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    This is the one time I really didn’t want to see a dry / wet knob.
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    I was about to accuse you of duplicate posts, because right below this was Voices of Wind.
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    I understand Wormhole, but did they think it was Chris Heiney's Solo Violin?
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    Would you categorize these as wind instruments?
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    $9.99! Don 't let this one pass! https://www.kvraudio.com/marketplace/fart-man-by-rdgaudio FART MAN Fart man is a funny yet essential sound effects plugins for mac and pc. it has been designed for Comedy and cartoon shows. Over 1200 different fart sounds. Features: Over 1200 Sounds. 250 articulations. Different styles (Slow, Pop, Medium, Noisy, Buzzy). Velocity sensitive. Generator and Effects Tab. Perfect for Comedy shows and cartoon commercials. TECHNICAL SPECS: Recommended Graphics Card 1 or 2 GB. RAM 4 GB (8 GB recommended). Intel CPU (Mac and PC). VST3, AU Format Supported DAW. Windows 8,10 (64-bit). Tested on Mojave, Catalina, BigSur OS X.
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    The manual says that there is "built in drop out protection to handle the large samples"...
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    Probably depends on the velocity setting.
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    In actual practice, aliasing is hard to hear. SPAN can show it to you, but if the aliased frequencies are more than about 50 dB below the main signal, you won't be able to pick them out. You may, however, experience a vague dissatisfaction with how a track or mix sounds but not be able to put your finger on why. That's why it's a good idea to Understand what causes aliasing *, Know which types of processors are capable of causing aliasing** and Which ones don't*** Visually check for it with a spectrum analyzer **** * Aliasing happens when frequencies are introduced that are beyond the capability of your project sample rate to handle. Those frequencies can be generated by a digital oscillator or by harmonic distortion. I know of no other circumstance. ** Anything that clips the signal is a candidate for aliasing. Hard clippers are the worst, followed by compression with extremely fast (< ~8ms, but frequency-dependent) attack times and high compression ratios. Anything that generates tones (e.g. a synth) that can exceed the Nyquist frequency can cause aliasing. Note that most synths mitigate this internally and won't require oversampling, but there are exceptions. *** Most effects don't alias. No sample library made at or below your project sample rate is capable of aliasing on its own. Gentle compression with low ratios and medium-to-long attack times won't, either. Transparent EQs don't cause aliasing, even at extreme settings. As noted above, most synths don't have an issue. Even if they do, it'll be on specific patches that have a lot of high-frequency content, such as the Clav example Craig suggested. **** Note that just because you can see aliasing with a spectrum analyzer doesn't mean you can hear it. I've read some ridiculous threads on Gearslutz where people endlessly debated whether a plugin with aliasing at -160 dB is inferior to one whose aliased content is at -190 dB. It's angels dancing on the head of a pin.
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    FREE PLUGIN RETRO CAZIO Features: 20 retro toy keyboard sounds 1 drum kit Multi-LFO Highpass/lowpass filter Reverb Glide Amplitude range controls 3 voice modes: polyphonic, legato, and mono Audio demo: https://www.samplescience.info/2022/04/retro-cazio.html
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    I sure hope this doesn't get cracked.
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    I think so but you know how birds are. They aren't very loud.
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    It's curious that the marketing video doesn't play even a single fart. I need to know that these are high quality farts before I throw down my hard earned cash!
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    If you are asking this forum you will get a myriad of opinions. I think eventually you will have to pull the trigger, and you probably won't be happy. This recording stuff is a bitch. If you are trying to establish yourself as a competitive entity with the Nashville megalith, well damn. If I had a nickel for every piece of VST that was supposed to turn me into a pro, I would have a dollar two eighty. Develop your sound and fire away. ***** everybody else, unless you want to be like everybody else.
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    VOCI by design Bela D Media is hard at work on another release. Here you will find a special BETA sneak-peek of VOCI by design. All those who participate, via YouTube comments, are automatically enter to win a free copy - once released. One winner will be chosen. MSRP and release date to be determined. https://www.beladmedia.com/new-product-alert-a-chance-to-win/
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    Most excellent and great job on the arrangement. And good to hear I'm not the only one who still thinks a DAW is just a fancy 8 track that doesn't need the heads cleaned.
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    You mean it ain’t worth shit?
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    It would be nice if the faders in CbB expanded upward when there's unused or empty space available. Here's the mixer view in another daw I use, same size.
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    Sure sounds like a lot of old farts in here.
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    Trust Larry to "sniff this one out".............
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    I had a bit of a problem a while back with what I called guitarists physique, one shoulder dips a bit and your spine twists over time. I found a good personal trainer by accident really, when I signed up to a local gym because I was fat and unfit and had aches and pains. This trainer was into posture correction and took one look at me and said that is what he would recommend, so I did the exercises which are designed to reverse the asymmetrical differences in your skeleton by exercising certain muscles and twisting, felt really weird but it did work, after about 3 months I noticed that I held myself differently when standing and I looked more symmetrical in the mirror. It felt odd at first, felt like I was twisted when standing straight but I was actually straight, it was just the old me that was twisted. I am looking for a thinline telecaster or squier custom telecaster at the moment as I am just completely over heavy guitars, even my mim strat is annoying me with its weight. I also did Feldenkrais, recommended to me by an occupational therapist at work and that was surprisingly good at restoring full range of movement. It doesn't seem like anything is happening but then you start to notice that your body moves with more grace and balance and you can reach and bend more efficiently. Also a good physiotherapist can work wonders on aches and pains, I had a neck injury from an accident and nobody could fix it or even find what was causing it, then I saw a physiotherapist who located it straight away and fixed it permanently. After reviewing the x-rays and taking a history, he grabbed my arm, bent it backwards behind me while keeping it straight and then grabbed my outermost fingers on my right hand and bent them back. As soon as he did that I felt the pain in my neck right on the exact spot that was causing the problem. I think they call it neural tension or something but it's designed to stretch the nerve coming out of the spine. After a bit of that with massage, it went away permanently. I think there are lots of things that experts can do to fix things but finding the right one for your particular problem can be hard and they have to be willing to take the time, not just push you through the door to move on to the next patient and then there is the matter of cost, as it can be expensive but some of my my best results have come from hospitals that are attached to universities, where they run training for students. So you get a student physio with a tutor or qualified instructor, they really take their time to get to the source of the problem and also take their time fixing it. There was also no charge. No shortcuts like you can sometimes get with professionals in the field who have one eye on their profits and just want to see as many clients as they can in the shortest possible time.
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    Its located here EZBass Articulations t I've yet to become Articulate (see what I did there?) I do have an EZ Bass Drum Map, if you are pulling the midi from EZBass to the PRV it might be usefull. Couple things are sketchy, I can't get the "tapping" working, and Ghost Notes and Percussive Right Hand(Loud Mute) must be transposed +12. Don't ask me why...EZ Bass.map
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    Is this freebie better than the Neural Q? 🤣
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    Round robins! Do they include round robins?!
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    Now THAT would be pretty pretty good.
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    Amp sims are like guitars. You need exactly: Amp sims needed = Amp sims you got + 1
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    I dropped Apple after my Apple IIc computer and haven't looked back. I don't base my computer purchasing decisions around some poorly coded plugin I got for free. 😆 Seriously though, I can't mentally or financially deal with a company that basically requires you to buy new software and hardware each time you want to upgrade your computer. I have really old Windows machines that are running the latest version of Win 10 and using hardware and drivers that haven't needed an update in over 8 years.
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    I'll be turning sixty next week, and feeling a bit freaked out about it. So I wrote this song as kind of a therapeutic release. (Scroll down on the song page for the lyrics) Turning Sixty
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    Cool, I'm punk! Rats, mark you caught me on that guitar bit. I thought about redoing it but thought, nah. thanks for the critique!
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    I struggled on whether to give that a THANKS or a LAUGH emoji. I went with THANKS, but I also did laugh, to be clear!
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    Does anyone on here have some experience of using the Spotify for Artists page? I get very low numbers for listeners. I never really thought much of it. Just brushed it's off. However, I've recently been pushing my music to radio stations and on Twitter. And I KNOW I'm on playlists on Spotify (I have links to them). So why does Spotify for Artists not show these playlists? I've always doubted the transparency of Spotify. I'm now starting to think it's all bullshit. Anyone know how it works?
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    Hi - I don't know this track, but I really liked your version Enjoyed it a lot cool stuff Nigel
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    Cool song, again. Keep it up!
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    Lee , Great job on a fun sounding song . The years are flying by now , and I still don't feel any older. I absolutely Loved the way you ended the song. Nice harmony. Happy Birthday .. mark
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    At first the FAQ was cut off but it has been filled in now. I am sure they have thought this through but this seems a little crazy:
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    I enjoyed this, really nice tune and the playing was really good -- I especially liked your guitar solo.
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    How do you go about finding the talent to perform for this session and what happens to the studio after you've completed that session? I mean, not everyone is capable of producing this kind of performance on demand. So many questions... Also, some quick adlib bad puns to add to the mix (I thought I was better than this, but apparently, I'm not): This one doesn't pass the smell test. If one of the "artists" who was recorded has perfect pitch -- in this respect -- I'm imagining that it's better to leave that off the resume?
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    I think he has a good point. I've heard plenty of fake farts that sound fake like someone blowing their mouth on their arm.. We need real fart sounds. I'm sure a few here can pull it off convincingly.
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    Cakewalk by Bandlab?
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    I refuse to buy this. Since I already own it.
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    I think that may be a shortfall for a lot of modern music recorded on a computer. Being a "slave" to the grid. Back in the day, musicians used tempo changes at will, and even pushed or pulled the beat as they played according to artistic feel. As long as everyone playing together was on the same page, you could have an incredible "live" performance.
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    Just re-discovered SuperTron. It has cool arpeggios. SuperTron by Solcito Música is a Virtual Analog synth with retro architecture for vintage and modern sounds. It's available as VSTi and as Stand Alone Application. Suitable for arpeggios, bass, pads, atmospheres, solos, leads, noisy and Sci-Fi sounds, electronic drums, etc. It's resizable and Free. https://www.kvraudio.com/product/supertron-by-solcito-musica
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    He keeps talking about his back; has he taken a good look at his front??! 😮 (😜)
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