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  1. And just to clarify, I do not want to alter the tempo of the project, it is important that the tempo is steady throughout the song. I only want to do a gradual tempo change (decelerating, or accelerating) on the MIDI notes on one MIDI track only. I do not want to evenly drag out the MIDI clip to adjust tempo. I want to "warp" it so the beginning of the clip stays the same, and the further away you get from the first note in the MIDI clip, the longer space between the notes, thus creating a deceleration effect. And the same thing the other way around, for accelerating.
  2. I mean like the "Mutli tool" does for Reaper, a script that can warp the midi notes, like this: Source: https://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=176878
  3. I want the melody slowing down gradually, not by altering the project's tempo, but rather having the midi notes moved apart accordingly.
  4. Yes, but that only drags everything apart. I need deceleration, and/or acceleration.
  5. I just edited my original post with a more comprehensible explanation. And of course I would like to have this done perfectly mathematically calculated. I know I can move apart the notes myself but not only it would be very time consuming, it wouldn't be too exact either, not without calculating every position beforehand.
  6. Is there a plugin for accelerating and/or decelerating MIDI? So the individual notes are moved? With other words NOT a project tempo change with the tempo editor/tempo track. Lets say the MIDI notes looks like this in the beginning: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . And I want them to look like this: .... . . . . . . . . . . . . With other words decelerating, the notes gradually pulled apart farther and farther way. And for accelerating it would obviously be the opposite, the notes gradually moved closer and closer together. Is there a way to do this at all in Cakewalk?
  7. Now THIS man, this right here is the clear winner! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Exactly what I was looking for! 👍
  8. Thank you! That solved the problem! Although a bit more work than I hoped for. There's no way to add the clip gain option to the right click menu? (Changing the edit filter will do that for the entire track instead of only the clip I want to adjust). I'm however glad that there's at least an option to adjust gain
  9. Ohhhh!! Hahaha, man, why didn't I think of that Of course, you're correct! However, editing the freeze options was even better, then I don't need to drag the clip edges at all, as it will all be automated after I've set up the desired tail length and enabled silence removal and so forth Thanks anyway mate!
  10. Is there a "Per clip" lossless volume adjustment? When I right click an audio clip, I cannot find an option for volume adjustment for that particular clip. I do not want to adjust the entire track volume, but only lower the volume on one clip. Also, I rather not use Process>Apply Effect>Gain, because that will "permanently" change the audio clip volume. Volume automation track adjustment is not really an option either, as it would alter the volume for the entire track no matter how many clips that's overlapping. Is there a way to adjust the volume on "per audio clip" basis?
  11. Fantastic man! Thanks alot! This was EXACTLY what I was looking for! Perfect!
  12. Thanks scook! Dragging the clip edge only extends silence, and not any actual recording, unfortunately. But the Freeze option settings recommended just above solved my problem!
  13. I can't find the setting for the "Freeze Synth" tail length. With other words for how long it will record after the last note has stopped. The best would be if it automatically recorded until total silence from the VSTi, but it doesn't. And I can't find any setting for this. The thing is that every time there is a long reverb or delay on a synth I try to freeze, the audio clip is just cut before the reverb or delay is finished. A way to solve this is to put another note or anything long after the last note that one want to keep, freeze the track and then just cut the audio. However this is unnecessarily time consuming and should be done automatically by the DAW. Any ideas?
  14. 1. For now, Mute always takes precedence over Solo, but that is not always preferred. It would be very handy to have the option to have Solo precedence over Mute, if needed. 2. If one accidentally press the "all tracks"-Mute, all the muted tracks are unmuted. Unfortunately CTRL+Z (UNDO) does not work to restore the previous state, which means one will have a nightmare remembering which tracks were muted and which not. It would be very handy to: A. be able to save and recall the state of Mute/Solo buttons (but especially the Mute state) B. be able to have some undo option for accidental Mute state changes (and perhaps other state changes too) And of course in addition to a previous request of a (now missing) MUTE-button in the VSTi window header:
  15. There is already a Solo button in the VSTi window header. Please also add the Mute button, which would do a lot for those who need to momentarily mute a VSTi, without having to go to track view and search for the right track, among maybe many many tracks, to find the right track to mute. Thank you! Example (I added a mute button in Photoshop, just to see what it could look like):
  16. Tried that. Didn't work. On one disk, it's not getting a 8.3 file name no matter what I do.
  17. I did a Photoshop edit on this and added a [ M ] mute button. Would this really be so bad? And as you can see, there's already a Solo button, not to mention an automation Read and automation Write button. A mute button in addition wouldn't hurt.
  18. I'm not sure you understand what I mean. When you have a VSTi open, an instrument, a synth. You might be working with it and thus you might want to be able to both mute it or solo it, without having to scroll and search for its track in track view. There already is a Solo button, why not a Mute button? This is making it quite clear we're talking about different things here and I'm not sure what you're talking about. Once again, I'm talking about the VSTi window. Let's say you have Serum in a window. You're working on it and you play the track to hear everything with Serum. Then you might solo it to hear it solo. But then you might want to hear everything else EXCEPT the synth, thus you'd like to mute it, but you can't from there. So you'll have to go and look for its track and mute it there. Why would people wonder there's no sound? They would clearly see in the track view that a track is muted. If you mute the VSTi in the VSTi window, it would be equal to press the mute button in track view, just as VSTi "Solo" works. It's not like you mute the VSTi inside the VSTi and then it's not indicated as muted in track view, no. If you mute it in the VSTi window, it's being muted in track view too. That is exactly how Solo works today. There's a solo button and if you press it, its being solo:ed in track view to, of course. It's just being soloed, thats it. And it would be great to have a mute button there as well. If you think a mute button would be a bad idea, then I guess you find the already present solo button to be a bad feature and want it gone too?
  19. I was thinking of VSTi's as in VST Instruments, but the same would of course be applicable to FX VST's. You mean it's not possible to display the mute button? Oh man... In that case the developers really need to add one. I see it as a very basic future to quickly be able to mute the synth you're working with, without the need to look for it among the tracks or in the mixer to mute it. There's a solo button, which is very good and as it supposed to be. But why no mute button? It is just as important! To the developers: PLEASE add the mute button in the VSTi windows upper right corner just where the solo button is! Thank you!
  20. When you have a VSTi open there is a Solo [ S ], an Automation read [R] and an Automation write [W] button, in the upper right corner of the window. But where on earth is the [M] mute button (which is used "all the time" by many users)? Where in the preferences do I enable it? Hell, I could even see a [*] Record button there for certain cases. I've looked everywhere in the preferences AFAIK. Anyone who knows where I can find and enable it?
  21. Changing the plugin dll file name doesn't do anything here either. However, different 8.3 file names does. So this seems only be affecting the 8.3 file name part. Unfortunately, that cannot easilly be detected in Windows explorer by default and the user would need to have deeper knowledge about what to look for and how to check it. I guess many users have struggled with that and finally just scrapped the whole automation and built it up again. But that's not really an ideal option, so lets hope it can be fixed! I'm not sure how other DAWs handle this but I've not experienced this before. I don't know if that is because other DAWs are handling the issue differently or because there simply have not been situations in my case with 8.3 file names being changed. At least now I know a workaround. Not the most ideal sort, but at least it works with not too much effort. It'll be a hell though, when I need to open other projects which will be looking for the other 8.3 file names, then it'll start all over again 😟
  22. Tried that, didn't work. It seems to be some central setting so the 8.3 file name is added no matter how I move it back and forth. And the same thing when moving it around in the other location, where the file does not have a 8.3 name, then it stays that way. Another problem is however that it doesn't matter really what setting one choses 8.3 or not. If a Cakewalk project is already created with a VSTi with a certain dll file setting (either 8.3 on or off), that is it. Then I guess the entire project will have to be finished that way. I'm not sure if that could be corrected inside the project somehow. To somehow saving the automation data/project file. Then after that correct the 8.3 naming problem, and THEN continue on the project like nothing happened. I guess that's not possible. So if the affected user have different projects using the different named (8.3 or not) plugin dll files, that user will have to continue to use the same file settings as long as he is working on the project and as long as he needs to reopen it. That's bad news I'm afraid
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