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  1. Thanks for the answers I might just try it. I do have 8.5.3 64 bit loaded on and it works fine but it is dated.
  2. I am still using Cakes 8.5.3 because after that Cakewalk needed an internet connection to work. I am wondering if Bandlab's version needs an internet connection after the download? if not I will download it on my new DAW and then take the DAW off of the net. Otherwise I will stick with 8.5.3. Thanks for your replies if any are forthcoming
  3. I was just out in my office copying files onto an external Hard Drive. The reinstall files are on a separate partition on the hard drive inside the computer. I have been wanting to reinstall for a year or so, because the boot time was getting longer and longer. Now it is time, I've done this before on many computers in the past. (I did check the bit rate inside Sonar and in my USB interface and they were OK) I think it is because after I uninstalled all the DAW apps, I did go in and do a regedit to delete any Bandlab and Sonar stuff, that is probably also part of the problem. If worse comes to worse I will buy another computer. This stuff gives me a lot to do in the next several days. Generally I am bored stiff some days (I am retired) This is an adventure not a big problem. Thanks for the help amigo.
  4. Plus it changed the look of how my 8.5.3 saw the files to Bandlabs version of the interface even though I was trying to reopen them in 8.5.3.😕
  5. I installed Bandlabs Cakewalk on my computer yesterday. It took over all of my cakewalk folders changed the way all of my Sonar Versions see the file associations. I started up my Sonar 8.5.3 after the install and somehow I could not find any of my hundreds of projects from within any of my old Sonar Installs. So I uninstalled everything from the computer and installed Sonar 8.5.3 again and it will not open any of my old projects. Fortunately for me I have 3 different backups never hooked to that computer. Even though the files were Cakewalk standard file extensions my sonar would not open any of them. Plus my anti virus told me there was a tracking cookie revealing all of my personal info as it was installing Bandlabs Cakewalk. Sad day for me, although nothing was lost except the time spent installing all that software and loading all of my folders onto the drives. Now I probably have to wipe the drive on that computer and start fresh, something I really do not want to do if I want to use it for DAW purposes.
  6. Yep Craig it is me. I have installed everything on my old XP Pro Laptop, trying to resurrect my recording abilities. I have a nice Presonus Interface but it won't load the drivers because it needs Win 7 64 bit or higher, So I was thinking maybe I could use my old Layla 24/96 using the Interface card, either that or find a Win 7 upgrade path without reloading all the software on it, not a clean install but a upgrade from Win XP Pro 32 bit to Win 7 64 bit. Otherwise I can use my old office computer with Win 8.xx on it. But then I have to load on all of my old Sonars and related items on that computer. (I do have Sonar 8.5.3 on that box but I would have to remove all of my software for my estimating part time job (If I can find one). Good talking to you again amigo it has been a long time.....
  7. Hi folks, Does anyone here have a cardbus (PCMCIA card) and cable hookup for sale for an already owned (by me) Echo Layla 24/96 audio interface?
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