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  1. Sample Library Review contributor Pete Checkley reviews Modular Moods by PulseSetter Sounds "If you’re looking for a collection of modular pads, plucks, sequences and construction kits for your next cue, this might be the library for you!" Thoughts and demos: https://bit.ly/33AMBWy Modular Moods normally sells for $59.99 from Pulse-Setter Sounds: http://bit.ly/_PulseSetter_
  2. Each week we round up the new releases and special offers that make our radar. Updated links here: here: http://bit.ly/DealCompressor
  3. Clocks, slams, clanks, machinery, and more come to life in this unique sample set. Complete with access to all the WAV files and 2 Kontakt instruments, Steampunk will be great for anyone looking to add new dimensions to scores or trailer tracks from mechanical sound design to full-on industrial rhythms, hits, and whooshes. Steampunk is available from Fallout Music Group https://bit.ly/_FalloutMG_
  4. Hey Bapu and paulo, Thanks for the input. Most forums have a "reviews" section so I figured the Coffeehouse is the closest thing. Since I am not sharing a deal I didnt see why I would post it in the Deal section but will from now on. thanks
  5. Sample Library Review contributor Pete Checkley reviews Ethera Gold: Sahara Voices by Zero-G "Sahara Voices expands the Ethera vocals repertoire with a Middle Eastern influence. With the exquisite vocals of Clara Sorace, developer Stefano Maccarelli has built a stunning instrument with chromatic true legato, over 800 phrases, and versatile onboard effects. If you’re looking for Middle Eastern style vocals, this is certainly the instrument for you." Demos and videos: https://bit.ly/3eZiKvU Ethera Gold: Sahara Voices is available from Time+Space: https://bit.ly/3eNdVWN
  6. Capturing the style and delicate beauty of Baltic traditions, Orchestral Tools' Tallinn combines just the right elements to create a one-of-a-kind toolkit for conjuring beautiful, haunting music from the ether. Tallinn captures the award-winning Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir, the delicate strings of the Tallinn Chamber Orchestra, and the Niguliste (St. Nicholas’ Church) Tallinn, Estonia. In this video, I share a demo I mocked up using a pre-order copy of Tallinn, break down each section of the library, examine the microphone position options and then do a deep dive playing through all of the instruments and included articulationsOrchestral Tools upcoming release 'Tallinn'. Tallinn Baltic Voices and String sells for €399 from Orchestral Tools: https://bit.ly/3xbTkDR At the time of posting the library was on a special pre-order promotional pricing of €249 Get the FREE SINEPLayer here: http://bit.ly/2R6hmgF
  7. Each week we recap all the music software deals on our radar. Updated links here: http://bit.ly/DealCompressor
  8. Sample Library Review contributor Pete Checkley reviews Drum Fury 2 by Sample Logic "A follow-up extension library to the popular Drum Fury library., features the same great sampling techniques and presentation of the original yet with more unusual and lesser sampled percussive instruments. Need to turbocharge your percussive palette? Look no further." Drum Fury 2 special intro price $69.99 (reg $129.99) - http://bit.ly/DrumFury2_SL
  9. I have a rare opportunity to rethink all the gear in my studio set up and I'm on a quest to find the best gear that will work for my needs. This week I had a chance to check out a couple of interfaces from Arturia and share my thoughts and experience.
  10. The April edition of The Download Show is out! celebrating all the Free Kontakt, Vst Instruments, PLugins Effects, and Sample Packs that made our radar this month!
  11. Each week we recap the new releases and music software deals that make our radar. Updated links here: http://bit.ly/DealCompressor
  12. Vienna Symphonic Library goes BIG with these Small String Ensembles! With a top-notch sample set, a wealth of articulations, and the ability to adapt and sculpt your sound, these strings will be incredible for blending but I will be using them to stand alone on their own. Synchron Elite Strings is available from Vienna Symphonic Library: https://bit.ly/2PPpfZR
  13. Each week we recap all the music software deals on our radar. Updated links here: http://bit.ly/DealCompressor
  14. Sample Library Review contributor Pete Checkley reviews Quantum by Emergence Audio "Quantum is essentially a pad library . . . but, it’s a pad library with a difference!" More thoughts & Demos: https://bit.ly/3dj7z1C Quantum is available from Emergence Audio: https://bit.ly/3tos02m
  15. This week's Deal Compressor includes New Releases, Spring Sales, and a bundle deal from a major developer! We round up the week in this edition of the Deal Compressor Show. Updated links: http://bit.ly/DealCompressor
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