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  1. RE: The VST Scan Issue "hijacked" thread. Just to let you know, I agree that most times new problems should be done in a new thread.  Yet, I have often felt that it is a royal PITA to have multiple threads where people post an issue that has already been addressed.

    So, my public reply is intended to respect your anti-hijacking suggestion and the same time commend what the new poster did right.

    Personally, if the OP had told us what it was that solved the issue (many do) and someone (scook, maybe) wanted to add tips on how to spot issues in the logs and follow-up steps,  as a SOLVED query, I think it would be more helpful than having multiple threads.


    VSTSCAN: ---- Loading VST plugin c:\program files\Cakewalk\vstplugins\UVIWorkstation.vst3 ----
    hPlugin is NULL, plugin failed to load with error 5, Access is denied.

    I will wait for someone else with more experience to chime in--either in a new thread or in the "highjacked" one, but I am wondering if that "failed to load" entry suggests something like a compressed file, AV software, a "protected" folder / lack of permission,   I'd like to lean more about how to read the log.

    Peace and respect!

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