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  1. RE: The VST Scan Issue "hijacked" thread. Just to let you know, I agree that most times new problems should be done in a new thread.  Yet, I have often felt that it is a royal PITA to have multiple threads where people post an issue that has already been addressed.

    So, my public reply is intended to respect your anti-hijacking suggestion and the same time commend what the new poster did right.

    Personally, if the OP had told us what it was that solved the issue (many do) and someone (scook, maybe) wanted to add tips on how to spot issues in the logs and follow-up steps,  as a SOLVED query, I think it would be more helpful than having multiple threads.


    VSTSCAN: ---- Loading VST plugin c:\program files\Cakewalk\vstplugins\UVIWorkstation.vst3 ----
    hPlugin is NULL, plugin failed to load with error 5, Access is denied.

    I will wait for someone else with more experience to chime in--either in a new thread or in the "highjacked" one, but I am wondering if that "failed to load" entry suggests something like a compressed file, AV software, a "protected" folder / lack of permission,   I'd like to lean more about how to read the log.

    Peace and respect!

  2. You should always start a new thread it’s confusing to high jacks old threads
  3. In the MIX module there is a global toggle.
  4. Exactly. Like the Roland MT32 mentioned above. It had the worst reverb in the world built in and that’s why Jeff Kofftinoff I mentioned designed the editor. It only helped a little bit so I bought the Korg 05/RW. It has real good effects. This was the era when you paid $1,500 - $4,000 for these modules or keyboards and 2 years later they were outdated. Speaking of which. A keyboard player friend just gave me her Roland MK-B200 controller and a Sound Canvas. Real dirty and covered with labels on the keyboard for all the GM drum sounds. The Sound Canvas is in perfect condition and came with the manual. Do I really need it? No, but I’m a sucker for Hardware
  5. This is way too much for my voice. I roll off at 120Hz. But definitely I always use hi pass filters on every track. Most are below 50 Hz but it’s definitely a tool everyone should be using when mixing.
  6. Free VST’s are a double edged sword. I always test them on my office computer first. I’ve deleted way more than I’ve kept. There’s all sorts of weirdness you might not even realize or think possible when it comes to all plug ins free or even very expensive. I can’t use some Izotope products. TTS-1 can’t be added to a half finished project . If I use the free CollaB3 organ my export takes 2x longer. List goes on and on. Seems it’s great technology that suffers from randomly variable coding with no real standards of quality. It becomes outdated as operating systems and DAW software are always being updated and not all plug ins, especially the free ones are re tested and updated as well. Cakewalk can’t do anything about TTS-1 because they apparently don’t own the code but someday it will not be included and I hope they can find a better replacement for it.
  7. It’s Workspaces which is one of the few changes to Cakewalks general user interfaces. Change the workspace to Advanced. The Basic workspace is the default for some stupid reason. I have a few tutorials that would bring you up to speed if yo like. There’s a short one on using the Control Bar and one on using Workspaces
  8. You open the 2 projects and simply drag the midi from one to the other. I just did this last night with a drum track and the track followed the projects tempo.
  9. All very clearly documented. https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=Tempo.07.html#2000135
  10. The Fast track pro is a no go on W10 and newer so it’s not an option in any driver mode. Still works on W7. I’ve only used the 2 interfaces in WDM mode on W7 and live recordings of our band. There was no timing issues that were at least noticeable. I used a Tascam us1641 for 14 channels and a Yamaha usb mixer for Ch 15/16. I also recorded midi from the keyboard.
  11. You can still have a backup of your files. Just copy /paste the whole audio folder or whatever it is you’re worried about messing up to a different drive. Data is data and is easy to move around and make duplicate copies of. You could move the whole works to a external drive and open the bundles from there etc And don’t use bundles anymore they are a PITA.
  12. You should not need a plug in for levels. Each track has a gain and a fader. Then the vocals should be all going to a dedicated vocal bus for further adjustments to the mix. I have a tutorial where I demonstrate my personal workflow for balancing my mix. It might be exactly what you need right now to achieve your goal. #22. Then also #15 and 210 are about mixing basics
  13. Exactly! There’s no risk if you have safety copies of all your work. Storage is cheap, I have probably over 5 copies of most of my Projects. All are in folders and all are both saved as Midi and CWP files.
  14. Video #8 shows you how #3 is also recommended for learning about Cakewalks GUI
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