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  1. So I'm just starting to play around with composing. I play piano, so figure I will start there, and maybe experiment with orchestral stuff, too. If I have a musical idea, I'll set up a track, hit record and play a few bars. So far, so good. The issue I'm running into is that the notes don't quite line up with the beats. They're pretty close, but they need some tweaking. I've been doing this in the piano roll, but it is really tedious. The other approach I've taken is to use the regular sheet music staff. Last night, I attempted to add a simple bar of 8th notes. All looked good, but when I played the track, they were slightly off. So then, I go into the piano roll, and try to move them ever so slightly. All the videos I've seen on youtube show people recording tracks with the metronome going, and things seem to turn out great, but when I do it, notes slightly out of place, and fixing them manually takes a long time. Is there some setting I should be using to make things easier, or maybe another program all together? At this point, it almost seems easier if I just use blank manuscript paper and a pencil. I am very new to all this, but doing it on the computer just seems so tedious.
  2. Nice, thanks for the info, guys!
  3. I'm running CW on Win10 and using the audio card that came with my PC. Everything seems to be working fine, but just wondering if there are better audio drivers I should get, or just stick with the defaults. As it is now, this is what I'm running:
  4. Thanks, I will try to pinpoint when it happens, as it seems pretty random. The last few times I've been playing around, everything ran smoothly.
  5. No, I didn't even have anything recorded. I was just playing around with all the sounds, so luckily I didn't lose any unsaved work. I think so. I just DL'd it last week. Since it happens with other plugins, could it be a driver issue? Are there any additional drivers I need to download for CW? I'm just using my PC's audio card now, which I think is Realtek.
  6. So, interestingly enough, I don't think LABS is the problem. I was using a different VST plugin the other day, and the same thing happened—CW just closes without warning. This usually seems to happen when I'm changing sounds (like in LABS, say I'd switch from strings to piano, or whatever). It's also very intermittent. Wonder if it's some kind of driver issue? I also had Ableton Lite do the same thing. Maybe it's a windows 10 thing?
  7. Thanks! Glad it's not just me having the issue. It's too bad because I really like the LABS stuff so far. I hope they can get it sorted out.
  8. Just wondering if anyone else ran into this....I was trying out Spitfire Labs with Cakewalk and everything would crash and close. Sometimes it'd happen right away, other times it'd be after I switched instruments. Funny thing is, it was happening when I had a Nektar keyboard hooked up. I was just playing around now using the virtual keyboard, and no issues. BTW, I am totally new to Cakewalk and DAWs in general, so am pretty clueless when it comes this stuff. I didn't like the keys on the Nektar board, so I'm getting a little 32-key Arturia instead. We'll see how that goes 😀
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