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  1. I just wanted to let you know (a little late) that I finally had a chance to tackle this issue and the technique worked.  After trial and error I found that adding a delay of 100 (milliseconds, perhaps?) to each track using the digital piano got it to sync very closely with the organ.  Thanks again for the advice!

  2. Hello Scook,

    Thank you for pointing this out.  I will try the technique and let you know how it worked.  I do not have access to the instruments all the time.  They're typically available only on weekends at church but as a musician I can work with the equipment during the week sometimes.


  3. Is there a way to delay the MIDI signals on a track or series of tracks by a small amount?  I use two MIDI instruments simultaneously.  One (a digital piano) responds to MIDI signals very quickly while the other (a MIDI organ) responds slightly more slowly.  In combination they are just a tad disjointed.  I tried using a delay/echo effect on one track on the digital piano to experiment but both the original MIDI played and a secondary MIDI played of the same thing at the delay increment.  I guess that what it's supposed to do.  Is there some method of syncing two MIDI devices that respond to signals differently?

  4. I followed MSMcLeod's tutorial above and entered everything in Define Instruments.  (THANK YOU!)  When I go back and verify that it's there, everything is in place in Cakewalk.  But when I look for the master.ins to see what it looks like there, I can't even find the latest version of the file.  I "saved for next session" so I'd expect to see a currently dated file.  Where does Cakewalk store this file?

  5. SJOENS,

    That is very helpful.  Thank you.  I have most of an ins file constructed (from scratch) but I am totally confused by the "Instrument Definitions" section of the ins file.  The Allen MDS-50 organ does not have banks or patches.  It has 10 general presets ("pistons") that set up many different individual stops on the different divisions on the instrument (Swell, Great, Pedal, Choir, G1/G2 Pistons and Generals).  It also has a large number of individual stops that are turned on or off.  To use MIDI effectively on the organ, I need to send multiple NRPN messages.  First, I need to turn off all the stops because as soon as Cakewalk begins a sequence it sends the piston number that corresponds to the "instrument".  If the first "instrument" is "1" the organ automatically sets up all the stops associated with that preset.  That is typically not what I want to use.  So I have to send NRPNs to turn everything off.  Then I need to send NRPNs to turn on just those stops I want.  (Technically I could just start by turning off the stops I DON'T want but somehow that seems less straightforward than resetting to none and turning on what's needed.)

    INS files from instrument manufacturers have patches listed in the Instrument Definitions section.  I don't know what those would be with the Allen organ.  Also, I don't know what the correct bank select method would be.  Since the organ responds to NRPNs, not controller 00 or 32 or patch numbers, it's not clear which bank select method I should indicate.  Does it even matter if NRPN numbers are required anyway?

    I hope someone can explain this in a way that gives me a good understanding of what I need to do!

    UCG Musician

  6. I use an old MIDI instrument (an Allen MDS-50 organ built in 1990 ) with Cakewalk and am constantly frustrated with the process.  The organ's stops are all turned on and off through NRPNs and there are a rather large number of them.  I built a table of all the NRPNs and would like to create an ins file so I don't have to constantly look up which stop I'm turning on or off.  I know  there is a way to assign "meanings" or names to NRPNs but I don't know how to create an ins file at all, let alone one that utilizes NRPNs. 


    For every instrument I've used with Cakewalk I have always gotten ins files from the manufacturer or from some good person who created his own.  Unfortunately, no such ins file appears to exist for an Allen MDS-50 organ.  I've checked many, many resources for a decade and only recently did an Allen engineer put together a definitive NRPN list, which I then used to develop the attached pdf table.  I also have this list in Excel, text and als files.  Allen provided it as an als file, which apparently stands for Ableton Live Set.  I opened it as a text file and also imported it into Excel for further manipulation.  I created the attached pdf file from Excel.


    Does someone on the forum have experience creating ins files?  Has anyone done so with many NRPNs?  For example, how would NRPN 35 be labeled as Viola Celeste 8'?  I would greatly appreciate help with this.


    UCG Musician

    Allen MDS-50 Stops & MIDI Data 2021-10-04.pdf

  7. I want to set all my MIDI tracks to a default track height.  I assumed (apparently incorrectly) that by picking one at the desired height and setting it as the default height would apply to all tracks.  It doesn't happen and I can't find anything in the documentation that explains how to do it, or if that is even the purpose of "default track height".  There's probably a very simple trick that I haven't found yet.  It's something I would use on every project.

  8. I have a project with a tempo track that I like and another project with the same piece of music but with other instruments and in a different key.  It was imported from a file that I created in Finale and saved as a MIDI file.  It has horrendous tempo changes that I need to replace with the tempos from the good project.  I do not see anything in the documentation about how to replace one tempo track with another one or how to export or save just a tempo track.  Does anyone know how to do this?


    UCG Musician

  9. For some reason, Bandlab replaced the very user-friendly tempo view with a new method called the tempo track.  I am having a lot of trouble with it and don't really like it.  Is there a way to reclaim the classic tempo view or am I stuck with the tempo track from now on?

  10. I keep getting the following error message:

    NVIDIA High Definition Audio

    The above audio/MIDI device was disconnected from your system.  Would you like Cakewalk to reroute these outputs to an available device?

    Click "No" to keep current settings.

    I do not know how to resolve this issue.  I never use the NVIDIA High Definition Audio.  I use a FocusRite Scarlett 18i20audio interface and a Cakewalk UM-3G MIDI interface.

    Can someone advise what settings are incorrect in my setup that would cause this error message to pop up quite frequently?

    Cakewalk Error Message.JPG

  11. I have Sonar Command Center taking up 27 Gb of space on my computer.  I use Cakewalk by Bandlab exclusively now and don't ever launch older versions of the software.  Do I need the Command Center for anything?  I notice that some folks are using it for some applications but I can't tell if it's just habit or if the program still has utility not available though Cakewalk by Bandlab.  If I don't need it I'd certainly like to free up the space.

  12. MIDI is playing all the notes of a violin track an octave higher than written.  It's not an instrument thing; I've tried a bunch of different patches.  The MIDI device is a Roland XV-5050.  I've used it for many years and can't recall this ever happening before.  Specifically, the first written note is Bb middle line treble clef.  Right clicking on the note shows it as Bb5.  It plays back as the Bb one ledger line above the treble clef.  Bb4 should be slightly higher in frequency than 440 A, like 466.16 to be precise.  The written Bb4 should sound at 466.16 Hz but MIDI is playing it at 932.33.  Does anyone have an idea of why this is happening?

  13. Hi David,

    Thanks for the help.  I got it to work and now the sequence is 8 minutes long instead just over 9.  (For me that means it's short enough to play art church!).  Sorry for the spelling error.  I DO know it's ritardando ("ritard." or "rit." for short)  but must have been in a hurry to get this posted.

    UCG Musician

  14. I downloaded a MIDI file and am working on it in Cakewalk.  All the tempos (tempi) are a little slow and there a large number of retards and accelerandos.  I would like to preserve the tempo changes but increase all tempi by a certain percentage or beats per minute, even if that means I have to adjust the retards and accelerandos somewhat afterwards.  Is there a way to do this?  Can't find it in the documentation...

  15. Greetings,


    This is my first time posting on this forum.  I hope there are experienced SONAR Platinum users who can provide a little advice on a problem I frequently have.  I regularly create MIDI sequences for use at my church, which has a MIDI organ and digital keyboard.  But I always have to do the bulk of the work at home, where I have (obviously) totally different instruments.  The organ utilizes very old MIDI messages (everything done in NRPNs) and I can only get appropriate settings by recording what happens when I turn stops on and off.


    It's a real challenge to adapt a sequence done at home with SONAR driving a KORG Kronos88 and a Roland XV-5050 to the instruments at church.  I currently have a situation where I created a MIDI file at home and then adapted it to the church instruments but now need to make tempo and other changes to the file and that's only practical at home because I do not have regular access to the church instruments.


    With that as a background, my question is whether there is a straightforward way of using a SONAR file with one set of instruments and their peculiar banks, patches, NRPNs, etc. on a different set of instruments without having to change all those parameters?  In particular I need to create a fairly involved tempo map and do not want to reset everything on the "church version" of the file to play properly at home.  I want to create a tempo map using the original file that utilized the instruments at home and then copy ONLY the tempo map to the "church version".  Can this be done?  If so, please explain clearly or point me to documentation that covers it.



    UCG Musician

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