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  1. https://heavyocity.com/product/fury/ Scroll down a little; there's a section headed TAKE A TEST DRIVE
  2. https://www.anwida.com/ No idea how long the sale lasts
  3. Sorry, my bad - I used the words Update and Upgrade interchangeably; they have specific meanings for Studio One (and Komplete, and maybe some other titles)
  4. I've only ever seen Komplete discounted 50% once for new users. Usually, it's only upgrades that are discounted. Some United Plugins plugins have the deepest discount at their intro price, e.g. Voxessor
  5. It should work if you do the steps that Jeff and Yan mentioned. Register new products is for registering brand new products, rather than upgrading - or at least in the case of Studio One.
  6. And also a pain that some plugin installers install ProTools formats to clutter up my drive.
  7. Possibly it means it needs an iLok account, but not necessarily a dongle?
  8. Corel's a bit tricky with their marketing. I get emails (and desktop popups ) all the time with discounts ranging from 10% to 30%. About once a year (at a random time), they used to do a 50% sale - it'd also be there if you buy from within the Painter app, rather than the website.
  9. I like the sound of 8Dio's strings - I think my biggest gripe might be loading time.
  10. antler

    Sonixinema Sirens

    SIRENS Solo Vocal Textures Immerse yourself in the world of contemporary vocals with this vast collection of evolving and percussive vocal textures, inspired by mythological Sirens. The library is performed by virtuoso soprano, Grace Davidson, who is known for her work on over 200 film soundtracks, and her collaborations with legendary composers such as Max Richter and Eric Whitacre. Built for the free Kontakt Player, this library has a wonderfully compelling and intimate sound which is perfect for capturing a modern cinematic sound world. It features a shallow and depth slider which allows you to transform and twist the performance into a whole new dimension. Our custom user interface was carefully designed to be both intuitive and inspiring, allowing you to warp and shape your sound with filters, reverbs, distortion and much more. THIS LIBRARY WORKS IN THE FREE KONTAKT PLAYER AND IS NKS COMPATIBLE SAVE 30% UNTIL OCTOBER 12TH AT 11:59 BST https://sonixinema.com/products/sirens
  11. antler

    AudioThing Dials

    Dials Test Equipment Channel Strip Dials is a detailed digital translation of a unique combination of 1950s electronic music hardware from composer and YouTuber Hainbach’s studio. It is made with the rich sound and experimental spirit of early electronic music studios in mind. https://www.audiothing.net/effects/dials/ There's also a bundle featuring all of the plugins AudioThing made with Hainbach. Discounts available if you own any of the plugins in the bundle. https://www.audiothing.net/bundle/hainpack/
  12. For anyone doing video, I think I saw a new video track
  13. Don't forget about: Action Strings 2 Ashlight Piano Colors
  14. I think I ran into this installing one of iZotope's earlier (non-Soundwide) bundles. If it's the same issue, it's caused by the install path having a space in it: it interprets anything after a space to be a command line switch.
  15. It'll look something like this in Native Access Kontakt Factory Selection is a cutdown version
  16. Very cool - I do love the GEM series. The three that practically go on all my mixes are: Comp76FET Comp LA Dopamine
  17. If you don't mind me asking, what type of music do you write?
  18. It is indeed. When finishing a song I always use insight as it helps me target -14 LUFS Integrated (average over the whole song) among other measurements. But also, Tonal Balance is fantastic for getting a balanced sound - trying to get your song to fit inside the target envelope is quite challenging though! I also love the maximizer and stereo widener modules from Ozone Advanced too!
  19. Nothing wrong with that. For me it started off with presets, then wanting to tweak the sounds to fit, and then deciding I should have a go. Most of the sounds in preset packs sound better than what I can make - curiosity just got the better of me.
  20. Agree with you there. Patch creation was always something I said I'd get to 'one day' but never did. Then fairly recently I decided it was something I had to do, having bought Phase Plant. I found getting started quite difficult, and the animated UIs definitely helped me. Same with Pigments - lots going on, so the animations really help. I can't comment about Vital as I've not looked at it, but it seems very cool. (I know there's a free version; does anyone know if the other tiers ever go on sale?) As far as the other tools I mentioned go, I had FabFilter in mind, as well as iZotope's Insight and Tonal Balance.
  21. I'd say in some cases that a 'flashy' UI can make a plugin easier to use, e.g. when you're programming a synth patch It can be helpful to see where you are on the ADSR envelope in real time as you play the note (helps someone understand the concept better too) Animating the LFOs can help you see what's going on with the sound you're shaping It's helpful to see which frame in a wavetable you're on and how quickly the frame transitions If you're morphing oscillator waveform e.g. between square and sine, it's useful to see what the shape is With a compressor/limiter, it's helpful to see before/after of the waveform as well as the compression level graph (or gain reduction meter) to see if you're hitting the threshold With EQs the analyser is useful to see if there are any spikes in your signal, as well as seeing the results of boosting/cutting. Realtime feedback on a goniometer is useful when checking for phase compatibility, though you can do this by flipping to mono I know they say mix with your ears, but sometimes it's useful to have a visual indicator too - especially if someone doesn't have perfect hearing
  22. Screenshot from the help page: If you buy something to get the freebie, the item you buy counts as a "new paid purchase", so yeah - that works
  23. Just a heads-up: I just logged into my PB account. It might be that I've not been very observant in the past, but I've just noticed that Virtual Cash now has a one-year expiry timeout. According to the help page, buying something will add to your virtual cash (as before) and reset the timer back to 365 days.
  24. antler

    In Session Audio Sale

    Fluid Harmonics is one of their older instruments, but it's pretty cool. Here's a quick tune I did using it (and Shimmer Shake Strike)
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