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  1. The mistake is in assuming that there is no skill or talent involved in the MIDI editing process. Considering the legacy of Cakewalk and what it's created for, y'all should really know better.
  2. I would rather you cut the elitism out. There is no reason to look down on people who edit MIDI and compose music.
  3. Mixbus 32c is $299, Mixbus Standard is $79. With this deal you get a plugin worth $89 for $49 and the $79 DAW
  4. Mixbus seems to have a lot of hype for it, but considering that it's crap for MIDI editing, i feel that it's better off working with pre-recorded tracks.
  5. Oh wow, this is quite an amazing deal.
  6. LadyFuzztail

    ADSR Octosale Bundle - 8 packs for 8 USD

    This is an instant sale from me, holy shit, that is a mind-blowing deal.
  7. LadyFuzztail

    IK Pick and Mix Group Buy

    Yeah I am passing on this, since the iRig Keys aren't included in the qualifying products list.
  8. LadyFuzztail

    Need help finding a Dim Pro patch

    Yeah, it is the synthy wah-wah like sound.
  9. So trhere was this song that I mastered back in 2012 when I was just starting out to produce songs. At the time, I had Sonar X1 Studio and did not have the luxury of ProChannel plugins. In any case, there was this Dimension Pro patch that I remembered using that was layered on top of the Pianos and it had a pretty nice effect. Unfortunately, due to having no audio interface at the time, I was forced to use onboard audio and rendered everything out before disconnecting and removing the synths to save on RAM and CPU. (I didn't know what freezing synths did at the time) So I ended up losing all of the synth and patch data that I used for that particular song. You can hear it at play whenever the Piano was playing, but for those who want quick examples, it comes in most clearly at the beginning, 1:58 and 3:09. I have spent countless hours looking for it, so any help would be nice.
  10. LadyFuzztail

    Cannot Obtain Z3TA+2 Installer

    I feel bad that I missed out on Z3ta+2 or Rapture Pro, and I wish that one day it will be available again.
  11. This is why you do a sound test before doing the actual recording. Record cold, and then warm it up using effects and/or gain knobs.
  12. LadyFuzztail


    Multi-stage light compression is always good praxis anyways
  13. LadyFuzztail

    Audio Assault RM-2

    I saw the email, it was an instabuy for me.
  14. LadyFuzztail

    Instachord anyone?

    The disconnect between how some Youtubers reacted like this is the best thing ever, and your feeling of being underwhelmed.
  15. LadyFuzztail

    Instachord anyone?

    I think the reason for this disconnect is because essentially Instachord is a crutch for sequencing and composition. Granted it is a very fine crutch that allows you to create chord progressions you otherwise wouldn't consider, or arrange them in yet undiscovered way due to your own limited understanding of certain music genres, what it does is little more than plop notes into the MIDI track which the synth then reads. The better you are at sequencing, composing and arranging, the less this plugin can do for you.