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  1. Has anyone tried running this on Windows 7? What's the verdict on that?
  2. Grabbed the Flute + Violin. Thanks a lot!
  3. There are 4 libraries by Spitfire that are $30 each, with possibly more on its way.
  4. 1 Euro is a bit of a red flag, he's really trying to sell it as a synth that has features that no other synth has done, and the video is a bit overproduced. "Too good to be true" is a phrase that is screaming into my head all throughout the video. I am still considering picking it up because of the price, and out of curiosity.
  5. The limiting is very controlled, and not even close to hitting the ceiling. I did gain-staging so that the PC76 U Compressor is doing at most 2 dB of GR. As for the artwork, it's just the default avatar that's being used, since I don't have anything really fitting to use. However, this is Isabel
  6. They gave me a free upgrade and an additional 70% off code, which I promptly used to get Dominator. I love this company. ❤️
  7. I think it's just how the synths are, I tried bumping up the high end of some of them. I used the Labs Soft Piano, Labs Modular Piano, Kontakt Factory Upright, Palette Synth for the Bass Pulses, City of the Lost from Arturia Pigments 2, Performance Samples Solo Legato Violin, 8Dioboe, Auddict Celestial Voices and Strum GS-2 with the U Rock preset from the Pop Rocks soundbank.
  8. I like this. Very much sounds like the score for a 90's Don Bluth animated feature.
  9. Another one for the Strange Adventures of Isabel Merton series, this is a sad track depicting a heavy scene in Isabel's journey where she's slowly coming to terms with having to kill her own estranged brother in order to save the multiverse.
  10. Oh and if you can't afford to spend money, there's Piano in 162 (SFZ, Kontakt, Kronos) and Upright Felt Piano (Kontakt) as well as Wolno (VSTi).
  11. I remembered trying their free offering a while back and I wasn't impressed. There is no way to change the sample location once the instrument is installed, and the reverb engine is completely borked. Save your money and shop elsewhere, heck the current APD Deal blows this one out of the water.
  12. I have found that bypassing all effects, except chorus and compression, and hooking the resulting audio signal to a guitar amp sim can do a lot to make it sound more authentic. I've gotten some good results pairing this up with Audio Assault's Bulldozer.
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