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  1. @Jim Fogle Sorry, I couldn't a VSTI in any of my plugins
  2. Hi Nigal! Thank you for you response! I see what you mean and I do click on the instruments when I do "Add new" Resetting in Preferences didn't work, is there another way I can put my uncatigorized instruments into the instruments section in my plugins?
  3. Hi Jim!Thank you so much for the response! I do have The instrument suit installed, At first I didn't, but now that I have that nothing has changed
  4. Hi there! I am new to using Cakewalk, I installed it for the first time two ago. I recently have followed a YouTube video on how to set up and start using Cakewalk. Here is the link to that video. After I followed the step of settinm up the vst plugins, my plugins don't start to work. Cake walk says that is ditects 44 plugins, but I'm not able to use any of them in the software. I've attched a photo to this post that shows that I have Instrument plugins installed in my plugins. (They are 32 bit however my friend says that it doesn't really matter) Neither of us could figure what was wrong. I am wondering if anyone here has had the same problem or can shade some light on what I need to do! Thank you!
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