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  1. Same with me; every windows 10 update has been fine. There were some cases where I had to update some drivers, but I probably would have had to do that anyway.
  2. I thought the adverts said Macs 'just work'... On a slightly more serious note, I do wonder if it's a deliberate ploy from Apple to deliberately break stuff, forcing people to pay more for upgrades to everything. ok - I'm done playing the cynic; peace out
  3. For anyone who's successfully managed the upgrade, is O9A a significant improvement over O8A?
  4. Pretty sure Black Friday's free lunch is Thanksgiving leftovers...
  5. It seems like an interesting concept. Don't want to move this thread off topic, but please share your thoughts after you get a chance to play, and let us know what the issue is with plugin startup.
  6. If this is referring to Obelisk from Frozen Plain, this is from their EULA
  7. When I finally caved in and bought Kontakt a few years ago, I thought I was getting a good deal by using some special voucher (something in the region of £20-£50 off; I can't remember). After all, their Summer of Sound deals were only ever 50% off upgrades. The very next day, for the only single year I can remember, they had a 50% off offer for first time buyers as well.
  8. Depends on whether it's being emptied or filled at the time: it's half empty when you're drinking it down; it's half full afterwards when you... err... you know...
  9. If a tree falls in the forest and there's nobody around to hear it, does it actually make a sound? What's the sound of one handed clapping? Too many existential questions...
  10. I was going to say Output Portal, but then I had a look at their other instruments/effects. Bad mistake: I'm now GAS-ing after the complete bundle. It's already hugely discounted against buying them separately so I don't really see it being in a sale, but who knows?
  11. Just don't end up singing into a can of deodorant, and applying a microphone under your arms, and you'll be fine.
  12. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Ed Happy Birthday to you! <Applause> Nice looking cake!
  13. I don't know if you ever plan on publishing your work but remember that if you do, Apple charge per submission to their app store, which they may or may not accept.
  14. It's usage is going to depend on the type of music being made. However, it's up to you how many of up to three shakers/tambourines (in total) you want going, e.g. if you're doing an alt/rock tune, you might want just a tambourine to coincide with the snare hits and a little shake here and there. Or if you're doing a slower cinematic piece, you might want a shaker or two softly in the background. I agree that it is priced quite high, but they do have a sale every now and then.
  15. Sorry; I should have been less vague. To me, the samples of both libraries sound fantastic (I have Shimmer Shake Strike, and have listened to the demos for Little Epic Percussion). I meant that one of the strengths of SSS is that it can recreate the 'continuous' (not sure if that's the right word) sound of shaking a tambourine/shaker (though it has one-shots of striking a tambourine too). Little Epic Percussion seems like it's more of a library of 'one-shot' sounds (that you could 'chain' together with its arpeggiator). There's nothing 'wrong' with either approach (and both seems to have high quality samples), it's just that they have different applications.
  16. Both Mastercard and Visa have an online currency conversion tool that also accounts for a x% transaction fee. I often use these and compare the price to the cost of conversion by PayPal; I can't remember a time when I saw PayPal to be cheaper.
  17. I almost always pay in original currency when using PayPal, passing the conversion rate to my credit card company (which is slightly cheaper). Different companies have different rates though, so YMMV.
  18. I think the two have slightly different targets: Shimmer Shake Strike is more shakers and tambourines played realistically; Little Epic Percussion is more a set of smaller percussion instruments.
  19. I have a few expansions (around 10), but not any of those. I'd be very grateful, but I'd also be happy to not qualify for someone with less to have them.
  20. Sounds like an update to Triple Meter might one day convert it to iLok; too bad. I know lots of people love iLok, but dongles/PACE aren't for me: I've gotten by so far without and I don't really want to start now. Bright side: I've won one more battle against GAS 🙂
  21. Does TripleMeter use iLok?
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