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  1. For me, this seems to happen when I have certain plugins in a project. So far in my testing, a few Waves plugins seem to create this effect. I close the program and it seems to close, but when I try to relaunch, nothing happens. I check Task Manager and Cakewalk.exe is still running, but now as a background process. If I manually close it in Task Manager and reopen, it opens and works normally. After a while, I got tired of this extra step and created a task in Task Scheduler that closes the program and all child processes, then created a shortcut to the task in my task bar. If I close the program using that taskbar link instead of the X or File menu in Cakewalk, it closes the program completely and then it will work when reopened. The task I created is: taskkill /f /t /im Cakewalk.exe
  2. This has happened to me pretty regularly for about as long as I can remember using CbB. Exit the program, there's no sign of it visually but the process is still running in Task Manager. If I try to open the program, nothing happens. Have to manually close it in Task Manager, then opening it works fine. Doesn't seem to interfere with using the program but an extra little hassle.
  3. Thanks so much for sharing this info. This install is the first time my custom theme has been incompatible and I was thinking I would have to import all the updated elements individually. Your method is a quick and easy fix. Really appreciate it!
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