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  1. Quick update: not sure what I did, but have finally managed to get it working! Just went to double check the function keys I'd tried before and when I opened CW, bluetooth wouldn't connect (it kept appearing on/off in Windows settings). I then removed the device, re-added, re-selected in CW and voila! My piano and MIDI days are here again! 🎉☺️
  2. Thanks both. Quick recap: Can't see if bluetooth is enabled on the keyboard It appears to be connected in the windows notification area It is showing and selected in Cakewalk (preferences/devices) It is showing in the MIDI track strip Selected as input in same area (Input = FP30 - Bluetooth MIDI in) - Omni Output selected as MS GS Wavetable Synth Have attached some screenshots in case that helps! Only other thing I have seen online is that I might need to specifically set the keyboard to Bluetooth MIDI and/or a specific channel? Just feels I must be missing something very simple (or have changed a key default setting somewhere). Thanks again.
  3. Thanks Eddie. Somehow my FP-30 is now showing up and can be selected in Cakewalk - yay! For some reason though, when I've armed the track, hit record and play the keyboard nothing seems to be captured in the software Admittedly it's been a VERY long time since I last did this, but hoping I'm missing something obvious? Is there any way for me to simply test it's working? PS once Cakewalk is open, FP-30 is now showing as connected in Windows Bluetooth settings Thanks again.
  4. Thanks both. In that case, don't suppose either of you know how I would actually connect my FP-30 to cakewalk via Bluetooth? I could get a MIDI/USB dongle but I'd really rather not have more cables if I can help it (and there's no negative impact)? Thanks again.
  5. Hi. It's been a very long time since I made any music using my old FATAR keyboard and the original Cakewalk, so was incredibly excited to discover it is now part of the amazing BandLab - meaning I have at least already been able to relisten to my old wrk demo tracks (although not all as they should be, so another challenge there soon.. ) Anyway, I was hoping to connect my FP-30 to Cakewalk on my laptop via Bluetooth, avoiding the cables of yore. Simple with modern tech, right..? Hmm... Step 1: Bluetooth enabled on my keyboard and paired with my laptop - simples! Step 2: Open software and hit record... Not so simple.. 🤔 Question: How do I get the software to see and capture MIDI events, so I can start recording/playing around with what I play on the keyboard? Problem: As far as I can see, the key issue here is lack of any MIDI devices in preferences Any help, much appreciated! Thanks.
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