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  1. Chris Hein presents Octa, the first in a new instrument series focused on giving total control over orchestral samples and solo instruments. Sample Library Review contributor Brian Freeland reviews Octa by Chris Hein Octa by Chris Hein normally sells for $299 from Best Service: https://bit.ly/3Qh1sNc
  2. Each week we recap the New Releases, Dollar Deals and FREEbies that made our radar. New Deal Compressor is out! This Show was made possible by our partners and Sponsors including Native Instruments who just released Valves! CHECK OUT Valves by Native Instruments - https://bit.ly/3wakefQ
  3. One of the most beautiful symphonic string libraries I’ve yet to hear. The main bread-and-butter articulations are here, the playability is great, and the sound…wow! Sample Library Review contributor Raborn Johnson reviews Pacific Ensemble Strings by Performance Samples Pacific Ensemble Strings normally sells for $599.00 from Performance Samples: https://bit.ly/3WGZZSr
  4. Noon Instruments delves into the dystopian darkness with Toska for Kontakt Player, a Stand-Out with its sheer depth and size and a great fit for heavy dark scores. .Sample Library Review contributor Brian Freeland reviews Toska by Noon Instruments Toska normally sells for £89 from Noon Instruments: https://bit.ly/3jVy8Qo
  5. Lunaris 2 is a pad-lover’s playground. With plenty of presets, tons of customization capabilities, and even user sample import, Lunaris 2 offers just about any kind of pad you can imagine. Contributor Raborn Johnson reviews Lunaris 2 by Luftrum Lunaris 2 normally sells for $159.00 from Luftrum: https://bit.ly/3FU9s3m
  6. Holiday Deals are Hoping! New releases, dollar deals and we're sneaking in a fist full of FREEbies. The New Deal Compressor Show is out! This video is sponsored by Orchestral Tools. Their new release Salu, close-up soundscapes, is now available with a special intro price. - https://bit.ly/3W34vdU
  7. Following on from the iconic modular orchestra, Abbey Road One, Spitfire Audio is embarking on a new collection, the mighty Abbey Road Orchestra. The first installment, Low Percussion, promises to be the most detailed library Spitfire Audio has created to date. Teaming up once again with award-winning percussionist Joby Burgess and Grammy-winning engineer Simon Rhodes, these twenty massive, hard-hitting drums will lay the foundation for any powerful compositions. Featuring up to 12 round robins, 10 dynamic layers, and 16 signals, the detail is certainly in the drum! Sample Library Review contributor Pete Checkley reviews Abbey Road Orchestra: Low Percussion by Spitfire Audio Abbey Road Orchestra: Low Percussion normally sells for Normally £399 from Spitfire Audio - https://bit.ly/3Uqbih7
  8. Braaass brings phrases and recordings from the personal library of Hans Zimmer directly to your DAW. While phrase-based libraries can sometimes feel restrictive, Braaass covers a wide range of sonic territory that can make it useful in a number of applications. Contributor Raborn Johnson reviews Braaass by Ujam Symphonic Elements Braaass normally sells for $169 from UJAM - https://tinyurl.com/566ctf2e
  9. We're celebrating all those deepest discounts for instruments, effects and plugins UNDER $30! - Black Weekend Dollar Deals Show is out Today's show is sponsored by Orchestral Tools who have launched their Black Fridays Sale with 50% off Metropolis Ark bundle and 50% off Creative Soundpacks bundle - http://bit.ly/3VarkvX
  10. We're here to help you navigate through the Black Weekend Madness! I was surprised to be so many new releases on Black Friday afternoon and so many limited-time deals . . . and FREEbies all in this special edition of the Deal Compressor. This show is sponsored by Sonuscore who's Black November Sale is live - Up 50% discount across the Orchestra Complete 2, Elysion, Origins Series, Glow Series, Bundle Deals, sales on Native Instruments Products, and a brand new FREEbie! - https://bit.ly/_Sonuscore_
  11. We're celebrating Black Friday in style with a special Deal Compressor Show highlighting the top picks and the deepest discounts on bundles we have seen yet . . with 4 Black Friday FREEbies - our Best of Black Friday Show is out!
  12. Black Weekend New Releases . . . So Many New Instruments on Intro Prices . . oh and a couple FREEbies we found throughout the show. New Deal Compressor Show is out! This show is sponsored by Soundiron - Black Friday has begun. Save up to 50% OFF Store-Wide and 25% OFF the OMEGA Bundle - https://bit.ly/3qt28TQ
  13. Metropolis Ark 0 gives you a Tutti orchestra focusing on dark, deep, bold, and often very loud perspectives. A nice entry library for those who may be new to Orchestral Tools or the Metropolis Ark series, and a welcome free update to those who own the rest. Sample Library Review contributor Brian Freeland reviews Metropolis Ark 0 by Orchestral Tools Metropolis Ark Ø normally sells for €150 from Orchestral Tools http://bit.ly/3Vp3PPc
  14. We have seen a massive amount of special offers this November as holiday sales near full swing! In this special edition of the Deal Compressor Show, we're sharing the Deepest Discounts, Dollar Deals, our picks, and 5 FREEbies we don't think you will want to miss!
  15. Thrilled to share Sample Library Review's annual BLACK FREE-DAY -our special show dedicated to FREE VSTs & Kontakt Instruments, Sample Packs and Plugins for November 2022 - The Download Show
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