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  1. @Noel Borthwick and @Jonathan Sasor First of all, thank you for fixing the friendly naming by mono channel!! At least naming can now be separated by the "|" sign so Left and Right channels can be kept apart. This was a huge positive change! Now, to my very important question, that many, many users are still asking them selves: Why does the physical input and output channels NOT appear in Cakewalk as they do in every other DAW? No matter which other DAW we use, input channel 1 will be displayed as a mono channel, named 1. Channel 2 as 2, 3 as 3, and so forth. In Cakewalk these are paired in stereo as 1+2, 3+4, 5+6 and so forth. Why? Why is it not possible to list them in the driver list as MONO channels, just like every other DAW does? I cannot understand this. The question is highly relevant, as most music producers very well know often only mono channels are used for many types of hardware synths. There are tons of mono-output hardware synths with only one single mono output. Not every synth have a stereo out, and even if they do, many times only the mono(often the L channel) is used for recording for various reasons. Because of this, the best would be to list every physical in- and output channels of the audio interfaces just like they are. Input 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and so on, separately. The same for the outputs. And THEN let the users "friendly name" them separately as they want. It is very easy to friendly name channel 3 to Virus TI2 Left and channel 4 to Virus T2 Right, if needed, for example. It is much more problematic to take a 3-4 grouped channel and separate it later. And if some users really liked the channels grouped as 1-2, 3-4 and so forth, then let them chose it by enabling it if they need. But PLEASE do separate the physical channels in the AUDIO settings so they display as they are, just like in other DAW's, please! Can't it be done? Thanks!
  2. Thanks! Wow, if this is true then it truly is wonderful, because this limitation makes it very difficult for me to work as quick as I would like in Cakewalk. When is this released planned?
  3. In the audio settings, Cakewalk recognizes the audio interfaces input/output only as stereo pairs. Cakewalk is pairing every 2 mono channels into 1 stereo channel, naming them as (this is what 8 mono channel looks like in Cakewalk): ASIO Fireface Analog 1 ASIO Fireface Analog 3 ASIO Fireface Analog 5 ASIO Fireface Analog 7 With other words the actual mono channel 1 and mono channel 2 is paired under "ASIO Fireface Analog 1", mono channels 3 and 4 paired under "ASIO Fireface Analog 3" and so forth.. And if one enable "Show Mono Outputs" in the settings, then, inside the DAW when working, the channels will appear like this: Left ASIO Fireface Analog 1 Right ASIO Fireface Analog 1 Stereo ASIO Fireface Analog 1 Left ASIO Fireface Analog 3 Right ASIO Fireface Analog 3 Stereo ASIO Fireface Analog 3 Left ASIO Fireface Analog 5 Right ASIO Fireface Analog 5 Stereo ASIO Fireface Analog 5 Left ASIO Fireface Analog 7 Right ASIO Fireface Analog 7 Stereo ASIO Fireface Analog 7 I can't find a way to name the mono channels each. I can only name each stereo pair, but it doesn't help much when it is not possible to name every separate mono channel itself. This is quite frustrating as one doesn't use everything as stereo. Sometimes mono channels need to be used, for example when connecting mono synths, or doing AUX sends, and so forth. In other DAW's like Cubase, Reaper, Ableton, Logic (or whatever), the same audio interface I use in Cakewalk shows up just perfectly with all the separate mono channel's 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8... and so forth, and one is able to name each mono channel separately. Is there a workaround?
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