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  1. A crazy price for an upgrade I just don't get Magix's logic!
  2. https://www.positivegrid.com/pages/fx2-le-redeem?
  3. Hi, Joanne's pricing seems good now that the PGMusic sale is finished, just remember that the BIAB Pro version is a bit limited with how many realtracks you get. Not sure if you know you can split the cost over four equal monthly payments if you bought from PGMusic. Just my tuppence. Brian
  4. Any idea when the English version of the magazine comes out, can't seem to find a link. Thanks
  5. Rest in musical peace Jeff.
  6. The upgrade prices directly from the PGMusic web site are a lot cheaper at the moment with their sale (or am I missing something)
  7. Hi out of interest what IR's are you using for your system.
  8. $19.99 (reg $99) ACOUSTIC VOICE GUITAR PREAMP Weekend Sale using code ACOUSTIC1999 at checkout www.nembriniaudio.com
  9. Great addition to the T-RackS but no VST with this one?
  10. Not as though I'm objecting, as the Nembrini sale is such good value, but the PLUGIN70 doesn't work still going for the PLUGIN60 though. Just picked up the NA Acoustic Voice and the NA Voice DC30 such good sims well chuffed.
  11. No big deal but do you need to own Studio One to get this.
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