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  1. antler

    Winter Wonderland

    A short piece to start getting people into the holiday spirit. Hope you enjoy! Disclaimer: it's also my entry for Spitfire Audio's 12 Scores Of Christmas
  2. I can't remember which DAW it was, but there was a claim from a user on the old forums that that DAW sounded around 40% better; not quite sure how this measurement was qualified though. 😁 More on topic - I completely agree that this forum is a great place with lots of people willing to share tips, tricks, and other information. I joined a few years ago now, because I didn't have the first clue about how to process audio or what plugins (in general) did. I like to think I'm (just a little bit) wiser now - thanks everyone!
  3. Out of interest (I have neither the budget nor the disk space), does anyone know if BBCSO Pro works well on Windows? I heard it was a bit shaky when first released.
  4. Nice bundle. What do you think about the Wedge Force plugins?
  5. I thought it was only a certain company that likes to advertise on YouTube that sold this type of product. You could try something like reMIDI; not sure how many different variations you could load at once though https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/3-Studio-Tools/72-Utility/5935-reMIDI
  6. antler

    Blender 3.0 Released

    You could try this (for Linux): https://rosegardenmusic.com/
  7. Passing up the chance to buy more plugins... Ed - are you ok? 😁
  8. You know - you can still stick around even if you decide to use to another DAW 😜
  9. antler


    Great song Barry. Some great vocal harmonies in the chorus and a smoking guitar solo!
  10. antler

    Symphonic Destruction

    Thanks again for listening everyone! I didn't even make runner-up, but that's ok: it was both fun and a learning experience to score the trailer.
  11. antler

    Symphonic Destruction

    It doesn't at all; it's actually mostly 8Dio libraries. That's ok though - all instruments were permitted. I only did the soundtrack - the video was Heavyocity's, which they used for their official trailer.
  12. Great song, Philip. There's a classic vibe about this one, and I love how the drums mimic the sound of riding on a train.
  13. antler

    Harp and Flute

    Hi Tim. While this piece was 9.5 minutes long, it didn't feel like it to me. Sounded elegant, and well thought through.
  14. antler

    Before The Throne

    I enjoyed this; I really like the bright and airy/shimmery atmosphere in this piece.
  15. antler


    Great tune - I like the groovy baseline and the rhythm that keeps you on your toes.
  16. I like Revelation - it's really inspirational, and its synth elements manage to transform static chords into something that subtly shimmers. It features quite prominently in my scoring competition entry here
  17. No WUP though (thank goodness)
  18. A beautiful song, Rex - well done!
  19. antler

    Aren't You Cold

    Love it, Jack - you've got some really creative stuff against that groove!
  20. A mesmerising video - well done! Did you create the video first, and then score it; or put the video to music?
  21. The trailer feels very "Apple"
  22. Just curious - was it that there were some developers that didn't have a sale, or that the discount wasn't steep enough?
  23. antler

    Symphonic Destruction

    Thanks for the vote of confidence - fingers crossed!
  24. antler

    Symphonic Destruction

    Thanks for taking the time to listen everyone!
  25. Very nice - the guitar delays give a very open feel to the piece. I like it!
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