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  1.   I have started on my first ever 40 channel mix.
    I will post all revisions and how the mix has developed below... I reckon there will be quite a few!!
    Could I have your opinions please?

    Thanks you for your ears and advice.

    Dry tracks as received.. nothing added etc.  All tracks where mono.

    First Mix.  The original tracks are recorded well (bought from on online streaming coarse)

    Now remixed again and smashed 🙂

    Mix 3 BandLab Mastered

    Corrects LUFS

    Call and response as advised by deeringamps.

    Think I am nearly there now...  Mix 5
    Any suggestions appreciated.

    Billy Decker Professional Mix...  I have not altered anything.


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  2. It was a great exercise..  I don't know much about guitar tones.. nor can I replicate Tom Petty stuff.
    I have never listened to him, but know many are influenced by his records.
    Looking back now I see that the mix isn't very well balanced panning wise.
    But when you are caught up in something its so easy to miss.

    In the mix I had a lot of busses set up.. which caused me panning problems in the end.. so I have learnt from that.
    I did start the mix in mono.. so when it sounds ok there with eq and you can hear instruments.. then you are halfway there.
    But it takes some discipline not to touch the pan knobs  🙂

    I would have loved for someone to program a better drum track.. I reckon that would take the song up another level.

    All in all it was a great experience and learning curve for sure.
    Thanks for sharing the project and stems.. very much appreciated.

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  3. 3 minutes ago, Douglas Kirby said:

    That's an impressive live performance - and I thought the mix sounds quite good - despite the difficulties you described  with mixing live performances- well done.

    Thanks Douglas for taking the time to listen.

  4. Quote

    To fill that 8hz hole back in, I duplicated the Woodcester track with a Noire felt, which also brought along some bass sustains that were pretty cool.

    I recognised the Noire as I have that...  but dint know how you got you "pianos" to sound that way and couldn't work it out!
    I would never have thought about blending 3.. learnt something new today  🙂

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  5. Very nice Tom.
    Beautiful... sounds great on my Focals.
    Which felt piano is that?
    I also recognise some of the samples.

    I live in Norway so no all about winter in fact I haven't been in long as I have been snow ploughing.

  6. 7 hours ago, Kevin Walsh said:

    Wow, great sound with a fantastic talent. The clarity is really something, nice work!

    Thanks for taking the time to listen and comment Kevin.

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