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    . . . somebody racked up enough Jam Points?
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    If you'd be interested in buying me a coffee, just make a contribution here on Paypal... cclarry122700@hotmail.com If you'd care to drop me a line outside of the Cakewalk forum, then this is my primary email address also! PLEASE NOTE: This is NON-OBLIGATORY...just a kind gesture of appreciation for the effort expended!
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    If its true, hope Peter will be OK.
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    Larry, You should definitely check out Ko-fi. https://ko-fi.com/ It's easy to set up a page and they take no fee. When somebody buys you a coffee it goes immediately into your PayPal. And you don't have to give out your email. All the best, Reid PS Glad you're doing this!
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    Right on. It's the people that matter. I agree completely.
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    https://valhalladsp.com/2021/11/23/valhallavintageverb-updated-to-2-2-0-cathedral-mode/ The Cathedral algorithm is an updated and expanded version of a reverb I originally developed in 2014 for the Spin Semiconductor FV-1. The VintageVerb version can use a lot more delay memory than the FV-1 version (with higher Size settings), that results in a very clear and open reverb decay. We’ve also expanded the filtering of the Cathedral algorithm, for a more realistic decay, while retaining the balanced ensemble modulation of the FV-1 original. The 2.2.0 update is available to anyone that owns VintageVerb - just go to the My Account page and grab the latest installers. Don’t own VintageVerb yet? Check out the demo version on our Demos and Downloads page! We hope you enjoy the VintageVerb update, and thanks for your support!
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    I do speak Italian. The article doesn't really say much beyond giving an overview of the various companies portfolios who are in competition to buy IK. One thing I will say. These are investment companies which means they have little interest in the companies they buy. Their only intention will be to buy cheap then grow sales quickly and sell IK on at a profit. It might be good for the consumer in the short term.
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    Just one request….please….pretty please…do not sell to InMusic!!
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    You don't need to hold out See below from the Syntronik 2 news:
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    This is interesting. I can't crossgrade to this because I got the last few Syntronik Synths (Deluxe or whatever) through Total Studio 3.5. I was one of the first with Syntronik as a pre-buy. I tried out the other instruments on my iPad and didn't think they were worth the upgrade. Anyway, I just upgraded from Total Studio 2 to Total Studio 3.5 for $175, including Jampoints. Less than what it would costsme to get this. And I just spent $99 to get all the Arturia synths and keyboards that came out since 2016. Is buying Total Studio the best way to buy from IK? That has always been the case since I started buying. But you have to not buy anything until the next one comes out. Can I hold out waiting for this? I have all the Arturias, Vintage Vault 3, the original Syntronik, everything AAS, plus a ton of other stuff like Pigments, Synthmaster, and 20 other synths. There's no way I'll ever be able to study all the stuff I already own in depth for as long as I live. Oh yes, I have Omnisphere too. 😀 I'm good.
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    So that's why I never got my free Keyboard 😕 🤔
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    The other way to look at it is that it was the other plugins you bought previously that you did not need and unfortunately that money is gone. These are the ones that you actually need, so go and get them! 😏 BTW, if anyone is thinking of buying both, I suggest you buy them separately: one now to get the free Melda plugin one in a couple of days to get the next free plugin at AudioDeluxe and use the 0.99 DeluxeBucks you get from the first purchase The current free Melda plugin ends nov 23, I suspect a new one will be available then.
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    And, NO, I don't work for JRR...I've just been doing this for a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time...LOL
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    This is an important update for those who have version Sampletank 4.14. Sampletank 4.14 had an issue with some patches where if the attack was a non zero value, the attack for that patch became zero when a high velocity was used. (I reported this to IK support) I tried this with a Sampletank 4.14 project that manifested this issue and I can confirm that this has been corrected in Sampletank 4.15.
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    Cherry Audio Synth Stack 2 - is every synth they make. Keep in mind, the Cherry Audio store discount this bundle based on the products already purchased. Something resellers don't do ATM.
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    The more I do this GAS stuff. the more I like supporting smaller devs. AAS and SoundDust on my list now. It's good to support a smaller dev and keep them floating.
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    He saved me money. It's not his fault if I spent it.
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    Skaka has become my go-to shaker maker for when I don't need all the bells 'n whistles of the likes of Shimmer Shake Strike. Ridiculously easy to use, I'd been looking for something like it for years. Just noticed it's been updated since I bought it at its introduction, with 10 new instruments added. So thanks for the post, Larry. I essentially just got a new percussion instrument for free.
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    Everything?? Holy moses. Some very cool libraries from this company. Especially if you want to make a Tarantino-spaghetti-western-dub-jazz-fusion-surf-action-movie soundtrack.
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    Get that man a coffee!
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    What a way to celebrate your 25th! 🥺
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    I was an obsessive guitar sample library user going back to the 80s with my Roland U20 with electric guitar samples that also happens to have expertise in marketing and branding and gave both paid and free consulting advice to a bunch of sample and plugin developers. I've hung out with Ben from Camel Audio in Scotland, met Greg in Chicago (where I live) -- I love the stuff these guys make, just brilliant and through the course of being a fan of their work, I've offered some free advice. I have given advice to a bunch of guitar sample library developers and even turned down free libraries in exchange -- I've never told that story. Years ago a guitar sample library developer -- who I still stay in touch with -- whose libraries I use got mad at me on this forum because someone asked for advice on guitar sample libraries and I gave my opinion on all of them and stated that no one was at the level Greg was at with Orange Tree Samples. So, this other developer of sample libraries, who I gave free advice to and was a paying customer of (something I didn't want to share at the time because I didn't want other developers coming to me for free advice; because this was a really small developer. I turned him down when he offered to pay me; in fact, I did accept a gift from him; when my daughter was born he gave me a library as a gift), but on the old Cakewalk forum, he told me it was wrong for me to share my opinion when I had consulted to him (for free!). So yeah, I don't do that anymore (give free consulting, I have kids to support who want to go to college). But Greg was and is brilliant. He brought guitar and bass sample libraries to the next level. That's the idea behind Evolution -- which I came up with the name for because I personally found the libraries he was making were (and still are) an evolution from what had been. Heck, I know of two developers I didn't consult to, but had talked to a few times that both told me that they reverse engineered Greg's libraries and one of them is now one of the more popular guitar sample developers (I will withhold the name because I don't enjoy drama and if you go back several years ago, a couple of the guitar devs I also consulted to were creating some drama at this very forum -- when I was going by eDrummist, if anyone wants to search! One thing I've always said is that I reserve the right to give my opinion, that I never give that right away). So yeah, over the years, I did paid consulting for Greg, advised on product lines, promotions, the website, branding, trademarks.... And we became friends and I love the guy -- he's seriously one of the best people I've ever met in my life. So, yeah, you can say, I'm incredibly biased and discount everything I write. But after disclosing that, I'd be a terrible shill, because I just shared that I have a friendship with Greg. I do with other developers too, and some I don't even talk about their libraries and yes, I use competitor libraries, like most DAW users. I've consulted to a string sample library developer and anyone can see that I recently picked up 8Dio's stuff and was considering another developer's libraries. I'd be buying other libraries too if I had the budget, but again, I have two kids that want to go to college. Regarding Corey. So every so often, I shoot Greg a text or email suggesting YouTubers or influencers I think he should be getting out product to (like more recently, Simeon). A few years ago I found out about Corey and thought this guy is the real deal -- I just love him. And Greg is as honest as they come. So, I thought Greg would appreciate this too and I was right. But it turned out that Greg was a step ahead of me and not only knew all about Corey, he was already an OTS customer and I'm pretty sure he even did a demo for an OTS library. Although I don't think he ever did a review video at that point (or since). So, yeah, sometimes me telling Greg about something in the music world is like me thinking I can get up a deal post before Larry. It's just not likely!
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    This last GB totally jacked up their user count. I was wondering why they were giving away the shop. Fund raising and numbers. I'll bet the original owner gets to keep what's in the bank...
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    TDR Kotelnikov GE and TDR SlickEQ Mastering are both on sale, $9.99 each. Deal expires in two weeks. I think this is the lowest they have ever been?
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    A fantastic collaboration with multi-Grammy-winning mastering engineer Howie Weinberg is coming very soon.. Log in to Facebook to view https://www.facebook.com/watch?v=3008464436060472
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    @Reid RosefeltI'm certainly not calling every affiliate marketer a shill and I am definitely NOT saying or implying you are a shill. I like you and what you do. Let me be very clear. I'm saying that affiliate marketing -- and I've led it at a major brand, been involved in it at numerous brands, wrote on the topic and digital marketing in articles cited by and recommended by Inc, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, etc. -- and influencer marketing has resulted in it being very difficult for a consumer to discern when a review is influenced or not and the degree to which freebies, sales and kickbacks influence a review Back when I did a lot of writing, I even would do book reviews and use affiliate marketing for books. Although I only reviewed 1 in 20 books sent to me. So publicists didn't love me. I had no interest in reviewing poor quality or mediocre books. What the advent of influencer marketing has done has made it virtually impossible for a consumer to discern when someone is honestly reviewing a product or shilling. That doesn't mean everyone using affiliate marketing is shilling. Technically, if you disclose that you are an affiliate marketer -- which is a type of salesperson -- you are not shilling, and I know that you and Simeon disclose that very clearly. I am not accusing either of you of shilling. But there's a ton of it going on, and the reality is, if you're a dev, you give freebies to whoever has enough followers to make it a smart biz decision, and those who have a lot of followers often want money to, and that's almost never disclosed. This is a bigger, and deeper subject than a post permits. But the spirit of reviewers from the days of actual journalism is not carried on by YouTubers who promote products. Granted, I have advised dozens of brands and small devs to use influencers, but as a consumer, I don't generally think they're a good thing. It is an army of product shills. Professionally, yes, I use them, I recommend them, but no, I don't have a great deal of trust in the integrity of people giving reviews to get free product, kickbacks and other benefits for an unbiased review. And funny, while some J-schools have recommended my writing, when I was working for a big news agency, I was on the advertising side, where they're often fighting with the editor to pull negative stories of big advertisers. But influencers have completely destroyed the idea of objective reviews and that has even had a negative impact on traditional news agencies, some of which are now using sponsored, syndicated content that is basically an advertorial. Yeah, it's easily worthy of a book, but I think it's one of the worst things to happen in marketing for consumers. Once again though, that isn't the same as saying that I think that every influencer is shilling. But I think the reality is, there's so much bias that comes with these solopreneurs looking for affiliate money, free product and kickbacks, there is very little objectivity. On a positive note, I found on YouTuber reviewer of sample libraries and VSTs that, IMO, has the kind of credibility of old school reviewers from the journalism world, Cory Pelizzari. I don't know the guy, but man, I'd love to see more like him. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_ANfIulrcJ1LvtZVNFdexg
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    Run the IK Product Manager to update
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    You bestow upon me a frightening responsibility, Mr. Jones.
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    I think I know why I broke to of these and the problem is me. I think you need to adjust the size before you put them on. This is probably true of most headphones and all of you probably know this. So the CB1s are very good for the price. I am the one who recommended them first on this phone. But I needed to find a replacement, so I did a bit of research and replaced my pair with a Beyer-Dynamic DT 770 PRO, which I picked up for $139. They are so good that I am mad at myself that I never got something of this quality before. As soon as I had time, I played a dozen pieces of music I wrote. It was like I never heard them before. They sounded so much better! You could hear the separation between the various tonal ranges. I think I'm getting used to them now and they seem like normal to me. But that first night I was going crazy with how beautiful these phones were. The only negative on the phones is I definitely wanted to remix some of those pieces. I heard things I never heard before. Now I'm not so sure I'll be satisfied with my CB1s at my work computer. They are mushy compared to the DT 770 PRO. It's a comedown and I'm at this desk a lot more than I'm at my music computer. I might have to get another pair. Maybe I'll try a 990
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    Coffee sent! You've earned it Larry!
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    Great to hear, Reid! Total Studio 3.5 MAX and Total VI MAX users should be able to unlock Syntronik 2. Anybody with authorization issues or people with the products mentioned above who aren't seeing what they should authorized, please try the following: Load the IK Product ManagerUNauthorize the Syntronik 2 thereNext, Re-Authorize it again Custom Shop Application location: MAC: HD > Applications > Custom Shop PC: Start > Programs > IK Multimedia > Custom Shop Load the Custom Shop application from the location aboveAt the top go to your account name > Restore My PurchasesAll your modules, etc should be unlocked.
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    City of Tiny Lites - Frank Zappa .
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    I know I don't 'need' this but I'm tempted to get S2 Max for a C note with Jam points!
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    Get that man a coffee farm.
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    Hey, Give him a donut while you're at it!!
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    Then you don't want this...this is a rusty, squeaky, gate....
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    I have a feeling that Garritan are also a clothing company, so I've put 'Virtual Instruments' in the title, just to be on the safe side 😅
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    Run the UVI Product Portal to update
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    Run the Izotope Product Portal to update
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    At Best Service https://www.bestservice.com/deals/e-instruments_black_friday_sale_60_off_3601.html
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    And thank you for reminding me of Greg from OrangeTreeSamples. As a keyboard player I cherish his Famous E Electric Piano and I’m anxiously waiting for his Rosewood Grand update. Such a wonderful developer. His latest Evolution Dry Relic is pretty sweet too.
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    Why am I still here, why am I even looking. I've hit my targets this year, got some extras, I'm good. Wasted time looking at upgrading TH3 to THU yesterday, but TH3 is fine. Instead of using what I've just purchased. Now I'm looking at Tokyo Dawn, I know I like these, I knw they are good. but I have these covered. by other plugs Itchy time of year and buying doesn't scratch for long.
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    This may be my favorite of the gas giants. I love it when you add guitar to the mix! Well done, mate!
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    What's not to like? First class all the way and a real toe-tapper!
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    Brian, for future reference GROUP code 16% off and FORUM is 11% off... When adding to cart, if the "Groupbuyauto" code shows up, then the GROUP code will automatically work...likewise, if you add to cart and it only shows 10% off, then the FORUM code will make that 11%!
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    JRR Prices are up. I think Group is a bit cheaper than Forum $54.18 for Abyss. OK- I call witchcraft on Lars. I was in a chat with JRR support and they told me right when they put the sale up!
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    Love those vids by Cory Pelizzari. Dan Worrall is great too, especially on FabFilter. As for tutorials, Eli Krantzberg at Groove3 is pretty good.
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