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  1. Odd that both Musiciansfriend and Guitarcenter put up the same price or are they the same company.
  2. I got the email from Magix which includes the Roli serial number and link to Roli for download. Not sure if it's my cup of tea, more for dance four on the floor stuff so probably won't use it. Brian
  3. I find the Ashampoo Snap is useful and easy for quick capture, and it's free. https://www.ashampoo.com/en/gbp/lpa/gift
  4. Welcome back Larry.
  5. The free July edition of Sound on Sound is out. Main article is a full review of Melodyne 5 https://www.soundonsound.com/ Brian
  6. Sent a ticket to Kaussa asking same question about no reverb on their (Fender) Matchlock. Maybe if any Kaussa users here send multiple requests it might 'spring' them into adding it.
  7. Nice to have another "Computer Music" style of magazine to read with the download goodies thanks Mr Beat.
  8. Wow looks very interesting as I do own Vermillion and MatchLock plus a few Kaussa pedals. Like the look of using different skins, plus I wondered why they did not have reverb on MatchLock they want you to use their pedals. Downloading and will install today.
  9. Just the Amp no Tiny Terror 1x12 speaker
  10. Thanks very much Canopus for your Carbon theme. I also use Samplitude Pro X as my DAW which has a Carbon "skin" maybe a touch darker than yours. Anyway I find it really nice to have the two DAWS in the similar colour, a good work flow for me. Brian
  11. Cakewalk by Bandlab rises again well done and thanks zillions.
  12. Be careful with this update it makes standalone loading time a lot longer on my computer plus seems to use more cpu in my daw. I'm sticking with 2.1.8 till they sort things out.
  13. Thanks to Drums On Demand. I downloaded the very nice Nothin' But Brushes set.
  14. I guess they all need the Full Kontakt player anyone. ?
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