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  1. @Stewart Cormack Did your watch the video? I posted it because I explain how to set up on board sound properly. I think you have enhancements on. I also explain how each on board system will be different. Groove Music is the very worst player on the planet. Use Windows Media player or VLC. Better yet do like I do and use a Wave editor to proof mixes. http://www.goldwave.ca/ https://www.audacityteam.org/download/ https://www.magix.com/ca/free-download/sound-forge-pro/ And You can most certainly change driver modes with a project open. You just cannot change sample rate. I would like a screen shot of that dialog you just posted. “(Close all projects to edit)”
  2. My 3 picks were the Tascam 4x4, The Motu M4 and Scarlet 4i4. The next jump was to the Focusrite 8i6. I do like the Motu now I fixed the playback issue by installing a PCIe USB 3 card. I would have rather it came with a power supply like the Tascam. I like the front panel meters and it certainly has a little lower RTL than my older interfaces but RTL doesn't really matter in my world. I don't use Guitar sims. Compared to my Scarlett 6i6 the motu is missing a lot of features. No SPDIF, only 1 headphone, no software mixer with optional routing. And worst of all the rear inputs 3/4 are almost useless.. There should have been a line/Instrument toggle and they seem to need a very hot signal from my mixer. Forget plugging a guitar into them. The 4i4 was just too much of a step backwards from a 6i6. And of all of them had the fewest features, The Tascam 4x4 was 3rd on my list was missing a lot of stuff compared to the Motu but it did have a power supply. . I really should have spent the extra cash and gotten the 8i6 but I sort of wanted to see if Motu brand actually are better. I say no. It's very Mac oriented. They don't even mention Cakewalk. And the freebies sucked compared to what Focusrite gives you. I will keep it as it's not hard to switch back to the 6i6 if I need the proper features. The internal loop back is a new one for me too. It's very straight forward. The Loopbacks show as inputs in Cakewalk. So anything coming out of your speakers can be sent to a track and recorded. Therefore easy to use for capturing direct from the internet etc. No use to me as I've always used a screen capture for that because I might also want the video portion too. . Cakewalk already has lots of options for routing so I don't see an advantage there. It does the popping your talking about when ever I change focus come to think of it. Not super loud but my Scarlett and Tascams have never done that. It's the same sound you get when you change sample rates. Now I think of it this might be your issue??? The drivers are fighting for sample rates between changing focus??
  3. I like my drums in one midi track and will only normally separate them later if using more than one VST to play them. I have 2 ways I can add fills. Most times I just draw them in PVR and make sure to delete conflicting parts. Much easier to do this in one track. If it's a fill that I can't figure out how to draw I might insert a new midi track and record it with my keyboard or digital drum kit. I can then either merge the 2 tracks but usually I just open the fill track and then holding ctrl ( or shift) open the original drums track from the right hand browser. This way I can see the fills overlaying the original ( or visa versa) and then delete stuff.
  4. I have an old Lifecam that I've used for years but was disappointed it won't run on w10. I tried everything. I was thinking of replacing it with something new. We need it for Zoom meetings etc. And I think with OBS you can do the little screen inside screen trick like in Mike's Videos ( creative Sauce) I think the resolution is depended on the quality of your video card. I just have on board video. Had to scrap my fancy Nvidia as they hog DPC latency and cause dropouts in Cakewalk. The highest setting for mine is 1920x1080. There's settings I don't understand so haven't tried like the Downscale filter and FPS value. Just ordered this https://www.google.com/aclk?sa=L&ai=DChcSEwiZr-CszpnvAhWhDa0GHUIYDEMYABAEGgJwdg&sig=AOD64_2C2UxiEl3RXdELrx35ul4puba5XQ&ctype=5&q=&ved=2ahUKEwje5NqszpnvAhWYup4KHV-fD1QQ9aACegQIARBe&adurl=
  5. First there was no point in opening a blank project. All you need to do is Open a midi file and it creates a project. You will have to populate the project with things like a master buss. Second I don’t understand why you need to create a click track? Why don’t you just use the metronome? It will follow the tempo. mid for some reason you don’t like the metronome use a midi drum track. once you start using audio it is not easy to change the tempo
  6. Sorry if I came across wrong I am100% on your side and I do believe we are both on the same level of experience with this crazy stuff. this just might be one of those oddball situations where 2 pieces of gear just don’t play together. A long shot thought. Wonder what happens if you use a USB 2 hub? it would seem at this point using trouble shooting 101 process of eliminations that testing different ports and cable is in order. Sorry if you already tried this
  7. John Vere

    Merge project

    Totally lost me on that one. “ How do I apply the same mix to the same song?” ?! 😳
  8. Looks like the op either resolved their issues or lost interest in recording 🙄 @winkpain fair enough. But I would say the issue would be the laptops system doesn’t like ASIO. Tascam for sure is highly regarded for quality of build and drivers. I own a Tascam interface and will probably buy another someday. You say you use ASIO4ALL Without issues but you probably missed my thread in Tutorials where I test driver modes with 4 different interfaces and 4 computers. Glenn also contributed by testing asio4all because I could not get it to work on my computers. Glenns test shows asio4all behaves just like all other non ASIO modes and loop back test come back late. Therefore there is no advantage to asio4all over WASAPI modes. Or even WDM for that matter. It is A wrapped WDM driver. But generally we are talking about on board audio when we talk about non ASIO drivers. It must be one in a million people that cannot use ASIO with a proper name brand interface There are certainly people on this forum using Tascam interfaces with the ASIO drivers I’m one of them. I’ve use mine since Windows xp and on dozens of systems
  9. For years I've recorded 16 tracks of audio as live band performances into Cakewalk. These were full 45 to 70 minute sets none stop. This was on a 2008 Sony Laptop. It's only attribute being it was more or less optimized and it has a SSD drive. Otherwise only 4 GB RAM etc. Last time I did this was last Summer. After I hit stop it takes a good couple of minutes too draw the waveforms but otherwise I've never experienced missing data. Are you using an audio interface with ASIO drivers or on board audio?
  10. I don't think Cakewalk has ever used that logo. So I would have not proceeded further. Just see what the actual URL is first, I would imagine it's not a .com
  11. I use DIm pro and TTS-1. I have a few bits I bought for Addictive drums. It's actually a hard one to solve as I have yet found one VST that does everything well. I gave up on looking for the perfect Tambourines and sampled my own and use Session Drummer to play it.
  12. What are your speakers? Studio monitors or Gaming? If your speakers do not have any analog inputs then You should have bought an interface with SPDIF outputs. And this depends on the connectors. Pro gear uses RCA jacks that are Yellow. Computers only have a cheapo 1/8" jack. If your speakers ONLY have the yellow RCA jacks You would need the Focusrite 8i6. Interfaces with SPDIF are not very common anymore. Otherwise under ASIO you can only use one device. Avoid using none ASIO drivers. If your speakers are only for computer use with 1/8" mini jacks then they are not compatible with studio gear and you'll need to purchase some proper monitors.
  13. John Vere

    How to combine tracks?

    I hate to say this but what you are doing is not really a good idea. You want total control of your mix. Bouncing tracks to sub mixes we left behind 20 years ago when we moved on from 4 and 8 track recording With the unlimited tracks and busses of a DAW we now use busses for sub mixing. Insert a new stereo bus and send the tracks there. This is what busses are for, You make sub mixed tracks and then on mix down you can make overall adjustments at the buss level.
  14. I have the Roland A49 controller and a while ago it started misbehaving and what had happened was W10 update had overwritten the Roland Midi driver. I re installed the Roland driver and it has worked perfectly since.
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