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  1. I have found Manjaro easy to install and use. The only real issue is that it's just as easy to hose your system if you're not paying attention during something like a kernel update.
  2. To be fair, Cinematic came out after the Full version with the Direct DI, Crunch and Hi-Gain, and it's really just the Direct DI run through an effects chain and then resampled. You can probably get a similar sound by running the DI through a transient shaper, tape saturation, clean amps, a soft LPF, a couple of reverbs and then delay.
  3. I have found a lot of inspiration playing around with Reaktor 6's Blocks platform. NI's Raum and Replika are pretty creative reverb and delay effects that I have found a lot of use for. If you need sounds, I have found that the Mosaic series by Heavyocity are pretty damn good. With the full version of Kontakt, you might find a lot to like from Karanyi's scoring instrument Continuo, Triple Spiral Audio's Gh'nuhan and SonuScore's Origins Bundle. I also used RA's Cinematrix to great effect with this song.
  4. Oh I agree. Cults imagery and story telling involving the cults is cool, but being a part of one? Not a good idea.
  5. I mean it does fit, considering that a lot of metal goes into the subject of satanic worship and the occult. Being upset by it is like taking the classic Doom game from 1993 and making a breakfast cereal advertisement with it... ...oh wait, someone already did that.
  6. Sometimes, you just gotta take every day as it comes. Every single sunrise heralding a new beginning of what could be, the morning waves washing away the anxieties of the past, as you enjoy the moment of just being, renewed and determined. Καινουργια Ήμερα!
  7. Unfortunately, they only process tip payments through Stripe, which I don't have. Maybe that will change and I would be able to enter my paypal info for tip payments. In any case, here https://www.bandlab.com/ladyfuzztail/albums/9ae569e0-11bf-ea11-9b05-000d3a919c95
  8. Isn't this the same company that tried to sell us Neverland 2 through APD with its embarrassing marketing campaign?
  9. Definitely a no-brainer at that price. Alternatives if you already have Hybrid 3: Vacuum Pro $9.99 Xpand! 2 $14.99 Babylon + Expansions $9.99 Iris 2 $9.99 Sonivox Twist $9.99 Sonivox Wobble $9.99 SynthMaster Player $9.00
  10. Okay so here's the situation, I had a mega rack in Kontakt with 13 instruments loaded, and I wanted to split the tracks into multiple instances of Kontakt to modularize the workflow. So I opened another instance, deleted the loaded instruments, then reloaded the instruments in another instance, before splitting the instrument tracks to properly assign them to the new synth. Then when I tried to re-emerge the tracks, I get an error message telling me that they need to be assigned to the same synth. This is confusing, because they are. What am I missing here?
  11. I'd gladly oblige, but you'll need Blocks Primes Polysynth 1.nksr
  12. Oh back on the topic of Voltage Modular, I made this, it's a 3 layer arp patch that you play chords with. I included the preset for anyone willing to play around. Put it in <User>\AppData\Roaming\Voltage\Presets\User Presets\Arps 3 Layer.voltagepreset
  13. Blocks is amazing. Like in just a couple of days, I've learned to make this monstrosity. A monophonic polysynth with cross modulation options.
  14. You can find plenty of smaller, but also fantastic deals on PluginBoutique and KontaktHub, to name a few.
  15. I got Nucleus, it's great. What you can do with what's available is quite impressive. I'd explore more, but right now I am playing around with Reaktor 6 which I just got from SoS
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