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  1. Cactus Music

    Forum members /home country ?

    Southern Interior of BC Canada
  2. Cactus Music

    Using Bandlab Sonar live?

    I would not even think about using anything live that even had a .1% chance of crashing or freezing.. I use wave files.. 20 years and never a crash
  3. Cactus Music

    problems with USB sound cards UAD Apollo

    +1 to what Jim said , And look for one with a Ferrite choke.
  4. Cactus Music

    Strange loss of volume on midi tracks [Solved ]

    First open the event list and look for any CC events. Volume is 7 but there are others that can also change level. You can also look in PVR and make sure your velocities are all where they belong as well as open the lower event pane and select CC7. . Then open the GUI for the VST and look at the volume/ level controls. If there are hidden events that change them you will see the knobs or sliders move when the song plays. Example turn up the GUI level and start the song. IF it jumps back to where it was there is a controller hidden somewhere. Also open the automation lane for the VST instrument track and look there.
  5. Cactus Music

    monitor out to headphones

    I have the 6i6, The mix control software is capable of any mix your heart desires. You'll just have to take the time to understand how it works. There are lot's of good videos explaining how to set it up.
  6. Cactus Music

    How can I use Melodyne in CbB?

    I'm not sure if the convert an Audio track to midi works without Melodyne. I do remember I had installed a free copy of Home Studio to a laptop with no prior versions of Sonar present and this feature worked.
  7. Cactus Music

    2019.05 CbB Release highlights

    What scook said. There has always been the potential to make a huge mess when copy pasting. Simply put, it does not work the way one expects it to work. Please consider fixing this in the future. But thanks for the new fixes and looking forward to Ara2, I have avoided Melodyne up until now.
  8. Cactus Music

    Anyone familiar with Showplay for live SOLVED..NOPE

    Because I don't need to change the mix of my backing tracks I use Wave files and playback using Winamp. I then have a second laptop for lyrics if I need them. Mostly I have memorized 90% of my material so depending on gig I often don't even bother with the lyrics. The lyric laptop is also a back up if needed. I found the Cakewalk playlist was a little too slow to change songs and was harder to jump around if I felt the need to ad lib my set list on the fly. I use a USB foot switch ( Stealth) to control playback of Win Amp and another cheap USB foot switch to control Power point for the lyrics. Been uing this type of set up for over 15 years now and have never had any issues. I only need a very small mixer, set of powered speakers, guitar amp, few pedals and a small laptop ( netbook). I recently added a TC Voice Live box and it has added a nice touch to the vocals.
  9. Cactus Music

    Use of Bluetooth earphones?

    I was excited when I bought these nice Sony Bluetooth phones but huge disappointment when I tried them with cakewalk. The latency even made editing hard to do because what you see and what you hear is off time.
  10. Cactus Music

    Start-Up Views and MIDI Settings

    For me it is my saved lens. Even old projects open with the console view on my second monitor.
  11. Cactus Music

    Main Fader to control Volume

    You have to make the master buss the default. Make sure all you tracks outputs are sent to the master buss they are probably going directly to your interface you can test this by muting the master buss. If you still hear audio then it is being bypassed
  12. Cactus Music

    What am I getting into going from Platinum to CBB

    There has been plenty of threads about this topic and all will tell you the same. CbB is pretty painless Upgrade. If you already have Sonar then CbB is an upgrade with more stability and improvements. In my opinion only a fool would still be using Sonar. The only objection that I’ve heard is those who still oddly enough want 32 bit
  13. Cactus Music

    Exporting Files from Sonar to Cubase

    I ported over a few projects back when we were all looking for a new DAW to replace Gibson Sonar. It was possibly an hours work, but I had no issues. Firstly, if your project has a lot of midi then your more than half way there. Just save your CbB song as a midi file. Name the tracks after the synth used and in my case I made sure they were using different midi channels just to be safe. Also have presets saved for each synth. This will open in Cubase and play using the default GM player. Now just re assign the tracks to the synths you used in Cakewalk and load the presets. This should result in the exact same playback as Cakewalk. For audio bounce all audio to create a continuous tracks . Make sure to name them clearly. Drag and drop these from the cakewalk project audio folder to blank Cubase audio tracks. For me it all worked easily but you will be missing any pro channel stuff from the mix.
  14. If there is only one tempo listed in the tempo map, then changing the tempo in the widget is global for the whole song. But if the tempo map has any more than one tempo in the list it will override the widget. You simply delete all but the desired tempo from the list.
  15. Open the Tempo Map view, Alt-shift 5 Or from the Views dropdown, it is one of the Multi docks,