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  1. Wookiee

    T-here t' T-here

    Thank you Freddy J, you are impressive yourself.
  2. As t said classic Freddy J nice as ever, will keep the furry ears for the Covid recovered vocal, not sure it needs it really Freddy.
  3. Wookiee

    Sentimental Mind

    Good to see and hear you Kakku.
  4. Very nice, bright airy mix, space for everything to breath. Sweet Steve very Sweet
  5. Wookiee

    Bump it up

    Cool grooving sir cool grooving.
  6. @Cannimagine historically when new versions of SONAR where released they installed in a parallel directory within the Cakewalk directory structure. On my current machine I have both SONAR Platinum and CbB. Within the Cakewalk directory tree there are two significant directories SONAR Platinum which hold the program code unique to SONAR Platinum Cakewalk Core which holds the program code unique toCakewalk by Bandlab Then there is the other directories that are shared by both programs. I suspect that when Cakewalk Sonar is released we will see a new directory in that tree which will hold the code unique to it. All we need to do is patiently wait whilst it finishes baking in the Cakewalk oven.
  7. Wookiee

    T-here t' T-here

    I am blessed, Ms Wookiee has in the past brought me, an Ibanez guitar, a Novation KS Rack, Korg's M1 and Wavestation in VST when they were first released as the initial Digital legacy, Arturia's CS-80 VST version 1 pre the V collections. She is a beautiful soul.
  8. Wookiee

    T-here t' T-here

    @Supa Reels if you haven't tried them give the Moog Moogafooger FX a try, very analogue, capable of some deeply disturbing effects. It may be why you thought I used the Z3TA+2.
  9. For clarity Bandlab purchased the intellectual property rights to the source code related the software SONAR. They did not purchase the business Cakewalk Inc. or any other aspect of the business. That is still owned by Gibson. Any grief over what was paid to Gibson needs to be taken up with them Gibson. At the time, 2017, a class action was discussed but we realised we would probably lose more money than it was worth pursuing.
  10. Wookiee

    T-here t' T-here

    There are always options, the muse didn't bring me that one, thanks for thecears and time, no Z3TA +2 this time but there is always a future possibility. Synths are picked at random sometimes other times because of their capabilities.
  11. Wookiee

    T-here t' T-here

    Thanks Lynn, possibly , I was experimenting with those new toys that arrived during black Friday and around.
  12. I like to groove of this, good tubes sir good tubes.
  13. Another cover, one from a lter album that I don't know. My only thought is the drums sound a little boxy, but that could be tired ears.
  14. Enjoyable chill, it does feel like a change in the basic strummed guitar would not go a miss perhaps just fade it back or even mute in some places.
  15. Tidy collaboration, nicely done
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