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  1. Yes, XPand!2 is a very good investment. I'd been able to find my preferred sounds fairly quickly with it.
  2. Yeah, I do think that the issue is related to having an effects insert loaded in the aux track. I have sent an email to the Cakewalk tech support about it.
  3. Well that did it, apparently it didn't like Scheps Omni Channel being on the Session Drummer 3 patch point track. Deleting it before loading up Dimension Pro did the trick, and loading Scheps Omni Channel again doesn't seem to cause any conflicts. Now the next question would be why it happened.
  4. I think it's worth it to mention that Roland Sound Canvas VA is a great replacement for TTS-1 with better sounds and the ability to edit the sounds more deeply, and include EFX. It's basically a hybrid of the SC-8820, SC-88 pro, SC-88 and SC-55 and with some sound design, mixing and mastering in an FX chain you can get some good results. Example:
  5. Kontakt has a very deep internal bussing and FX-chaining system that can let you do a lot of creative things to your samples, even better since you can script your own user interfaces for the instruments you create.
  6. Martinic Kee Bass is an emulation of a rare vintage bass synthesizer being offered for free : https://www.martinic.com/en/products/kee-bass FananTeam is also currently offering Monica and Stringya for free. The former is a monophonic dual-layered wavetable synth, and the latter is a 4-piece synth strings ensemble.
  7. Try to reproduce the crash, test to see if if it happens with a blank project file. If it does, then make a dump file when the program freezes and include it, along with your project file/folder over to the Cakewalk staff to take a look at it.
  8. The Meter/Key view is a great tip, it would help when I mess with alternating time sig progressions like 7/8-6/8-7/8-15/16 repeatingx4
  9. So I have a problem when working on this specific project where Cakewalk would lock up when attempting to load Dimension Pro as a synth on it. It would lock up infinitely, with the CPU usage in the 35%-42% range. Even when closing the program, the process stayed stuck to the memory until I suspended and then terminated the process. (Using taskkill didn't work.) That, unfortunately, ended up hijacking the ASIO driver and I was forced to use WASAPI shared for the rest of the session, because only a full system restart would bring the ASIO driver ability back. I have attached the problematic project file. The dump file is sent to tech support. What's weird is that it's this project specifically that is causing the issue, I tested loading Dimension Pro x64 in a blank project and it loaded just fine. Freedom Redux.cwp
  10. I think I may have figured it out. I had CleanMem installed to clean up unused memory every 30 mins. I installed that thing years ago and never touched it since. I have since uninstalled it and it seems to alleviate the problem. Worked around for 2 hours without issues afterwards. (Then i went to bed)
  11. Okay so I have been getting this weird issue where the ASIO driver just silently disconnects from the DAW and wouldn't come back, spitting this error message whenever I tried to play back. Usually restarting the app brings the ASIO driver mode back, but seeing this like 30 mins after opening the project is unacceptable. I have has no other apps open at the time.
  12. This is good to know, Ultra Analog is a really nice synth. If you're on the fence, go get it. You won't regret it.
  13. This is a pretty nice offering, the number of bands available is pretty mind-blowing. Though, I think I'd use TDR Nova more often, due to the dynamic EQ functionality.
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