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  1. Never mind. Figured it out. Sorry
  2. When I click staff view I get a guitar fret instead of a staff view. How change that back and/or get rid of the guitar fret forever?
  3. Fairly new at Bandlab. Ended up here somehow and can NOT find a way to get back to normal track view. Or any other view for that matter. Thanks for any help John
  4. Thanks. It has a starting volume CC7. All the inputs etc. look right to me. Something is obviously wrong tough. John
  5. Aria is installed. Setup seems ok. I can see it is playing in the "in/out pan" thingy but not getting the sound out to my Focusrite USB audio. When I first setup Aria it worked fine. Don't know what I did to disconnect it from Focusrite. Can't find anything googling aria. John GIGUE Kayla Example.cwp
  6. Close to perfect. Thanks so much. Just a few little twitches. John
  7. Thanks but tried that before. Doesn't work. It keeps the same triplet designations and so on. Notice User 905133's solution results in something barely related to the original.
  8. A third of the way through composing this piece when realize the piece is in 4/4 but almost entirely eighth triplets. How do I change change to 6/8 or 12/8 and leave everything alone except take out the triplet signs. Hoping there is a quick fix otherwise have to start over completely. John Blues Trio 4-4 to 6-8.cwp
  9. Miroslav Philharmonik, Nanosynth and various from Sonar. Pretty sure I have no decent sax sounds unless Philharmonik has them. Never used them before. 3 years post graduate work in comp and theory and never even looked at a concert band score. Someone asked me to write something for it and I don't even know what it is. Attended a rehearsal and saw a LOT of clarinets along with ton of other instruments. Sounded nice though. I'll probably pass on it. Thanks though
  10. Looking for a concert band template before I have to create one.
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