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  1. @DeeringAmps Thanks for your ears
  2. I have an Apollo 8xp and I dont have anything between it to add stuff.. just use eq and hardware emulations with the Apollo. If you listen to modern records they are very dry and almost around only 5 instruments max. The Vocal is smashed, so also with the snare and kick. What Im saying is I cant make my mixes sound dry... I seem naturally add more verb/room etc. This is more pleaseing to my ear.. Im 58 and remember the sounds.. that was when verb was all over everything. I cant seem to break that sound in my head. Glad to hear the ears have cleared. Now Im going to work on the call and response as suggested in a previous post and work more with automation. Does anyone know a shortcut to delete all automation from tracks? Was trying to find it yesterday... had to do each one singular .
  3. Thanks for replying and listening. Mix 2 was my own Master 1st try. Mix 3 was how Bandlab mastered it after I put it through my Master Chain. Mix 4 was not put through any Mastering chain,
  4. @SupaReels you think your ears are smashed...lol Ive added the dry tracks I received to the post.. just as is. I also thought a brighter smashed sound really gave the song energy (Im not singing on this). When I was mixing vs three I was bouncing in my chair... I think that's a good sign . Kick, Snare and tom are samples blended in with original drums.. (used trigger) The mixes have different panning choices and volume levels on vocals and backing vocals, and guitars as well as the fiddle. I brought the fiddle up as suggested.. No matter how hard I try I cant get a dry sound. What I mean by this is that I seem to have more room and a more of a live sound. The tracks where completely dry. The only thing I can put this down to is being a live sound engineer for a while πŸ™‚ Mix 4 was done at correct LUFS.. but it just doesn't have that bounce that I wanted,, but I posted here for peoples opinions. So there are 4 different mixes... which are all different. The instrumental shows all of the instruments and I hope they can all be heard clearly. It was a blast doing this project and a great learning curve.
  5. Mix 4.. with better LUFs .. not so smashed.
  6. OK... another mix added... too smashed... lol. Need a break.. Come again tomorrow... add the suggestions a few made..
  7. Thanks.. there is a lot more to do πŸ™‚
  8. Thanks guys... I'll look at it again tomorrow as my ears are shot now πŸ™‚
  9. I have started on my first ever 40 channel mix. I will post all revisions and how the mix has developed below... I reckon there will be quite a few!! Could I have your opinions please? Thanks you for your ears and advice. Dry tracks as received.. nothing added etc. All tracks where mono. First Mix. The original tracks are recorded well (bought from on online streaming coarse) Now remixed again and smashed πŸ™‚ Mix 3 BandLab Mastered Corrects LUFS Call and response as advised by deeringamps.
  10. garybrun

    oct26 funk

    Funky! Look forward to the album.. I will be the first in line to buy it.
  11. garybrun

    Ocean Blvd.

    Big improvement Kurt. Very nice.
  12. Do you have their notation software?
  13. garybrun

    Gonna Be Alright

    Me like πŸ™‚
  14. I agree with muffled.. was mastered with less highs by cloudbounce. At first I thought there was too much highs and got the system to add warmth and reduce highs. You also listening to a small mp3
  15. It was a great exercise.. I don't know much about guitar tones.. nor can I replicate Tom Petty stuff. I have never listened to him, but know many are influenced by his records. Looking back now I see that the mix isn't very well balanced panning wise. But when you are caught up in something its so easy to miss. In the mix I had a lot of busses set up.. which caused me panning problems in the end.. so I have learnt from that. I did start the mix in mono.. so when it sounds ok there with eq and you can hear instruments.. then you are halfway there. But it takes some discipline not to touch the pan knobs πŸ™‚ I would have loved for someone to program a better drum track.. I reckon that would take the song up another level. All in all it was a great experience and learning curve for sure. Thanks for sharing the project and stems.. very much appreciated.
  16. Thats one classy drummer.. Nice panning.. guitar player aint bad too πŸ™‚
  17. Listening again on my IEMs while my wife is having some tests at the hospital. beautiful track and the mix is excellent. i don’t know how it could be improved.
  18. Beautiful Tim. We all paint very different pictures... I believe it would sound even better with less reverb.
  19. garybrun


    Thanks Douglas for taking the time to listen.
  20. Happy New Year. Looking forward to the untold stories and melodies.
  21. Loved it Miles. Been there... done that. Loved the shaker πŸ™‚
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