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  1. Each week we recap all the music software deals on our radar. Deal Compressor links here: http://bit.ly/DealCompressor
  2. With a multi-layered sequencer and up to ten round robins across four velocity layers, Bombay Glassware 2 can add a sense of beauty and mystery to your tracks. This boutique library is small, but deeply sampled and has some great articulations that can be layered to great effect. Contributor Raborn Johnson reviews Bombay Glassware 2 by Insanity Samples Bombay Glassware 2 normally sells for £49.00 from Insanity Samples - https://bit.ly/2IwSZGT
  3. The Unfinished is at the very top of his game with his latest four soundsets for Zebra, Repro and Serum. They encompass a variety of styles from delicate, electronica musings to powerful and futuristic sounds, ideal for modern soundtracks. For synth programming with a cinematic edge they are inspirational as feature sounds and supremely useful as supportive elements. - Contributor Sam Burt reviews the 2021 releases of The Unfinished See Interview with Matt B of the Unfinished here: https://www.samplelibraryreview.com/the-reviews/interview-matt-bowdler-of-the-the-unfinished-january-2022/ Written review about The Unfinished Soundsets https://www.samplelibraryreview.com/the-reviews/year-in-review-the-unfinished-zebra-repro-serum-presets-soundsets/
  4. Each week we recap the new releases, sales offers, and freebies that made our radar.
  5. If exquisite sounding, detailed woodwinds are your thing, Synchron Woodwinds is one attractive package -with stacks of articulations, various microphone mixes, and woodwind fx. Contributor Pete C reviews Synchron Woodwinds by Vienna Symphonic Library Synchron Woodwinds is available from Vienna Symphonic Library - https://bit.ly/3qqFWtW
  6. New release, dollar deals, special offers and freebies - New Deal Compressor Show is out!
  7. Last chance on Holiday Sales, New Releases & Dollar Deals - This weeks Deal Compressor Show is out!
  8. Completing the series, Orchestral Tools knocks it out of the park with a dramatic & inspiring toolkit full of incredibly sampled sections & pre-orchestrated combinations chock full of flare - Metropolis Ark 5 is a perfect way to round out the series. Metropolis Ark 5 normally sells for €449.00 from Orchestral Tools. -https://bit.ly/3etbYix At the time of posting Metropolis Ark 5 is on an introductory promo price of €249.00 until January 4, 2022
  9. Christmas Sales are in full gear! This week we recap the new releases, Holiday Sales and a few great limited-time available FREEbies. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OorQJcsANKA
  10. Our Annual Best of 2021 Awards Show Out! Celebrating the Year's Best Sample Libraries, Virtual Instruments, and Plugins. Full show notes with links to everything mentioned and reviews: https://bit.ly/3yOHdhi
  11. Music Software News & Sales for December 20, 2021 The New Deal Compressor Show is out!
  12. This hybrid cinematic percussion machine features 364 loops and 364 single hits that are ready to go into your next blockbuster production. Earlier this year, The Very Loud Indeed Co. wowed me with their synth sound design packs and I couldn’t wait to see what they would come up with in Kontakt. Sample Library Review contributor Pete Checkley reviews Mobilis by The Very Loud Indeed Co. More demos, videos and details on Mobilis here: https://bit.ly/3dWvKT1 Mobilis normally sells for $79 from The Very Loud Indeed Co. - https://bit.ly/3x4yW7T
  13. Sample Library Review contributor Raborn Johnson reviews Abbey Road Two Iconic Strings by Spitfire Audio “Capturing the intimate sound of a string quintet and the crisp, detailed sound of Abbey Road Studio Two with possibly the best short articulations available today,.”
  14. Sample Library Review contributor Pete Checkley reviews Omen by Silence+Other Sounds "Comprising of various vocal beds, rhythms, shouts, and percussion, Omen a truly unique library with a wide range of vocal content" Omen - Ritual Voices and War Chants normally sells for $79 from Silence+Other Sounds - https://bit.ly/3cBNS3O
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