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  1. I did do the whole VST scan and checked it over and over and I did also download all the add-ons but nothing seems to work out. I think something's wrong with my computer in general. I tried to use other DAWs but they showed the exact same problem. But thank you guys for the help.
  2. I went to the VST scan and fount c:/program files/cakewalk/vstplugins and c:/program files/common files/vst3. It should function normally if I have those right? But it still doesn't work for me.
  3. I don't think I did the VST scan thing. How do I do it?
  4. Hello, I just downloaded the cakewalk DAW by following the youtube tutorials and as the video said, I tried to add an instrument but it only showed me the "Cakewalk TTS-1" and nothing else. I searched up why this is happening but non of the solution that was suggested from the internet worked. I did install the add ons, I did check the cakewalk plugin manager and I deleted and redownloaded the DAW 3 times and even made 2 new accounts and it still has the same problem. I noticed that on the plugins menu, the instrument section only shows Cakewalk TTS-1. Why is this happening and how can I solve this? Thanks.
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