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  1. Thats a possible solution, although a OS button would be the easier way. Yesterday i could install CnB Tools and have to say that its awesome! Big THX scook, was just to late for me to write back 😀.
  2. THX scook i will look into this tool.
  3. Hey Bakers, as we are getting used to fight aliasing within plugins, i would like an internal OS solution in Prochannel modules. I am comparing many plugins and the PC modules are aliasing badly. Older Cakewalk Plugins like TL64 have OS functions and even the old FX Bin supports this feature. But not PC, which is a shame, as i like them in some cases. Is it possible for a future update, maybe with scalable options between 2 and 64 times?
  4. Why worried though? Is there a reason for this? I don't think so, and even Sonar after they got shut down, returned again thanks to Bandlab
  5. No, and neither 24 Bit. The best converters are about 20 to 22 Bit.
  6. Look, i get your point, but as some users said, sometimes you need a specific sound that only TTS-1 can deliver. Or GM features... Thats why i disagree here with you Heck i even use some old 32 Bit Software like Golden Audio Bundle (very good compressors without aliasing issues) or Eiosis E2 Deesser (old version) witch is still for me the best deesser ever. As long it works, who cares? No problems here even on my new Laptop with 11th gen Intel CPU. But although some DXi Plugins are causing crashes, im still using them sometimes, if i need exactly that sound. This track here is almost entirely produced with TTS-1:
  7. Look at the picture i post here. Thats how i am setting my screens with Cakewalk. I am constantly leaving track view and multidock view open together. On the left is my track view with browser and inspector and then a 2nd separate window for the multidock on the right side. I cannot figure out a better way of setting it like this. Thats why i asked to implement this feature, so i can adjust only one main skylight window with multidock included on the right side instead of up or down. Or did i overlook a setting?
  8. Hey bakers, as a multiscreen user i have a suggestion for improvement: I like the Skylight view really, but it could be a little bit better suited for a 2-screen-setup. I like to have my multidock with console view on the right side of my two screens. So i got to split my Skylight view into two windows. Why not just let me arrange my multidock to the right side after my inspector and browser, instead of only up and down? THX for your efforts and your work, to give us this awesome DAW!
  9. Ok now i startet my PC again after a break and MIDI is gone again. What could be the reason for this?
  10. I'll give it a try. Yep power mode ist on highest. Everything disabled and the C-States in bios to. Edit: Your tip seems to help. I restartet my PC two times now and its working. Some of the hidden device entries are gone. THX, man! Do you know what kind of issue this exactly was?
  11. Hey guys, i´ve discovered recently a big issue with my audio PC and can´t find a solution. Maybe someone got similar issues and can help me about this: I noticed that since about last week, my ESI Juli@ PCI interface isn´t playing MIDI anymore. When i saw this the first time, i restarted the PC and it was working fine again. Next time i was starting Windows the same behavior: My interface is showing up as a working audio device and everything is working fine, as long as you won´t play MIDI, because there is no MIDI In/Out. This problem is not only related to Cakewalk, cause i tried an old version of Sonar Platinum and a standalone session of Play 6, and there is the same problem. When i´m going to properties, my interface shows up, but not the MIDI In/Out. Then i need to restart Windows and its there again. For clarification: my other MIDI devices like Quneo, Faderport and Yamaha 16X Midi are recognised and showing up in the property menu. So i did some tests and tried differend scenarios to find a reason for this, but unfortunately it is very random. Sometimes i got it running, then after closing and reopening Cakewalk it was gone again. Changed the PCI Card, cause i have a second ESI from an old PC, same problem. Deleted TTSS.INI, but this wasn´t the cause. Reinstallation helped me only, til i shutted the PC down and up again. I tried to disable some USB sticks or Windows Firewall, but it didn`t help. As my PC has dual boot mode, i looked at my old Win7 installation, if there are the same issues, but its working fine. So it seems to be Win 10 related. I had some security updates last week, maybe it has to do with that? Can someone help me? Its very frustrating
  12. If you have your old Sonar installers at least the 64 Bit DX versions are working. VST is possible in both 32/64 Bit. Im still running everything since Sonar 8 like Beatscape, Cyclone, DPro, Session Drummer 3, VC64, Rapture and more.
  13. How is this in comparison to TS64? I'm asking cause i try to not grow to big with plugins, that i dont use. Got already to many 😀.
  14. SVSX

    Samplerate at 96k

    Thanks azslow for your knowledge. Crazy! I tried different VSTi's and some sounded similar, some had a huge a difference, like my example here from Vital synth. The other bad example i found was Kontakt 6 "Hybrid Keys 2" Library from Native Instruments. So i keep staying at either 44.1k or 48k and use 2x upsampling if needed. That way i dont get these frequencies.
  15. SVSX

    Samplerate at 96k

    If you are interested i have some pics taken from Span:
  16. SVSX

    Samplerate at 96k

    Thats interesting 🤔 Do you know which one of these is the right sounding one? The 96k file or 44.1?
  17. SVSX

    Samplerate at 96k

    This is a Vital sound i've recorded as an example. 96k SampleRate.mp3 44.1k SampleRate.mp3
  18. SVSX

    Samplerate at 96k

    Hi folks, i allways was recording my stuff at 44.1k. After watching some videos about audio aliasing and folding back of overtones into the audible range, i've tried to set my samplerate to 96k. Now when i compare Kontakt 6 Hybrid Keys sound quality i can hear a big difference. Problem is that it shouldn't be that much of a difference, or am i wrong? Its extreme, so that you can see it on your spectrum analyzer. The bass sounds much louder and the frequency curves are much thicker, than on 44.1! Something seems to be wrong here. Whats the cause for this? Did someone have similar results? I'm working on a ESI Juli@ PCI interface btw. Maybe its converters cannot reproduce higher samplerates right?
  19. If you are a longtime Cakewalk user, you could own the Pro Channel 4k Expander/Gate which is awesome.
  20. THX everyone involved in this software, for your awesome work. Cakewalk ist still my no.1 DAW!
  21. Thanks for your explanation! Interesting. 🤔
  22. Whats going on with these Analog Obsession plugins? I've heard something about them, that they are containing malware in the installer. Is that true? On the other side the snake oil guy on youtube reviewed some plugins from AO and was amazed about them. Are these things trustworthy?
  23. I've got some issues to with SampleTank 4 CS. This month i bought some ST soundpacks due to the 25th anniversary buy and when im closing my ST4 window CnB just shouts down. I tried some settings, till i found that it saved my root folder 2 times. After i deleted the second folder it was working again... But sometimes it happens again, regardless. I dont know why this happens, but at least its not everytime im closing the ST4 plugin window now. IK Instruments are really buggy, i also had some issues with Miroslav 2.
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