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  1. I'm probably lost a little bit. I don't want to capture anything just want to use amps/cabs/effects as I'm doing in AT5 now. Is it this IK Tonex something just like TH-U Rig Player for my needs?
  2. A little bit OT: mentioned AAFIFTY code works also for < $9 items. Nice.
  3. Thanks, there must be something wrong in my PC then. I've tried VST3 (Reaper) and standalone AT5 too. edit: GOT IT! Don´t know why but I have to use scroll mouse wheel instead of left button and slide. Thank you for your help!
  4. Anybody knows how is it possible to switch between LP-BP-HP positions? The MODE knob is "dead" - drag&drop movement or dblclick inside/around the knob do nothing. Other controls work correctly.
  5. https://www.nembriniaudio.com/collections/guitar-amplifier/products/jmp-pro-guitar-amplifier $39 intro price Nembrini Audio JMP Pro Guitar Amplifier plugin is based on a Marshall JMP1* preamplifier. JMP Pro Valve Amplifier drives pure tone into each of its four uniquely voiced channels OD1, OD2, Clean1 and Clean2
  6. Wise decision I'm almost on the same boat .. 2.9.5 portable
  7. Is it even more free now? Great! 😉
  8. Useful hint I couldn't resist ... again. Thanks!
  9. filo

    Aurora DSP Goblyn

    Not bad ...
  10. Thank you, the Suhr SE100 is what I have waited for.
  11. Nice but too late for me. I'm over-saturated.
  12. What is a subject for this particular e-mail you have got? I've checked even spam box but nothing there.
  13. All of them? Because I have purchased only Dominator from these three and now I've got e-mail "An updated version of Dominator is available for download" . Just this one.
  14. filo

    Melda MTurboAmp

    Hmm. I'll save my $20 for something else. Not impressed at all.
  15. Just installed. My 2 cents: - be aware that this v 2.0 overwrite v 1.0 files. - cab section is a huge improvement - knobs (gain, output, ..) keep their position during amp listing - buy license/trial silence is annoying as always Reaper: - v 1.0 took 0.7% without cab - v 2.0 take 1.9% without cab ( V. Taranov SlowRunner 1.9%, Fuchs Overdrive Supreme 0.7%, ) - v 2.0 take 3.7% with internal cab - Undo (Ctrl+Z) is working with a little crackling but even with that issue is better than nothing (Amplitube) Nice freebie, like it and keep it.
  16. The Chorus Ensembler is a faithful simulation of the Boss® CE-1™, a mid 70’s BBD chorus and vibrato pedal. This is the first product Roland® marketed as Boss®, becoming one of the most sought after pedals thanks to its warm and organic character. Compared to the classic version where, in stereo mode, the chorus is split between dry (left channel) and wet (right channel), our Chorus Ensembler goes further by providing a STEREO switch allowing full chorus on both channels. Specifications BBD Analog Chorus/Vibrato simulation Chorus Intensity Vibrato Rate and Depth Input Impedance Preamp only/Effect operative modes Tempo Sync Classic or Full Stereo modes Stereo Spread Pre and Post effect gain Mix control Resizable interface Intro Price: €29/$29 (until July 5th. Regular price is €49/$49) More info: https://www.audiority.com/shop/chorus-ensembler/
  17. You can get it now for $15.80 with their coupon: SPECIAL OFFER 80% OFF ALL PRODUCTS using code PLUGIN80 at checkout (minimun purchase of $50, one use per customer) Btw, this guy sold me this amp despite of I have no love for iLok and have enough VST amps for the rest of my life. I don't understand why he has so low amount of subscribers. Fantastic player!
  18. filo

    Valhalla Supermassive 2.0

    I'm ashamed and see my search algo failed. Word "Valhalla" is not enough apparently.
  19. Valhalla DSP Supermassive 2.0 update. Two new modes here: - Aquarius (New in 2.0.0): a dedicated EchoVerb algorithm, with a strong audible echo/de;au that can morph into a lush reverb with higher DENSITY settings - Pisces (New in 2.0.0): the bigger sibling of Aquarius. EchoVerb, with even denser and lusher reverbs on tap than Aquarius. https://valhalladsp.com/shop/reverb/valhalla-supermassive/
  20. Thank you Peter, here it is: #6279405
  21. From II II II II - AMP SIM description: No iLok usb required FREE iLok License manager and account at iLok.com
  22. Yes, definitely IMHO.
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