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  1. Hello, if I select tracks and hold CTRL to change a value for selected tracks, it works in track view but not if tracks are in a closed folder (works if this folder is opened). Is it me or it's a bug ?
  2. Thanks all, I'm gonna lowering all tracks using the grouping control. Special thanks to John Vere for his detailed post.
  3. Thanks for your answers. Another question either on lowering Gain control or using a limiter : the fact that the sum of what entering in the Master Bus is above 0 dB is not a problem as long as the final output is under 0 dB to avoid clipping ?
  4. Hello, My mix is near the 0 dB on the Master Bus. All tracks go to busses and some tracks have Send to a Reverb Bus. I just would like to know what is the right way to reach the level I want : - lowering all busses including the Reverb one - lowering all tracks Thanks
  5. Ok, thanks for this quick and complete answer. Time to switch :).
  6. Hello, I still use Sonar Platinum but this week-end, I used another computer in an other location where I usually work to record a band and I installed Cakewalk by Bandlab for it. I found my marks with no problem and from what I read in the thread, the switch worth it. That's said I have 3 questions (I don't read the thread entirely, sorry if it has been already asked) : - what about VST/VSTi that were included with Sonar : Melodyne, Dimension Pro etc... Can I install them from the .exe I have in my Command Center folder or Command Center is needed for authorization ? And for Melodyne, I can't find it in Command Center folder ? - where can I find preferences used in Sonar Platinum to import them in Cakewalk by Bandlab ? - does it work with the VS-700C as in Sonar Platinum ? Thanks.
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