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  1. Thanks for that fitzroy never thought to use that link, all good.
  2. Hi Does anybody know where to download the Pinnacle Studio 24 Ultimate installer. Humble Bundle just links to the Pinnacle buy page, no separate installer that I can find. Thanks Brian
  3. Another $50 gets you the excellent DrumForge which is a zillion times more value, as already mentioned on these threads. https://drumforge.com/products/drumforge-classic
  4. No crash cymbals or toms in case your considering.
  5. Up goes the value of my Studio 22 +
  6. I managed to acquire Samplitude Pro X4 Suite including the Independence 70gb library, full version of Vandal and other add ons from a very active member of this forum, made my year with this upgrade. Kudo's to the very active member.
  7. Other than all the bells and whistles in AT5 does it actually sound any better than AT4. I've got the Fender packs which I've compared in AT5 and don't notice any sonic difference. To be honest I'm not struck on the new GUI so unless there are hidden benefits I'm in no hurry to move over. What say you.
  8. Personally I would stick with the UltraPAK 2021 upgrade, getting the Ultra+ you only gain the BIAB Song/Lesson pack. The huge jump in price up to the Audiophile pack is because all the RealTracks are uncompressed WAV files and a few more RealTracks. Have you thought to asked your question up on the BIAB forum, some good experienced buyers on the forum. Brian
  9. Free access to the December Sound on Sound magazine. https://www.soundonsound.com/digital-magazine
  10. Thanks Marco done and dusted, thanks for the heads up.
  11. Is the English version available any where as yet.
  12. They do have a 'Easy Payment Plan' on checkout if that helps your decision, the purchase cost is split evenly over 4 months with the first payment a month after purchase. Again it's a difficult one which package to buy (or can afford) but the MegaPak is a good step up from Pro. December is the time they bring out the new release, and most often than not have good discounts.
  13. Hi, On my Cakewalk setup the Export to Bandlab is top right.
  14. I stand corrected the VST plugins are now showing, I've got two folders one 'VSTPlugins' the other 'VST Plugins' (notice the space) Now I've added a link to both folders in plugin manager all VST's have been recognized. Scott is this maybe why Bias Amp 2 is not showing.?
  15. Hi, I didn't realize that Bias Amp 2 wasn't available in Cakewalk until your thread. I've just done a scan and yes the Bias Amp 2 VST is not showing in the plugin manager, in fact no VST plugins are showing in the manager. I've pointed the scan to all my system VST folders and re scanned but nothing shows. The only plugins showing are the VST 3 plugins. Can other users please check if VST plugins are scanning. Using Cakewalk 2020.09
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