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    There Before

    Translates good here on my Focals. Very nice mix and love the vocals. Well done.
  2. garybrun

    Return Ticket

    Very nice! 🙂 Years ago I mixed a band called Mr Thing and the Human Beings here in Norway (1990's)
  3. garybrun

    Dig Summer

    I Liked this. somehow... showing my age... but one of my first concerts was H20 by Daryl Hall and John Oats. Why does it remind me a little of that??? Dont knock your singing,.,, I thought it was OK.
  4. garybrun

    Forum members /home country ?

    Kråkstad, Norway (35km outside of Oslo) It is a very simple code for the forum people to add to the profile section and then bring over the country flag.
  5. garybrun

    One More Day - Video

    Thanks for all the comments on the song. Here is the video and re-mastered.
  6. garybrun

    Do Not Let them Suck Your Brains Out

    Grey Matter Matters.. love it! 🙂
  7. garybrun

    Where Are You Going My Little One?

    HI Bjørn. I could relate to that.. and loved it. Great to hear your voice upfront... now just bring the instruments a little bit more upfront 🙂
  8. garybrun

    One More Day - Video

    Thanks for listening Harry C. I know the guys are well pleased with the feedback we are getting.
  9. garybrun


    OK John. These are my opinions only... but they are honest. You have really got to snap out of this "Im not good enough crap" because all you will do is alienate the very people who want to listen to your music and wont bother commenting because they are afraid of offending you.. or you'll just end up with people blowing smoke up your ***** just to make you feel happy! Anyway... "There, I've said it! Now that I got it off my chest, maybe I'll feel better". Gary
  10. garybrun

    One More Day - Video

    Thanks for taking the time to listen Rik. Appreciated.
  11. garybrun

    This Song Sucks (SARCASM) So Bad it will CHAFE ur LIPPERS

    If I can be honest... When I first started to hear you music Jessie... it used to make me cringe,, I just didn't get it! But now... when I see you post and look forward to listening.. there is something about your art that just makes me smile.
  12. garybrun

    Run With You

    I agree... that it reminded me of the Beach Boys.. must be that reverb! 🙂
  13. garybrun

    One More Day - Video

    Thanks for taking the time to watch and listen. We are proud of our collaboration ... well I am anyway! lol
  14. garybrun

    One More Day - Video

    Thanks for taking to the time to watch and listen!
  15. garybrun

    Sweetwater IMSTA FESTA ATL Software Deals

    I don't think that is a fair statement to be honest. I have been with Cakewalk since day one... and its amazing on how the software has developed over the years.. and now its even free!
  16. garybrun

    Sweetwater IMSTA FESTA ATL Software Deals

    I know they stopped selling Antelope equipment.. heard it was because of poor customer service. I dont live in the USA but I must say that I am very pleased with my Orion Studio.
  17. garybrun

    End Game

    Very nice. I can hear your mix changes from the previous version. You have some amazing mixing skills there my friend!
  18. garybrun

    Down By Where the River Flows

    Great voice. Little bit of Springsteen in there 🙂 Piano more forward and the vocal more forward. (we all paint a different picture) I believe a compressor might help a little.. its only when you go down in your bass tone that sometimes I have to listen closely to what you are singing.
  19. garybrun

    End Game

    Very nice track and the mix in my opinion is spot on. Love the trumpet (thats my instrument)
  20. garybrun

    Little Annie Fannie

    I love this kind of music.
  21. garybrun

    One More Day - Video

    thanks for listening and watching Freddy
  22. garybrun

    Old Audio Tape and photos slide show

    I thought that was brilliant
  23. garybrun

    One More Day - Video

    Thank you. We had discussed redoing it.
  24. garybrun

    Missing You, popper

    Hey... no problem. i didn’t mean to criticize your mixing abilities... I thought it was a good track.
  25. The last few days I have been working on one of Grems original songs as I was invited too collaborate on this amazing song. In all honestly it is one of the most beautiful I have heard in a long time and was honoured. Im sure Grem will chime in on the back story of the song - terminal illness 😞 This is a mix down and I would value your opinions on the vocal and mix and is a work in progress and asked Grem if if I could ask you all for opinions. Thanks In advance as always.