can't make on FL studio (3) is grammatically incorrect, and does not really support the assertion made in (2). There is some truth to (3): a wide variety of guitar sample packs are available. The combination of (2) and (3) do not really support (1). Assuming (3) is true, it invalidates (1); the music will sound the same with and without guitars.
  6. If you never upload anything (or even if you do), I guess you might not need Expose. If you ever want to target a specific distribution platform, it might be useful. All in all, what you do is up to you 🙂
  7. From watching the video for Expose, it shows you if there are any problems when targeting a specific site, e.g. SoundCloud. If you have Ozone/T-Racks, you'll have various meters to give you readouts for your music, e.g. maybe you want to target -14db LUFS; maybe you want to fit the curve within Tonal Balance. I'm guessing Expose will tell you if -14db LUFS is right for SoundCloud/Spotify/YouTube/(other). If there's an offer you like the look of on Plugin Boutique, I'd say it doesn't hurt to get a license for Expose. Even if you don't want to use/install it, you might some day. Or you might even get a cross-grade/upgrade deal one day for another of their products.
  8. Interesting how their flash deals have gone from $29/plugin to $69/plugin
  9. I too agree with this. Despite what I said about existing users not being rewarded (which is mostly the message on Twitter), I'm not upset about it; just as I'm not upset about occasional offers from other companies that throw in a freebie to tempt new customers (I could name one right now, but it's probably not nice to name names). I'm just happy that I'm not tied to using a USB dongle with my DAWs (this is my personal preference - some people love them; each to their own), and that I'm not charged for non-major version updates.
  10. It's like their previous offers of some add-on for free with new S1 purchases; nothing to reward existing users. I understand the desire to bring in new customers, but something like a discount coupon for their store wouldn't go amiss.
  11. Are there any (other than from NI)? As I understand it, it costs money to buy a license to allow a library to be used in Player.
  12. PA's next flanger? no wait... a phaser! 😜
  13. It all depends on how you spin the marketing machine. You see, if you consider that... err... well... think of it like... oh forget it; I can't think of a way to defend the new pricing model over the previous one.
  14. TMI 😜 Thanks for extending the group buy though!
  15. *** Bad joke alert *** Q: How do you turn a duck into a soul singer? A: Put it into the oven until it's bill withers
  16. Clicking on either link for me brings up a guide for choosing an acoustic guitar??? Maybe they realise the player is no longer supported?
  17. Though in this case, it's not just Kontakt 6; the latest free updates to Kontakt 5 including and beyond 5.8 are also not compatible.
  18. I mentioned this in the other thread, but in case anyone is thinking of going for the Concert Strings bundle, be aware of the following from the requirements page of Concert Strings 3 I'm not sure why it isn't compatible with newer versions of Kontakt, or what this means in general with respect to the upkeep of older libraries that are still being sold, but I personally chose to pass.
  19. I get that they have to make their subscription seem like good value, but some of the prices for their new plugins are ridiculous! It's possible to get plugins that are near indistinguishable in a blind test for so much less. I have to wonder how they make up these new prices.
  20. Hmm... was still fighting GAS with the Concert Strings Bundle, and then saw on the requirements page for Concert Strings 3. Disappointing that it won't work with more recent versions of Kontakt. Looks like I might win this battle with GAS after all.
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