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  1. LadyFuzztail

    Signals from the Heavens

    Haha, I am not a very good vocalist. It's all VSTi's for me! And also, I have finished layering instruments over this! Instruments used: Electronic Drumkit from Roland SCVA Pure from Sektor Modular Granular Piano from LABS Kontakt Factory Violin Section VSCO 2 CE Violin Ensemble Modified Jazzy Guitar from Strum Session 2 XLerate from AAS Angelicals Drops of Wisdom (Arp) from AAS Starlight Asto from AAS Frontier
  2. LadyFuzztail

    Iris 2 @ JRRshop $24.36

    A link would be nice. Which one of these would it apply to?
  3. LadyFuzztail

    On the Wings of Dreams

    Some more bass and brass can help make a mix sound bigger, as does harmonizing the melody.
  4. LadyFuzztail

    Signals from the Heavens

    I decided to try something new, which is to make a song based on loops, leaning heavily on pitch-shifting tools and the Textured Guitars and Action Drums loop packs from the RMX Sampler Pack by Nine Volt Audio. I also used the SCVA Electronic Drum Kit to add some accents. This already sounds good as is, but I plan to develop this track more with composed synth instruments. Also, suggestions are welcome.
  5. LadyFuzztail

    VSTBuzz "Synth Week" promotion:

    !? This is an insane deal! Grabbed Sektor, and will be eyeing Hybrid 3 and Vaccuum Pro.
  6. LadyFuzztail

    Crashing on project open, A LOT.

    Yeah, don't use 32-bit plugins. The time for them has long since passed, and better 64 bit versions have already replaced them comprehensively. I've had the same issue when digging up old projects from the vault, and Cakewalk keeps crashing as a result due to using plugins like SFZ+ Professional (Replaced by Plogue Sforzando and Roland SCVA) and Cakewalk AmpSim (Replaced with TH3 and Amplitube 4).
  7. LadyFuzztail

    Pro Tools Seals their Fate

    So Avid decided to pull a Gibson/Adobe? Sad!
  8. LadyFuzztail

    How does CbB handle big midi projects?

    This isn't necessarily true. I am running a system built in 2011 and with the GPU upgraded once in 2014, all my HDDs are spinning platters. I am running an i5 2400k, 8 GB of RAM and on Windows 7 x64. I haven't had to bounce to audio since I had my SD-50
  9. This is a huge trap as after saving a copy as MIDI, the current working file will be saved in the same format. It is easy to forget to manually save as the Normal format too, since the extension shown in the project's header and the file extension still shows up as *.CWP that means you can easily overwrite your project with a MIDI file with the CWP extension without realizing it, and only finding out afterwards when you've closed and reopened the project with no way to recover the original work.
  10. LadyFuzztail

    TTS-1 issues

    It's probably best if you do so yeah.
  11. LadyFuzztail

    TTS-1 issues

    I think it is. A lot of my more recent projects are done using SCVA. And considering how much more expensive other synth libraries go for these days, I think it's worth the price. One of the best $125 I've spent. I mean you could use the SYXG-50 too, but I wonder about the legality of using it in projects you intend to sell.
  12. LadyFuzztail

    Soundfonts plug-in

    It's mostly nostalgia, and the appreciation for people who put countless hours into making them.
  13. LadyFuzztail

    Interesting Discovery Re: Dim Pro

    Danke schon! I'll have to purchase GPO5 at some point
  14. LadyFuzztail

    Studio Instruments 2

    A new Studio Instruments release would be nice. I would like to see the strings section get keyswitch articulation and updated samples. An addition of a Woodwinds, Brass and Choir section would be nice, as well as the addition of more oriental instruments, like the Koto, Shamisen, Erhu, Kawala Shakuhachi, and also Guitars, acoustic, electric and hybrids.
  15. LadyFuzztail

    TTS-1 issues

    You could always try out Roland SCVA which is an emulator for the SC-8820