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  1. I get in now.

    Thanks guys for help.

    8 hours ago, bdickens said:

    I thought that "mastering" was the final step....

    It all started with my brand new project template, where I decided to have my ProChanell prepared with HP on waiting for me. Then I wanted to cut 26 second out of my mastered track for FB story promo and I've noticed red light on my meters :) I will update my track template and turn HP off and  will remember this lesson. Thanks again


    One last  thing:

    If you have spare minutes during the day

    please  listen to my music. All made in CbB  :) 



    3 hours ago, David Baay said:

    Phase shifts caused by non-linear-phase EQing (or other processing) can cause peaks to change by small amounts. Put a loudness meter in the bin, or just switch the meter to RMS, and I doubt you will see an increase anywhere.

    I tried few loudness meters, I tried RMS but none of it makes any difference - still after switching HP on I get this boost.

    So what are you trying to explain me is that I should not worry about this?  Do I understand it well?

    It is normal? Do you have the same? 

    What about situation when I have mastered track loaded and I want to treat it with HP filter?  Yes I will have less low end but also at the same time boost in volume till its clipping.  Should it be this way? 

  3. In the plugin browser at the bottom you have an info about whats going on in the ...plugin browser. So when you select a plugin it will tell you  many things.  Usually the manufacturer, version, VST nature,  64/32bit and more :)

  4. Hi there

    Can anyone be so kind and explain me why by just turning on the HP filter on ProChanell EQ it gives boost around 1dB?

    Please try this and say if you get same result:

    Load a mastered track (loud one).

    Only EQ is on. No other plugins. Just empty EQ and HP is set on smallest value both frequency and slope. Play a track and toggle between HP on/off and watch the meters. Sometimes smaller value but sometimes up to 1dB is boosted. I can even scope with HP up to 400 Hz and it still boost the meter higher than without HP.

    It happens only on mastered tracks and not on tracks that are lower in vol.


    Please watch the video:



    Feel invited to listen to my music. All made in CbB :)


  5. On 5/26/2022 at 3:43 PM, scook said:

    I don't believe so.

    Not all functions are exposed for (re)mapping.

    That said, AutoHotkey or something similar is a skill worth picking up.

    For example, here is the AutoHotkey script that maps the (currently unbound) F2 function key to CTRL+i in CbB (and only CbB)

    When CbB has focus, press the F2 key and CbB receives CTRL+i.



    Ok, Im in AutoHotkey club now 

    But Im having problem with my short cut for Inspector pane 

    I want to make Ctrl+Tab AutoHotkey do what Ctrl+I in CbB does and Im trying to use your template (just replacing your F2 with my Ctrl+Tab) but it does not work (I got an error)

    My sript is: 

    #If WinActive("ahk_exe i)Cakewalk.exe") 


    Error message says: Line Text^{Tab}:: ^i

    What do I do wrong?

    Can you please help @scook

  6. Hello everyone.

    Is this a bug?

    Few times already I've noticed that in some projects all markers that I've created are gone and the marker bar is filled with random markers named with the names from the tracks from the project.

    Have you experienced this?

    Was it some secret keyboard shortcut that I've incidentally pressed or is it a genuine bug?

  7. Hello again

    Why sometimes dragging EQ settings between projects (CTRL + drag from smaller window of bus (or ProChannel) to same smaller window in other project) work fine and sometimes (lately most of the times) dont work at all?

    I know I can save EQ settings as a preset and load it in other projects but dragging was soooo muuuch simpler and faster.

  8. 30 minutes ago, Promidi said:

    I opened up Customisation | Keyboard Shortcuts (Advanced) and I was able to find “Show/hide ProChannel” under the Area “Console View” rather than “Global bindings”

    From there, you can assign another key binding to “Show/hide ProChannel”

    This is a good one. Although works only in console view it does make things easier than navigating with mouse cursor to the  tiny arrow.

    Thanks - already assigned my custom shortcut to it.


    And regarding Inspector...

    33 minutes ago, scook said:

    I don't believe so.

    Not all functions are exposed for (re)mapping.

    That said, AutoHotkey or something similar is a skill worth picking up.

    For example, here is the AutoHotkey script that maps the (currently unbound) F2 function key to CTRL+i in CbB (and only CbB)

    When CbB has focus, press the F2 key and CbB receives CTRL+i.



    I guess I will try them AutoHotkeys :)

    Thanks once again 

  9. Hello everyone.

    I see on the  web Cakewalk documentation that  on keyboard shortcut list there is shortcut for "Show/hide ProChannel"  >> CTRL+I - works fine.

    But In Cakewalk keyboard shortcuts I cant see this position.

    Would  be nice  to change CTRL +I for something easier (manageable with one hand) as i use this option very often. 

    Beside this one  I have found many other shortcuts that exist but are not customisable. Can I unlock them somehow?



    Mu music:


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  10. 5 hours ago, scook said:

    The short answer is No.

    There is no way to alter the default track to either preload PC settings or swap it for a track template in CbB.

    I created a shortcut using AutoHotkey to load a specific track template, in this example, a template for guitar. The script, bound Windows+Space, opens the template import dialog then navigates to my custom template folder then loads the guitar track template.


    Thanks for answering.

    I guess I will stick with my Cakewalk shortcut.

    Best regards

  11. 9 hours ago, John Vere said:

    Yes projects and templates and track templates will all save Pro Channel settings. You can also save pre sets within in the prochannel.  Click on the little icon that is in the upper left corner. 


    Thanks.  I already have my ProChannel presets saved (for whole ProChannel and for individual modules). The question is:  can I have them loaded as a default when creating new tracks? 

    Or other way: track template  - I have it saved  but I wish I could  use it as a default track when creating each new track. Becouse is a bit longer way to insert a new track from template than  new default track . I use shortcut to do it and  instead of one keyboars stroke (create new track) I have here  operation: Keyboard shortcut>>navigating with mouse to select desired track template>> double mouse click. Would I ask for too much if I wanted to have it done with just one click?



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  12. Hi all.

    I managed to set my project template axcactly as I want it exept the ProChannel modules settings. There I have created a compresor settings preset and EQ type (G-Type instead of default Hybryd) and I have it all nicely done ready for me on the first track that is opened on each new project, but every next new track I create is back to default oryginal setting ignoring my presets - Compressor is reset and EQ is back to Hybrid mode.

    Am I doing something wrong?

    Can we save ProChannel modules settings in a project template?



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  13. On 5/18/2022 at 8:34 PM, Frank DeFede said:

    And then, if I need to change something in the clip in Melodyne is there a way to go back and edit.

    Unfortunately no. After bouncing to clip or rendering clip it is not possible to go back and edit it in Melodyne. But you can always go through the process again - go with that edited clip again to Melodyne and tweak once more, but here ( same Tresha mentioned ) I always before do the copy of that clip for editing so I have the oryginal clip as a backup, as reference or as a alternative version, but the way I do it - maybe not the best, but easy and quick if you don't want to multiply tracks - is to make a copy of that clip on another take lane, so it stays on the same track. I find it convenient and easy to AB the results of editing.

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  14. On 5/5/2022 at 9:44 PM, msmcleod said:

    There's no single operation to delete them all, but you can do it this way:
    1.  Right click -> Convert to FX Chain
    2.  Press the Del key

    Great idea!

    My way of doing this is clicking and holding  with left mouse button any  plugin in the FX bin and then hitting "delete" on my keyboard - as many times as there are plugins in FX bin - its easy and fun :) 


  15. My friend is having similar issue - sometimes Melodyne will loose data, but! He is using a crack version 🤮, so I guess this maybe the reason. Im not trying to acuse you for cracking but If your version is oryginal than your issue is  strange - try contact the custom service of Melodyne. What I can write at the end of my message - always do the backups of your project at several stages of the progress  -  this way maybe you might have this missing data saved.


  16. Freezing will freeze all whats happening on the clip, fx bin and the pro channel - so all automation done to that elements while freezed will be lost when unfreeze. BUT whats happening on the TRACK automation lanes - vol, pan, sends automation - is free from freezing and you can tweak it as much as you want no matter if your track is freezed or unfreezed.

  17. Hi

    When I work on audio transients and have several track opened in transient view when selecting with lasso markers they get selected in a strange, unpredictable way - please watch short video - I caught em red handed!!  


     Is it a bug or am I doing something wrong? 

    ...and sometimes it is an issue and other times it is not and everything works fine in the same project in the same place!

    Second thing is that when I move markers and then save project and quit. Later Im opening it back (in a default clip view) and some transients seem to be back at their previous places BUT when I switch to audio transient view THEN markers jump into new places! So as long im in the clip view I see and hear old clip.

    Another problem:

    The other day I was working on snare . I worked with transient markers and move them in places where I want em, but after bouncing clips some markers moved to different positions. Tried it several times and each time not all markers were where I left them.  Any suggestions on what Im donig wrong?

    Thanks in advance


    My works: https://wojciechstecyszyn.bandcamp.com/

  18. Hello everyone. Before I'll open new topic i'll try here:

    Im afraid that the more I read about pan law the more I get confused. But I know what excatly Im looking for: pan law settings that will make my mono button on my master bus turn my mix excactly in the way as if I would export my mix in stereo and play it through a mono (say usb) speaker.  Is it possible? 



    my music: https://metapop.com/wojciech-stecyszyn

  19. So you guys suggest to hold them back as long as possible and install them later?

    Mine is 21H1 but honestly I don't know if it's good or bad or neutral and should I do anything about it....

    Still bit confused about all this, cause some people are suggesting me to keep on updating and other suggestiing to stay away from updates as far as possible.

     Btw Im using my laptop not only for music but as a regular day to day computer

    Another question is should I turn off automatic updates and make Win10 ask each time before downloading? Can I leave it there as  a way to prevent ant updates ever?

    Regarding disk image - I will make one right away! Thanks for advice 




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