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  1. Yes, maybe just time to make the effort to change my workflow :).
  2. Thanks msmcleod, I knew this but it's for one enveloppe ;). Thanks Bristol_Jonesey, it could do the trick but I tried and it's too much confusing as it's not reflected on the automation lane and there is no clue that an offset is set on a track (or I missed it).
  3. Hello, I have severeral buses with Volume automation on them. I would like to use the CTRL tip to select all my buses and lower the volume on all buses but of course, buses that have automation keep their volume once I hit play. I can edit the automation by selecting all points and lower them but I would like to know if there is a way to lower the entire automation by lowering the Output Volume ? I hope it's clear.
  4. Answer of Roland (summary) : time to move on... At about 2000 $ the device, I replied that if they pay me back, I can move on. When I see RME Audio providing drivers since XP SP2 to Windows 11, I think Roland is far behind. Anyway, I'm glad it works with W11 despite the bad will of Roland.
  5. Ok, thanks both of you, it's a good news. I didn't upgrade to Windows 11 for that reason. That said, I don't see, for now, reasons to upgrade 🙃. I wrote to Roland to explain them that they should take example on RME Audio for the support they provide to old products.
  6. Hello, does anybody try if the VS-700C works under Windows 11. As it's a bit tricky to have it works with Windows 10, I wonder about W11 ? Thanks.
  7. Hello, if I select tracks and hold CTRL to change a value for selected tracks, it works in track view but not if tracks are in a closed folder (works if this folder is opened). Is it me or it's a bug ?
  8. Thanks all, I'm gonna lowering all tracks using the grouping control. Special thanks to John Vere for his detailed post.
  9. Thanks for your answers. Another question either on lowering Gain control or using a limiter : the fact that the sum of what entering in the Master Bus is above 0 dB is not a problem as long as the final output is under 0 dB to avoid clipping ?
  10. Hello, My mix is near the 0 dB on the Master Bus. All tracks go to busses and some tracks have Send to a Reverb Bus. I just would like to know what is the right way to reach the level I want : - lowering all busses including the Reverb one - lowering all tracks Thanks
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