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  1. I have altiverb and ultraverb... if you would like to send the stems.. I could have a go
  2. garybrun

    Mondo Lynn

    Very nice instrumental and mix.
  3. garybrun

    This Love

    Nice song Rex and well sung. Guitar mix was very clear. I found the drums to be a little on the flat side. well done.
  4. I listened to this again this morning, Lots of ear candy. Great mixing skills and sounds fantastic on my Focal trios. In fact I turned it up and was jigging away in my room 🙂
  5. I liked this a lot. Beautiful and well arranged. If you have any lyrics I would love to have ago singing on this one. Well done... you should be proud of this one.
  6. garybrun

    Cool Water

    Very nice and well mixed. Excellent vocals and guitar playing. No critic from me for this one. Well done.
  7. garybrun

    This Is Your Life

    Nice track and well mixed on the vocals. Would like to hear more of the harmonies. In my head I believe this track could sound bigger. Great song and great demo. Well done.
  8. garybrun

    Tiny Squares

    I liked this... clever lyrics and has a lot of potential. I agree with the comment on LCR mix. Nice job. Gary
  9. Another Jesse special. R2D2 gets his pocket picked 🙂
  10. Thanks Andy for the listen. I always take all of the advice on board and I am very appreciative of it too. I have learnt so much here over the years.
  11. Thanks Daryl. How does it sound on the Soundcloud update at the bottom?
  12. HI Lynn. Thanks for taking the time to listen and for the extremely kind comments. If you look back on my work a few years ago the improvement has come with feedback from the good members of this forum, so those comments are high praise indeed. Most of my work has been in "live sound" so the crossover has not been that difficult. Once again thank you. For those who are just starting... there is a lot of information on here from good and talented people. Whom mean well and are willing to help you hone this amazing craft. I myself take all the criticism and suggestions I can take as too get better. I look forward to watching and hearing how we all develop. God Bless, Gary
  13. I have tried to implement your suggestion Tom. Thoughts please? http://www.garybrun.com/wedding/em_modified.wav If anybody would like to have ago here are the original tracks with nothing added. http://www.garybrun.com/wedding/tracks.zip I find piano really hard to mix.
  14. Thanks a lot Tom. Will look at it again and check compression and post another for you evaluation. I must say I really appreciate this site and learn a lot.
  15. Thank you for taking the time to listen.
  16. Thanks for that... I have de-essed both of the files the best I could.
  17. I am working on a recording off my daughter and son who played at a wedding. (proud dad) But I can not seem to get the de-ess correct without taking away from the vocal. Here are two versions... a little dryer mix. http://www.garybrun.com/wedding/dry.wav Http://www.garybrun.com/wedding/remember.wav more ambiance. Thanks in advance people. New mix with peoples suggestions. Gary
  18. Very nice. I can hear the snow falling... (I live in the land of snow) 🙂 Would make a great backing track for a scene of a movie.
  19. Thanks guys for watching and listening. Appreciated.
  20. Very nice composition and beautiful images.
  21. garybrun

    Lucid Dream

    Beautiful piece of music. Very nice. I would lower personally the strings in some parts a little to let the piano and others cut through a little more.
  22. Sorry but the link doesnt work for me.
  23. Nice dance track and a clean mix. I work mostly with video and this would make a great technological backing track for corporate use.
  24. garybrun


    Great song. I agree a Phil Collins style vocal. The vocal is a little bright on my Focals... but it doesnt take away from a great song.
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