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  1. Each month we recap the FREE Vst & Kontakt Instruments, Sample Packs and more that make our radar. Links to everything mentioned in the show here: https://bit.ly/3EHCh0j
  2. Each week we recap all the music software deals on our radar. Links to everything in the video description.
  3. Few multi-sampled fiddle libraries are worth considering for scoring but Insanity Samples Folk Fiddle 2’s extensive set of articulations, 4 legato types, & mix flexibility allow for a range of character and grit . . just what you want in a fiddle. Folk Fiddle 2 - Beatnik Roots Violin normally sells for $140.00 from Insanity Samples: https://bit.ly/3tFDRKU Also mentioned in this video: Delphi Piano #1: Autumn 1958 from Soundiron - http://bit.ly/Soundiron
  4. Orchestral Tools signals a radical change in what to expect from an entry-level orchestral instrument. Curated with the same sample set as the acclaimed Berlin series of sample libraries, Berlin Orchestra comes with everything you need for creating authentic orchestrations with a proven sample set that has served professionals for years. In this video, we check out Berlin Orchestra to get a feel for the output and hear the instruments in action. See full written review here: https://bit.ly/3CeJO4x Berlin Orchestra created with Berklee normally sells for €849 (Special intro price of €649 until September 22, 2021) from Orchestral Tools: https://bit.ly/3jSD6e5
  5. Each week we recap the new release and sales that make our radar
  6. Wonderful additions to the Abbey Road One collaboration, Spitfire Audio expands the series with focused, useful tools for quickly creating orchestral scores . . . all with the magical sound of Abbey Road Studio One. Abbey Road One Grand Brass normally sells for $49 from Spitfire Audio - https://bit.ly/3DoRHG1 Abbey Road One Wondrous Flutes normally sells for $49 from Spitfire Audio - https://bit.ly/33MyAVv
  7. Each week we recap the latest releases and special offers on our radar.
  8. Contributor Pete Checkley reviews Neo Strings by Insanity Samples "One of my favourite solo string libraries . . full of character, a little darker and rather avant-garde. Insanity samples have spent the last six months tweaking, updating and upgrading Neo strings into a powerhouse string package. I was enamored with the first version and the extra features enhance an already brilliant instrument." Neo Strings normally sells for £199 from Insanity Samples - https://bit.ly/2YpuLGJ
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  10. We all have our go-to pianos and keyboards, but this collection of 10 modern instruments adds and entirely new dimension. Skybox Audio has created a sonic playground . . .with all of this content in mind, will Hammers + Waves become your new go-to for all things keyboard? Contributor Pete C reviews Hammers + Waves by Skybox Audio Hammers + Waves is available from Skybox Audio - https://bit.ly/3j4wAR7
  11. Each week we recap the new releases and deals on our radar.
  12. Full of unique timbres straight from his recording projects, Weder's sample libraries are little gems. With two character-filled releases from the composer, these instruments will add depth and inspiration to many scores and songs alike. Offical walkthroughs here: https://bit.ly/3gzU2Eg Oliver Patrice Weder - The Pool Project & OPW normally sells for $29 each from Spitfire Audio / SA Recordings - https://bit.ly/3sqh84T
  13. Promising to be emotional, agile, and contain articulations like no other, the demos certainly speak for themselves. With so many solo string instruments on offer, what makes the Emotional series stand out from the crowd? Today I will take a good look at the series to find out. Sample Library Review contributor Pete Checkley reviews Emotional Cello, Emotional Viola & Emotional Violin by Best Service/ Harmonic Subtones Demos and official videos here: https://bit.ly/3yrAtUR Emotional Cello, Emotional Viola & Emotional Violin normally sells for €199 each at Best Service - http://bit.ly/2SPMgw8
  14. Each week we round up the new releases, special offers and new freebies that make our radar in the Deal Compressor Show All in video description or here: http://bit.ly/DealCompressor https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nt_NBOtmoTA
  15. Ashlight rounds out the granular trilogy in style! With new functionality in the engine and an amazing set of presets for jumping-off points, this instrument is perfect for creating dark, pulsating scores! Ashlight by Native Instruments is on a special intro price of $149 (reg $199) until Sept 13 here: https://bit.ly/3xJ1pim For all details visit the official Ashlight page at Native Instruments - https://bit.ly/3xJ1pim
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