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  1. Just had to say well done on your theme. Looks great and many thanks for taking the time to make it. Appreciated. Gary
  2. Dont worry mate... you have some good stuff there. Mine is just a fancy desk 🙂
  3. Just lock the thread!! This has become very childish and does not represent the many members of this DESTINGUISHED forum!!
  4. Its not that neat... look at the cable mess below the desk... that helps me be creative 🙂
  5. I have been a member of this Cakewalk for decades and have always found the forums to be a very friendly place. Once in this time I have had a problem with someone and tried to take it up on PM for quite a while.. and in the end it got completely out of hand as being abusive etc. It turned out the said person saw he was a problem and resigned. Good for him and have great appreciation of his stance. I have built and run internet forums... some with over 25000 members... you are always going to get some misunderstandings. Thats just how it is, along with communication problems in written word, beliefs, politics etc. etc. We are guests in somebodies home (this case Bandlab) and we should show respect and abide by the rules that are given. I personally dont buy the "free speech" thing when its a private forum. We signed up and we agreed to THEIR Terms and Conditions. SO.. in plain English... suck it up or leave!
  6. Your are more than welcome mate. This is the company for those whom may be interested. https://www.studiodesk.net/
  7. Thanks mate. I have owned a lot of things in my 57 years on this planet... but nothing has brought so much joy and excitement as this!!
  8. The guitars are in the other room. 🙂
  9. I have now installed my new desk and chair... Just cable management to go and waiting on the speaker decouplers.
  10. and a smiley face back! 100% Jessie!!
  11. Do they act as diffusers though those egg crates??
  12. The wave file is literally like a wave... no problem at all. Yup... I am hard to follow sometimes 🙂
  13. Old Chinese proverb! Man with hole in pocket can count to eleven!
  14. garybrun


    Very nice Mark. You musicianship is great mate.. We all paint different pictures... to me I would like to hear a warmer sound!! Cant explain what I mean though.
  15. We all paint different pictures.. But to me there seems to be a lot of compression on the percussion and keys... or comes across that way anyway. (levels don't change) and pull up the volume on the lead guitar! Give it a bass part and it will kick *****!!
  16. such an impressive chord progression
  17. garybrun

    Home & Love

    HI Jerry... well done. To me... little medieval with a touch of Disney!! Female vocal was really good... I think (just my opinion) with a male vocal added also would really make the song hit the top shelf. Seriously well done mate... a composition to be proud off.
  18. Look at the wave file picture.... mmm. did the creator create the dark hole or the dark hole create the creator?? Did Adam and Eve have bellybuttons*??
  19. Nice. I liked it.... For my taste I think the snare is a little low.
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