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    mix setup #1

    I dont think you are far off.. but it takes a lot to hear the sonics with critical listening when the guitar is pushed to loud.
  2. garybrun

    Mysteries of Time

    Very nice and soothing. Well done.
  3. garybrun

    My Message For GOD

    I would boost you vocal a little more so your message cuts through.
  4. Hi Barry. You have a great talent for story telling. You also have in my opinion a lovely voice to express the story telling. I used to work as a proff singer years ago... you have the voice mate.. Sometimes its the story and the way it is sung.. sometimes pitch/or lack off doesnt make a song. People rave about bob Dylan... I don't like his voice at all... but his songs are fantastic. When people pay to see an artist they expect a very different standard and also modern music today is in my opinion too much in tune and in time that many songs dont breathe or move (groove). Please dont knock yourself back with feeling you have to be dead on pitch... you will loose Barry... becasue Barry will try and be something his uniqueness will prevent. hope you understand what I mean. Imperfections can make a great track!
  5. Just bought this to see... Works well. Cakewalk Stream Deck Plugin
  6. Add a little click to the kick.. it believe it will cut through with the added sound... just my thought.
  7. When I mix live bands Barry I always put extra verb in the IEMs for the singers.,, your brain needs space. It helps keep on pitch.. maybe this will help you.
  8. I haven't watched the video yet. Always listen first....Listening on my Focal Trio's Wasn't expecting phasor/flange on crash cymbals... made me smile. Nice choice of verb... really gave the distance of space feel. 3.57 Woodblock panning... very nice 🙂 4.46 Glass breaking... sounded like the guitar was throwing a paddy/pissed off! lol 5:58 Loved the Lead.. cuts through nicely. Very nice mixing with spacial awareness teasing me with reverb and delay. Mix even stands up well in mono on my avantones Very clever video... It is how I imagined it to be at the start without seeing it... pretty cool. In fact I turned this track up loud... sounds great. Well done Tom.. Only comment I would make for my taste would be a little click on the kick.. I cant fault this work mate. Thanks for the Aural Journey!
  9. That is the business. Beautiful tones. Something to be proud of!
  10. Very nice melody. as people have said the guitar is thin (lacks tone and sounds tinny). Great effort.
  11. I find the Slate VSX very good. really pleased with the system. I could not justify a $4000 plus headphones as I have excellent monitors and the Avantones. The Slate model of the Avantones is spot on too.
  12. garybrun


    I can find no criticism on this Mark at all. (listened to it 4 times) 🙂 It sounds amazing and you've painted a fantastic audio canvas and as nynekker pointed out it sounds "like a live combo act". I thought the violin was a steel guitar... shows how much I know lol.
  13. here comes Jessie... Little more melodic than I'm used to from you mate.
  14. My comment would bring the vocals more forward... Great rocker.
  15. garybrun


    Very nice. love the guitar tones.
  16. I think this is brilliant Tom. You've nailed it. Ear Candy!
  17. Thank you Douglas
  18. Thank you for taking the time to listen.
  19. garybrun

    Folly Beach

    Very nice. Sounded great on my Focals.
  20. garybrun

    Minor twist

    Very nice Makke and great tone.
  21. Very nice... Nice spatial feeling. Well produce for sure.
  22. garybrun

    On Off World

    Very clever... Nice low end. We all paint different pictures... Could be a little more "crispy" for me. Steven Slate plugin "Fresh" would have brought it out Im sure.
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