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  1. Nice, brings the feeling of Pat Methenys San Lorenzo. I would say it is unfinished project and you are getting close to something great. You need a "theme". I would sit with an instrument and improvise for an hour or so, something incredible may happen to choose from.
  2. Afrodrum

    Layin' it Down

    That sounds very cool, reminds me early Steely Dan. The guitar would benefit imo if less amp gain is used
  3. Performance is great but sounds on my studio monitors like laptop speakers
  4. Afrodrum

    Sunny Sky

    Coool, brings back real 60s atmosphere
  5. Afrodrum


    Great tune. Perfectly balanced mix. Congrats, sounds very pro and people can play their instruments too.
  6. Thanks Bad Penguin. In case you missed it its available at Sweetwater for the next two days. Perhaps not my cup of coffee.
  7. Anyone knows what was Tuesday (yesterdays) item ?
  8. 2 hours later. It is official: Dr Drive is the best free overdrive pedal plugin. (and not beacuse it is free)
  9. Still, please explain what would you be able to do in Cakewalk once we have NKS support that you cannot do today.
  10. Seems obvious. Always surprises me it is not possible. Double clicking EQ thumbnail does nothing in Console View and in Inspector now, unless you go deeper into Pro Channel view. I think back when Pro Channel used Sonitus EQ instead of QuadCurveEQ it was possible.
  11. Check this article by Craig Anderton. https://www.soundonsound.com/techniques/sonar-lens-benefits
  12. I often need to make a note (or remember) the settings of outboard equipment used to record a track, most of all guitar amp knobs positions, mic positions, mic and pedal used etc. Life would be so much easier if I could, for example, make a photo of an amp front panel and miked cabinet to capture the settings. And then put it into Track description panel. Same applies for clips .
  13. +1 , good idea. Big time is almost ok but realistically looking graphic metronome would be awesome.
  14. This is impressive, appreciate the way every new feature is explained.
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