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  1. Each week we recap the special offers that make our radar.
  2. With a beautifully sampled Yamaha C3 at the core, not only will Chroma handle all of your day-to-day composing needs, it is a sound design powerhouse that needs to be played to be believed. Sample Library Review contributor Pete Checkley reviews Chroma by Sonuscore Chroma normally sells for €149 from Sonuscore: https://bit.ly/3eXYY80
  3. Each week we recap all the music software deals on our radar - An all new Deal Compressor Show is out! This week's show is sponsored by Sonuscore - CHROMA is the brand-new Sonuscore flagship piano. Get it now with a 20% introductory discount - https://bit.ly/3Url2rZ
  4. Each week we recap the deals that make our radar. Check Out Native Instruments Komplete 14: https://bit.ly/3qr0EJu
  5. Contemporary Soloists Bass brings both traditional and unique articulations together in a solo bass package with lots of character and sonic variety. Contributor Raborn Johnson reviews Contemporary Soloists Bass by Sonixinema Contemporary Soloists Bass normally sells for £99.00 from Sonixinema: http://bit.ly/_Sonix
  6. There is nothing that listeners connect with more than vocals and with Elitist Loop, AVA has bottled that contemporary chopped-vocal-magic sound with Elitist Loop. Elitist Loop normally sells for $139.33 from AVA Music Group: https://bit.ly/3CLqFuw
  7. Each week we recap all the music software deals on our radar. Upfront - Native Instruments release Ignition Keys available now for $49: https://bit.ly/3wOILYT
  8. Creating evocative and emotional textures has never been so easy. Crocus Soundware has added to their Liminal range with the all-new Chamber Strings 2. and bundles it with 4 libraries, Chamber Strings 1 (and 2), Winds, and Reeds. With an easy-to-use interface, simple yet intuitive controls, and an abundance of samples, the Liminal Bundle is perfect if you need to create an underscore that is bursting with life. Contributor Pete Checkley reviews Liminal Bundle by Crocus Soundware Liminal Bundle normally sells for $240 from Crocus Soundware: https://bit.ly/3vSEymi
  9. Each week we recap the deals that make our radar. New Deal Compressor Show is out. Upfront: Sample Logic release Synth AI - https://bit.ly/3PUoRCe Get Synth AI now for $149 (reg $249.99) until Sept 7, 2022
  10. These out-of-control, wild, & frenzied beats provide instant dub-step solutions for those looking to add hard-core, gritty samples to their music. In this quick look video, we take a look at hard-hitting kits and a nice selection of neck-snapping midi grooves in UJAMs new Berserk! BeatMaker Berserk is on a special intro price or $49 (reg $69) for a limited time: https://bit.ly/3cm7YCW
  11. This two-string Chinese bowed instrument has been created by sampling three erhus in different tunings with five microphone positions. Coupled with a huge range of articulations and onboard controls, this is the most detailed erhu instrument created. With all this in mind, the proof is in the sound and playability and the Ample China Erhu delivers this in spades. Sample Library Review contributor Pete Checkley reviews Ample China Erhu by Ample Sound
  12. Stunning! This unpredictable tape-drenched instrument breaks new ground in the low-fi-analog zone. From warbling pads to surreal keys this Tape Synth will add a new dimension for anyone wanting to add nostalgic, yet fresh sounds to their scores or songs. Tape Synths normally sells for $49 from Spitfire Audio: https://bit.ly/3QQxvTg
  13. Each week we recap the deals that make our radar. This week's upfront deal - up to 71% OFF at Sonokinetic Collection Bundle - https://bit.ly/3QBqnu6
  14. After building up a very impressive range of orchestral phrase-based libraries, Sonokinetic has quite literally taken a step back into the past with 80. This retro phrase-based library features all of the classic orchestral and synth sounds of 80s cinema. With strings, brass, and winds coupled with some imaginative synth phrases, 80 is not only a perfect foundation for retro compositions, but it’s also an incredible inspiration tool too. Sample Library Review contributor Pete Checkley reviews 80 by Sonokinetic 80 is available from Sonokinetic: https://bit.ly/3pdxxsp
  15. The week in New Releases, Summer Sales and Freebies. New Deal Compressor Show is out! This week's show is sponsored by Orchestral Tools who have announced a special offer on the Tom Holkenborg Bundle: - https://bit.ly/3Q62E5a Offer ends Aug 24, 2022
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