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  1. It means that the plugin is broken, and you might want to look into 64 bit alternatives.
  2. Like for example, you have clip A which have notes at the low end of the PRV, clip B which has arpeggiation all over the keyboard range, and then clip C which has chords in the mid range, right? Put them in the folder, and when it's collapsed, the clip pane would show data from all 3 clips in one pane. In a similar example with audio files, it will show the waveform preview of all the summed up audio clips in the folder pane. In the case where you have MIDI and Audio data, you could have the MIDI data display, super imposed over the waveform preview.
  3. As the title says, it would be nice to have the option to be able to see the summed up MIDI and audio clip data at a glance when you have the track folder collapsed instead of just blocks of solid colour.
  4. Yep, the M-Audio is the better bet when it comes to keybed and build quality. Casio's keyboards are mostly cheaply with corners cut in order to make it affordable to more people, while M-Audio's equipment is more geared towards professional music production.
  5. Yeah, you gotta match what MIDI channel the keyboard is sending to, to the channel that the instrument is receiving MIDi data from, within the Kontakt interface.
  6. If you need a VSTi to replace TTS-1, I have found that XPand! 2 works pretty well, and it's $5 on PiB right now. I also recommend Kontakt over ST4, simply because a lot of IK Multimedia's practices with the lack of upgrade paths, non-permanent sound pack expansions, and no native ASIO drivers for their hardware or native ASIO support for their standalone software, and outright killing off ST3 CS from access to new customers have made me unwilling to give IK my money. Also, it's a lot easier to build your own ad hoc bespoke sample libraries with Kontakt.
  7. Grind Machine II is really good for getting that rough dirty tone from old metal bands, I also found that Bulldozer is quite nice, since it's also worked on by the guys that made Cabal 8. (They also have a much smaller memory and CPU footprint compared to Amplitube 4)
  8. It is related since we're at a tangent discussing why people subject themselves to loud music, despite the knowledge that it will damage their hearing, which, you know, was what drove the loudness wars in the first place.
  9. I have this free Piano, which is nice. There's also Wolno and the Soft and Modular Pianos from Spitfire LABS. This Spring Piano by Chri Henson and Fred Rembrandt is also pretty good, and finally, there's the Piano in 162 by Ivy Audio. As for paid stuff, I mostly use the Grand Piano patch from my Roland SD-50, the SCVA or the Palette Orchestral Sketchpad. There's also stuff that was included when I purchased my Arturia Keylab Essential that works to that effect. If you're looking for an affordable one, the Mini-Grand by AIR Music technology is around $9.99 right now.
  10. I remembered when Iron Maiden got caught up in the loudness war, and that resulted in the worst-sounding albums they've made. It is a shame too, because I really loved how Rainmaker was composed.
  11. I got myself a bunch of freebies, Beatmaker EDEN, Cabal 8 Full and Audio Assault Bulldozer.
  12. Goes $98 12/08 11:59 PM PST Requires Kontakt Full v5.5+ https://8dio.com/instrument/8dioboe-vst-au-aax-kontakt-instruments-samples/
  13. I cannot figure out how to delete and clear ACT settings for a plugin, and manually assign each parameter to each knob and fader. It seems to assign knobs in a complete mess, and I cannot change the assignments to a specific knob or fader once it's set elsewhere. How do i fix this?
  14. Hi there, I have the Arturia Keylab Essentials 49, and I could use help setting up ACT Control Surface. Now, i am not sure what t select for the input, since it has Arturia Keylab Essentials 49 and MIDIIN2 (Arturia Keylab Essential) as possible inputs. I selected MIDIIN2 for now, but the problem is that the ACT Control Surface interface only really allows you to set up 8 buttons at a time, and that leaves me with 1 knob, 1 fader and 4 buttons unassigned. What do?
  15. It's useful for saving CPU cycles, since it frees up resources that would be used for sound generation.
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