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  1. Is it me or does it keep putting me in a loop of asking me for my email, and then getting an email with a link back to the page that asks me for an email again?
  2. For a small library, this sounds pretty good, the astronomy photographs are a nice touch too.
  3. I tried the patches and....wow, oh my god it was breathtaking how I can just play random pentachords, walk them across a scale or even transpose them to different scales and get a satisfying arpeggiated soundscape. This is way more than I expected, it's worth the full price, but and it's a real steal at this price point. Go grab it if you have Kontakt Full, you will not be disappointed!
  4. Not much actually, speaking as someone who has DID.
  5. Take the Dorian scale, remove the 2 and 6, add a #4. Do 2-5-1's and variations of such. Bonus points if you can ride that #4.
  6. I don't own either of those, so I don't have a reference point to compare with.
  7. Heck, I am grabbing Synferno. I loved Cinematrix enough that having an additional library like it would be a good upgrade. It would be nice though, if each of the 4 channels can be routed to different outputs via the interface instead of having to edit the instruments themselves and then routing the 4 instrument buses to each output.
  8. Quick note, Orchestools 306 and 153 are versions of Orchestools ONE that are standalone from Sampletank. A lot of the sounds are based on samples provided by the VSCO CE. https://musictop69.wixsite.com/orchestools/news
  9. About 8 months in the making, this is something that started off with me playing around with a few loops, and ended up with me exploring the more electronic side of music genres production. I gained a lot knowledge and wisdom throughout the production of this one, and I have y'all to thank for the advice and feedback for the various pieces I've posted here that got included in this EP. So yeah, thank you. https://ladyfuzztail.bandcamp.com/album/signals-from-the-heavens-ep
  10. Hello, I am an animist, and I have a bit of advice for you. You cannot expect to reach any sort of inner peace if what you have to do to please your god is to maim your own spirit, and deny yourself things that have made you pneuma. If that is what Yaldabaoth wants from you, then he isn't very good to you. He is more interested in gaining hylic followers than he is the personal growth of those who worship him. And it shows, you're more focused on the effect your actions have on the people you think hate you, than you are considering the effects on those who value your presence here. This is not something someone who is spiritually healthy would be so concerned about. You're kept spiritually staved by this standoffish "us vs them" attitude, and your decision to cut off a big part of yourself to please a jealous god is only going to make it worse. I hope you reconsider your decision, you deserve more inner peace and happiness than what Yaldabaoth could offer you.
  11. I KNEW IT! I knew my hunch was right!
  12. interesting. What are the conditions, and how do we submit?
  13. Okay, I tried the Bass Guitar Free Demo, and oh wow, it uses over 6 GB of RAM. There is absolutely no optimization, and half of the interface did not work. yeah my misgivings were right, this is pure ordeur.
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